Day 9

Liam's out, sweet. Andreas lives another day.

Well, I was at a party today so I wasn't around when we chose people to participate in the challenge. I'm sat out, which sucks because I'd be all for being in this for the long run. Fonda has to play, which sucks because he's inactive right now. I guess he's on a trip or something, I don't know I didn't get the details.

So Ryan has the idol, apparently he told Lindsay in private and told her not to tell anyone. Thankfully, giving information to Lindsay is the same as giving information to me. It shows two things: people still aren't aware that Lindsay and I are working as one, and Ryan is more loyal to Lindsay than anyone else. Knowing that about Ryan kind of sucks, because Lindsay and I don't agree on absolutely everything and she will probably have more pull on him. Having the idol in our alliance is great, but Ryan clearly has no plans to share it with us.

Despite all the good that's come from Lindsay, I am kinda pissed at her at the moment. She tried to throw the challenge. She admitted to me that she told Taylor Nickson's number. She seriously hates him, and it's really annoying that she's going so far to get him out when we really need to avoid tribal to stay unified. She got tired of playing and was about to give her own number away, but thankfully I convinced her to just step away but stay in the game. I'm torn because I'm really getting a lot out of my alliance with her, but I'm not cool with her being so dead set on throwing challenges.

Here's hoping all goes well regardless, we're doing alright in the challenge. I am getting the feeling that Uspekh has this one, and if we lose I'm going to try really hard to get Fonda out. It'll be hard to convince Lindsay but I'd really much rather have Nickson around than him.


Pobeda is a sinking ship, and it appears we're all going down with it. If we lose this challenge. I have no clue what will happen. With temptation island in play, someone will be immune from tribal. If we lose, that means 3 people will vote. I just hope we win, I don't want to return to Tribal ughh.

Worst Tribe in ORG history would be Pobeda


Day 10

Well, we're waiting for a host to show up and make it official, but it appears we just lost our first challenge. I can't help but wonder how we would have fared if Lindsay hadn't given away Nickson's number. She's saying that both her and Ryan want Nickson gone, and that Jeremy wanted to align with her. Damn, I'm going to talk to Nickson soon to see if I can get a read on him and hopefully convince my alliance that Fonda would be the better choice. Nickson and I talk every now and again, but Fonda hasn't said more than a few words to me this entire game. I also want to talk to Jeremy, because if he's another person trying to align with Lindsay then I have a monster of a player on my hands that I have to figure out what to do about. Lindsay is just that person everyone is trying to work with and if everyone loves her enough it might not be easy to dispose of her ever.

For now, the main focus is convincing people to vote Fonda. If everyone is dead set on Nickson, fighting too hard for him will get me in trouble, so I'll have to be subtle and maybe give in if it becomes clear they're unmovable. I can't make it seem like I'm not loyal.


I'll try to recount the events of last night, but in all honesty so much shit was going down that I can't promise I'll remember everything.

Things started off as expected, with both Lindsay and Ryan asserting that Nickson was untrustworthy and had to go. I promised them that I would talk to Nickson to see where his head was at. Nickson didn't want to give many of his opinions and kept asking what I thought about about things. He didn't seem to like the idea of voting Fonda, however, and suggested making an alliance of 4 with him, Fonda, Ryan, and I. So I was like suuuuuure but then after Nickson started talking to Ryan, Ryan warmed up to the idea of voting Fonda, since he saw we could control Nickson this way. Ryan and I worked on getting Nickson to vote Fonda, and he agreed only if it was unanimous. And we can do that. We are the NAA.

Meanwhile Lindsay had gotten Jeremy sent to Temptation, and Jeremy was extremely grateful. Seems we have another person going to the end with Lindsay -.- Anyway Jeremy was talking to her about how they should align with me (lol) and Lindsay said "Sure, and Tyler would be great, too!" So after Lindsay tells me all of this Jeremy comes to me saying he wants to align with me, and asks who we should add. Eventually we "came up with" the 4 he had agreed to with Lindsay. Admittedly, that would have been a pretty good move to make me think I was his closest ally if Lindsay hadn't told me everything.

Fonda then thinks he has a 4-way alliance of his own that doesn't include me. He really has no idea it's going to be him, and it's going to be great :D I knew that somehow I'd get my way.


I really hope the absorption is soon. I know it's going to be tough but I have the ability to start at the bottom and pull myself back to the top. I have controlled every vote so far, so it will be different to be at someone else's whim. I also regret voting Liam. He was the right person to vote out - he cost us the challenge - but I think he would have been stronger than Caleb going forward. Ivan and I are in massive trouble here, but we can pull ourselves out of this.


All right, things are beginning to heat up...

