Day 13

So Kacey was just voted out, and I'm pretty sure Val Flipped. WHAT AN IDIOT! I'm so lucky That I wasn't put on the Idiot Tribe! Their Like a lost flock of four year olds. But what Kacey said had me worried, I think Jay is aligned with Mitch, and maybe even Kevin and Phil. I talked to Kevin, and we agreed that we needed to Align, to get rid of jay, but not until the merge.

Our tribes plan now is to throw all of our immunities, and vote off the tuamoto members on our tribe.


F**CK I think I’m screwed. For the past few days, I have been very confident with my spot and my original Rapa to go all the way to the merge with the numbers. But now, after the swap and Valerie is on their side (well, I am not surprise she flipped), I think it’s going to be the other way around. Now, all I can do is to sneak in and try to penetrate their tribe.

I am actually attempting a recovery from my last vote. I voted against them, I actually made a gamble. The original Tuamotu will vote for Kacey, they told me about this, I am the only person who knows who they were voting and asked me to vote with them. The original Rapa Me, Kacey and Phil will vote for Thad, wait Valerie is an original Rapa but she’s an outsider, she could easily flipped to the other side, I tried to reach to her but she didn’t respond, so I just voted according to plan. Because if I voted with Tuamotu and Val didn’t I’ll be getting all the cussing from my original Rapa. But it turned out Valerie is with them all along. It’s a good thing that I’m not the one who causes Rapa to lose and still cool with all of them, but now I’m at Tuamotu’s mercy. I just hope my convincing power would work once again. The fact that they trusted me with their last vote, I think I have a something that I could work on here.


Im worried because i think after the 5th immunity will make the merge and I need to win this one! So i can relax a bit. Because i dont trust anyone on my new tribe. The only peopel i trust in the game so far is Adam and Thadd so what matters it I win this individual immunity so when we make the merge we still have the numbers because on the other tribe win or loose my fellow Tuamotu have the numbers but in our new Rapa tribe is the opposite. So i desperately need to win immunity! Plus tomorrow a i have a number test in English so I wont be online for the day. But i just finished the challenge and im pretty confident about my score. I got my fingers crossed about this!


Ok, so im done for.. Val...aka Eddie, screwed us in the end and voted Kacey off, as much as im super happy kacey is gone she was with me and couldve helped me but she went nuts after being voted off. These ppl playing on that tuamoto tribe are kinda classless and trashy.. lol this thad kid is getting keyboard courage and going off on me like im suppose to be scared of him or something idk what that boy is thinking. My Rapa Nui original members wouldnt listen to me and we were screwed for it, twice thats happened. So it doesnt really matter if i do get voted off since my real life schedule is becoming almost too busy to play but if i do stay i will make sure thad, adam, maya get theirs. their just trashy people lolmaybe not adam idk he hasnt been saying much but my game is over regardless so ill just play the challenge if i can and hope the best..ttyall later


Well just when you think the next couple of votes will be easy someone flips. Looks like kacey being an idiot could only last so long until someone's bottle of kacey hate overflows.

Our tribe has its work cut out for us now. It seems at this point to be a me vs Adam game, I assume one of us will win if we make it to the end. He won the first battle, but hopefully we can regroup our wounded and take back control for a little. The lines have been drawn and right now I'm on the wrong side.


Has the Idol been found already? Who knows. But I've got a little friend that might provide some leverage if it hasn't. Show this fake Idol to the right people, and then suddenly it's a whole new ballpark.

We've been betrayed, but it doesn't really matter to me. Kacey was a liability that i wanted gone sooner rather than later, so at least I kept the blood off of my hands for this one. There's now only four of us that can work together, though - me, Jay, Eden, and Kevin. I may have to sell them out in the merge, which I've been prepared to do since Day 1. I was in a similar position in Kiribati, though, and made it all the way to the finals, coming from a big minority. So let's call this Cinderella story a sequel. In Kiribati, I had to rely heavily on individual immunity wins to preserve my position in the game. While that's not the case going into this double tribal council, I'd still like to hold a dominant immunity position to gauge where I stand with the others. If there's nothing else I can count on, it'll be immunity. Could they make the Idol clues any harder? I swear to Alfons, whoever has that Idol is either a secret genius or one lucky bastard.