FINALLY strategy is coming into play. And it's starting with our first blindside mwahah. Fonda told Lindsay that I was annoying and he wanted me out, so naturally I suggested it to everyone and now everyone will be voting out Fonda. It's been really fun being the 'leader'. I waited as long as I could hoping someone else would suggest an alliance, but in the end I just had to do it.. Oh well, hopefully I can just hide behind Lindsay and she'll be seen as the leader of Slava.

My main worries at the moment are making sure Nickson, Ryan and Tyler still feel like a ringleader in the tribal alliance, so that they don't flip. This is all becuase we MUST have a majority alliance when the merge hits.

I can't wait for the blindside, things are finally starting to sound like survivor.


It feels weird to lose for the first time after winning all the

challenges. All of the sudden, the tribe became quiet and obviously trying to strategize on who to vote. As for my point of view, I think the one who goes home will be Fonda and Fonda will vote for Ryan. It’s hard to know that your trusted alliance will go home. I wanted to do something to save him, even trying to put a chaotic mind on everyone but I need to be careful. This tribe wanted to have a strong tribe and not thinking of building a strong alliance. They are not thinking that Fonda is a good alliance and will just go with the flow of the majority. I would like to build a strong alliance with him but eventually that will not happen. He will go home. The sad part is….I AM FOLLOWING THE FLOW OF THE RIVER and I’m not liking it.


I really feel like absorb is coming after this tribal council. My goal

is to have Ivan in our tribe (if he survives) but my problem will be Tyler who knows our secret from Day1. The worst thing that can happen is instead of absorb, it will be a switch and I don’t think everyone wanted to have a switch.


Lindsay using me as bait and getting Fonda to vote for me and think I'm going home makes me uncomfortable.

-This will set the mood to see if my alliance will work

-Goodbye Fonda, I'm sorry it worked out this way but it sure as hell wasn't going to be me going home. Thanks for the vote, we'll catch up later!

-All the next tribal council's to come will make me nervous because I have an idol and I don't want to waste it but I don't want to go home with it


So, since Jack has been voted off, my main priority has been to begin slowly talking to members of the other tribes. I'm doing this in an attempt to gain some allies, as seeing as Pobeda will be down to 3 tomorrow, I need more then just 2 of my tribe mates If plan on making it far. This has worked in my favour, and today I was saved by the Uspekh! That means I don't need to vote, and I have to choose a personal advantage. Personally, its awesome !!!

Here's to hoping for a tribe switch up soon. Pobeda is getting boring in terms of game-play.


So, I'm still not really talking strategy with anyone yet, although I'm definately thinking about it. Getting a solid 5 alliance in my tribe is top of the priorities, and my dream alliance would be Lindsay, Pydo, Fonda and I. Fonda mostly because he is terrible at challenges and I could easily beat him or convince others to vote hime off. I think Lindsay and Pydo deserve to be here becuase they try so hard, so I'd want to keep them around.


Day 11

And the thing Im dreading the most.... Pobeda lost again. The battle between Slava and Uspekh went on for hours... Pobeda just keeps on losing... I am so looking forward to redeem this tribe.

Andreas was sent to Temptation Island. Grant thinks im voting for Caleb. Caleb thinks im voting for Grant. I might be in a powerful situation but it sucks!!! I like these two a lot.

Caleb is very young and carefree and I like this kid. Grant is one year older than me, he is intelligent and genuine to talk to. I am very very torn.

Going with Caleb would be a gamble because he is unpredictable. Going with Grant would also be a gamble because he might be playing the game same as me.

But both of these two are great great people. It sucks to be losing all the time and making cut throat decisions very early in the game... Darn, im in a sucky position. I'll basically screw one person's dream of making it far in the Main ORG of Survivor..


My initial reaction upon tribe swap was like the lyrics of a song…”Reunited and it feels so good”. Reuniting with Ivan, can be either a good or bad thing. Good thing because there are some tribemates who are unaware of our friendship in the outside world so they won’t really feel like we are constantly dictating the path of the game. It is a bad thing because (maybe) some of our tribemates knows our secret and that could be a sure disaster for both of us.

As of now, Ivan is trying to control Caleb who is his fellow original Pobeda and I hope I am controlling Nick Pydyn as well. With that I can say we are a majority of four. We can be five if Lindsay will show interest in keeping Original Slava alliance. But somehow I feel that Lindsay can be doing something else like siding with the Uspekh and that is a danger for us (Ivan and I). My only chance at this point is to have a super solid tight alliance with Nick Pydyn and we are good to go until final. I would just make Pydyn believe that we will be the final two until the end.

Another strategy would be to put another Uspekh in our alliance and make him feel that he/she is safe if he/she joins us. But he can that person be? Hmmmmmm..