Well, this sucks. I'm going home. Chris got 300K or something, and this was the best I could accomplish.

I'm so mad at this. I could've gone a lot further. Maybe I should've applied later, I don't know. Maybe I can pull something out of my hat. It'd take a lot of magic, but I could do it. Maybe. Just have to wait and see my torch getting snuffed.


I want to play as a hero. But it seems like I'm going to play as a villain. Alex beg me to let him win the individual immunity I mean in not stupid. I want to state as much as he does so if the only way to stay is knock this two out then I'll do it.


Day 14

Damn, How can I forget about this Aaron guy. The tribes ranking says he’s at the bottom. I told him, I am too and I never really had an alliance. So what about us work together and take down King ADAM. I actually given him the option of taking a safer vote if he’s too afraid of making a move, we can vote Valerie out, at least it’s not an obvious vote against them (and I am personally tired of her ignoring me), but he’s like no Adam’s a threat we take him out. OMG, that was fast. But the problem is Adam could win the IC, so if he did, the right hand man goes. THAD. If I pulled this off, it's going to be EPIC!


So Chris just won immunity, which is fine, because we have two other Tuamoto members to vote off, but he's against Adam for Reward, and this is a reward that we really need. If we can see the other tribes votes, then we can find out who the Flipper is. If it's Val, Carby or Phil! There's One Flipper, among Three Idiots.

Bob just came up to me and told me he found the Idol! When I asked him about it further, like how he found it, he just said "Oh actually Adam Gave it to me" As If Adam would give away the Idol! But when I told Jay About it Jay was all like "Don't talk to him" and "Let me handle This" Jay Is trying to control me! He's gone from my closest ally, to the devious guy on the tribe that you can't trust. I'm pretty sure he's got loads of other alliances, that's how he got ranked first on our old Rapa Nui! But Kevin suspects Jay too. Jay thinks that he's running the show, but really he's just my puppet with extra long strings.


I woke up early first thing in the morning and found out i won Immunity! YEAH! I won! Hahaha. We have a solid plan to blindside Jay. Im going to try and convince him to split the votes between Alex or Bob. Im not sure this plan will work but if it does work i should be the player of the season here. hahaha for pulling that of hahaha


Alex has claimed that he has the rapa nui idol, and bob says he has the tuamoto. But when I asked Alex the code he gave me an incorrect one. Alex wants me to flip and vote Jay, but I'm not gonna destroy my tribe. Alex and I are very alike: the only difference is that I'm on the top and he's on the bottom.


So i'm officially refering to this season as "The Season of Blindsides". So far Stephane, Daniel, and Kacey were all blindsided and hopefully if all goes to plan Paul will be next on this list. Out of the seven Tuamotu's remaining Paul thinking himself, Phil, Aaron and Maya are all together on voting for me when in reality Maya is voting Paul with Myself, Adam, and Val. But i cant say for sure, maybe they will all flip on me. Time will tell.


Day 15

Chrix is the guy I was hoping to get rid of, but he won immunity so whatever. We take out Alex. The guy is a horrible liar and is trying to Stephane us. Well, just look at how well that worked out for Stephane.

Jay is pulling a Kacey. The plan is all set and good, and now he comes to me with paranoia that someone is going to flip and suddenly reveals that he has an Idol and wants to play it. Jay, in the words of Eden, "Only an idiot would flip". We're not flipping, man. You were on my radar since Day 1 because you're a threat, but if you're going to become paranoid all the time and not even tell me that you have an Idol (if you even do), then maybe I might need to dispose of you a bit sooner.


Jay has just revealed to me that he has the idol! Do I want to vote him out? No! We can use that to help us after the merge!


So we just got rid of Alex, once again best thing for my game. I originally was going to have bob voted out but had to switch it up after Alex started to target me.

I also learned that I am now looked at as a huge threat for winning, so I had to try and lesson that target- there wasn't a challenge to throw so I had to do the next best thing: make everyone think I expected to be voted out. If I go through this game with the image of being as confident as I am it's clear I am calling a lot of the shots. If they think I am worried about getting out it seems like I don't have much say in what is going on. People never seen to realize how big a part confidence plays in being seen as a threat. Sometimes it is best to play the scared. So for this tribal I had to play the Cowardly Lion. Now I just have to decide when the right time is to get some courage from the wizard.