It was a shock to me to know why I was put in the Temptation Island. Apparently, I heard that there was a choice between me and Ivan on who goes to Temptation Island. On that very moment, I knew that and feel that Tyler already spread the news that Ivan and I are really good friends in the outside world. It may or it may not be because of that reason but I want to know. It can be a strategy on them to put a target on us both or a strategic play for them because they know that I contribute more on challenges compared to my other tribemates. Whatever their reason is, Ivan and I will prevail on this game and we will win this. I just have to make a right decision and choice on every part of this game. And that decision will start now as I choose whether to help the tribe or help myself.

My decision will be posted on the wikia page in a moment.


I honestly think my game is gonna start going down the toilet soon. The old Uspekhs here are a mess. I mean, Erik can't submit a challenge score to save his life, and Bryce told me he's gonna 'go pretend he's with the Slavas to get information out of them'. THIS SO SKETCHY <_<

If I had the choice, Rebekah and I would team up with Andreas and let everyone else take each other out, but of course that can't happen, and I'm forced to pretty much at this point but my trust into Erik and Bryce, two people who I really don't trust.

That being said the only person I do trust right now on this Uspekh tribe is Rebekah. She's awesome and I can tell she's a genuine person so I would absolutely love to go far with her -- I just hope we can both survive this swap.

And these new Slavas are so frickin' pushy oh my god. Tyler and Ryan are both cocky as hell and so pushy like whatever they say pretty much is what's gonna go it looks like. And to top it all off they're challenge beasts, like, I need to make sure those two go home before the merge where they can go on immunity runs.


In a strange turn of events, I think Molly has just became my best ally. I'm in a pretty good spot right now, with the majority of Ziggy, Bryce, and Taylor; however working with Molly seems like it would benefit me long-term. She seems to know what's going on in and outside of our tribe, so I don't see why I wouldn't stay with her.

That being said, Taylor and I have gotten ourselves into a pretty dope spot. We're both in The Inquisitorius, with Ziggy and Bryce, and The Cuties with Molly. So, by default me and Taylor have been having some good talks, however I think that going with him moving forward would be bad for my game. He seems to have connections outside of our tribe, mainly with Lindsay.

Lastly, I'm pretty sure the tribe has decided as a whole to vote off Erik first chance we get. He is trying, so you can't fault him for that, but he hasn't submitted the challenges. He's done them but not submitted. That's dangerously careless, and if things went south during a tribe swap or merge situation where we need him, and he makes the vote but forgets to submit it, we'd be screwed.




It's about time to finally win something around here. I'm finally out of Pobeda, and I'm so happy. That place sucked. However, our morale was way better. For example, in Pobeda, if I bombed a challenge, I would tell the group and i'd apologise and they'd be okay with it, and just say try harder next time. In Uspekh, the same thing happened. No one responded. Just looked at me. It seems all they care about is the challenges.

Also, I'm going to try my hardest to find that Uspekh idol. Having 1 idol in this game is helpful. Having 2 is power. By having 2, I could go far in this game. I think the Slava idol may have been found. It seems after winning a Reward challenge, you get a clue. So, that's my biggest fear right now, that I'm not the only one with an idol on Uspekh.

I'm trying my best to fit in. I like James the most out of everyone on my tribe. He's the only person who's actually tried to connect with my personally, not just on a game level. I think that will affect my decision on which tribe I choose to side with.


'No offense to andreas, but I don't think the former Podeba tribe members are the strongest '

That's cute Tyler. You don't think im strong?? I'll show you how strong I am, when your torch is snuffed and I'm waving goodbye to you, with the biggest smile on my face. :)


Finally, a shake up! Tribe swap! Pobeda's gone and done for good. Goodbye Cursed tribe! xD

Going into this swap,, having made tough decisions at Pobeda early on,, I am very much anxious to redeem that unfortunate tribe. I'm gonna do my best for my fallen comrades especially Ruby and Grant. I hope I won't disappoint these two!

It's a relief seeing Caleb in my new tribe. Andreas went solo in Uspekh 2.0. And oh, us two are the only ones who know that he has a Double Vote power. I would like him to keep it until merge but if he uses it to save his ass, i'm fine with it.

I hope us three Pobedans can survive this phase. It's like you and me against the world.


To be honest, I'm scared of the swap. It would be awesome if the old Uspekh tribe would stick together, but Rebekah and Erik are the wild cards and I don't think they will. So that leaves me to talk around the tribe and attempt to throw them under the bus in the event we end up going to tribal council.


Lindsay is definitely trustworthy in my book! She gave me numbers from both her own tribe and Pobeda's in the hide and seek immunity/reward challenge. She lead Uspekh on the road to victory. I'm glad she didnt ask for us to both throw to Pobeda because I still want Uspekh majority as a safety net.

Lindsay, Molly, and myself have a little alliance going on at our new Slava tribe. If things go the way I want Caleb and Nickson(who Lindsay wants out) will leave next. Ziggy and hopefully Pedo... I'm sorry... Pydo will help us out. Ivan seems nice on my new tribe too. I'd like to keep him around longer.

My new tribe is at somewhat of a disadvantage without Bryce, but at an advantage without Erik, whose days are numbered I'm guessing. Erik would be great to sit next to in the finals though! I'm hoping Uspekh can all make it to the merge. Especially James! He is my #1 alliance. We are in multiple alliances together. Molly has been annoying me lately, and we seem to butt heads, but she is definitely a good person to work with and a great person as well. She just annoys me sometimes when she complains or disagrees.

Also, quick note, I want Caleb out because he is sketchy and annoying. He was complaining when we were beating him on the Hide and Seek thread saying "Oh my gawd, Staap!". It just really angered me. Like accept you lost and take it like a man. He tried to get Slava to gang up on Uspekh as well, but he stupidly messaged someone from OUR tribe(Uspekh) and said hey, want to gang up on Uspekh. Then said errr I mean Slava. Rigghhhttt. Then when he got Slava to do it, he turned around and started guessing on their thread again, and the deal was officially off. Not sure what this kid is thinking, so I want him out!


Ah, the tribe swap. I'm just gonna tell you what my plans are.

Hopefully we can convince Pobeda to join Slava. I want all of Uspekh completely gone (maybe except one). It's up to the point where I have to start thinking about when the major blindside is gonna be, and who I'm gonna take for that. I'd probably have to take out someone like Lindsay (sorry!) and go with Pobeda? Something like that. My worry is that I need to make a few enemies on the jury so people won't vote me out becuase they think they could beat me.

With my double vote, Im considering going to one of the members on Uspekh and telling them to jump ship or we'll vote them out. That'll be an easy way to keep my double vote and break up Uspekh. But there's always that darn hidden idol. Darn darn.




This tribe switch COMPLETELY screwed me. I've talked to Ivan, Caleb, Molly, and Lindsay up to this point. So you know, this is a numbers game, you'd expect at least one of them to be on a tribe with me ? Nope. I'm on a tribe with 7 people who I've never talked to before. Luckily for me, the Slava-3, and Uspekh-4 know they need me, if they intend to make it threw one vote. I'm basically the swing vote, and I like this position. With my idol and double vote, I have a fair bit of power.


Just as I thought I had a guaranteed spot in me tribe there's a frickin tribe swap. And, even tho we do have four on an eight person tribe, the people I got brought with are Like, don't get me wrong, I love Bryce & Rebekah, but like, I haven't had a single one-on-one conversation with Rebekah or Erik, and Bryce and I aren't on everyday talking basis. This tribe swap might have just screwed me xD!

Although my expectations are low, I'm gonna kick it up in my game at this point. I'm gonna try and keep the old Uspekh tribe, and if need be, I can always and try to get on Andreas' good side.

Ughh I just wanna be with my baes Molly and Taylor </3


Oh god, just when I thought things were getting really good for our tribe and we won a challenge in time for the double temptation, guess what, it was apparently time to shake it up, and members where swapped around... I can't be certain what to think of my new tribe members and if we will get along with them, but I guess i'll have to try... Oh, and I just realized i'm the only girl on my tribe now, well, that's gotta mean something right?


Tribal Council is over but I don’t think I will talk to Fonda anymore

or neither do him. It was a complete blindside on his part. I know he is relying on me as well as Lindsay but Lindsay doesn’t care about alliance as of the moment but only to keep the tribe strong. I tried my best to save Fonda, which includes putting to Ryan and Pydyn’s mind about Tyler’s inactivity in the camp and Lindsay’s social strength. I guess Fonda happened to be a victim of a tribe who are passionate to win and no care to have an alliance. Fonda is a good guy, I know he will do well in the future ORG games but as for now, LEAVE IT TO THE BIG LEAGUES!


Another concern would be the upcoming tribe swap or absorb. I am still trying to figure things out on who to choose (or if we will choose) among Ivan, Caleb and Andreas. But I don’t want Ivan to be in Uspekh especially that Uspekh knows that Pobeda and Slava are working against them but if Ivan goes to Slava, then only time will tell that the rest of the tribe mates will know our secrets and a target will be onto us.


But one thing is for sure whoever it is that will be joining us in

Slava will be MY ALLIANCE. I know it….and it will happen! The blood of Ivan and Nickson will win this game.