Day 29

Well AJ left after I was screwed by Boo and Cali. I am done with them. I cannot trust anything they do or say. They are going to come off like kings of the game. Well, not if I have anything to say about it here on the island or the jury. Neither will win…. Whoever sits with final council will get my vote – even if Wes or Hazim. Wes may have his faults – however, he has been ok with me. Hazim same – even though we have been rocky since the Joe Drama.


Well we just voted out AJ *Dances*. Honestly I actually felt really bad... that was until he called me a bitch. Now I honestly don't even care, my mind is already set on next tribal. Right now, my alliance has four, and Zane's alliance has four(Yep, I'm calling it Zane's alliance), so of course I'm thinking about the rock drawing. Now, my plan is to target someone who people really wouldn't mind getting rid of. This person is definitely Trevor, aside from his confusing plans, and moments of aggravation, he's just really hard to work with. If we can get 4 votes on him, then I'm sure the other alliance will question if it's worth it to save him, over one of them possibly going home.


The results are in and Hazim wins the 4 Truths 3 Lies immunity challenge! Not who I would prefer to win but THANK GOD it's not Wes. Of course with our 5 - 4 voting advantage, the vote is gonna be TIGHT. Ideas and rumors are being thrown around about the risk of Wes having an idol and who we should vote for if he does. Personally I didn't like the idea of voting Wes cause I was sure he had a long enough time to find it by now AND it was too much of a risk factor. There were even super crazy plans to make a 4 way tie. Things we getting absolutely ridiculous and I kept sticking to the safe vote (that we all vote one way and not for Wes.) After TONS of scrambling and scheming going on we finally decide to put all 5 votes on Boo. We knew Wes wouldn't give him an idol and Boo seems to be more of a strategical threat PLUS he had been getting on everyone's nerves in the Five Alive alliance. I don't think people outside the game realize Boo is very immature and he's really not that nice of a person that people make him out to be. First off you can't talk to him. All he does is give you short one word replies. It's like talking to a brick wall. And then he complains about things that he thinks are unfair (which are really not) and makes a big fuss about it. Honestly I feel like it comes down to a lack of maturity. He doesn't know how to talk and treat people and he's always playing the victim. So it was my fucking pleasure to vote him lol.

And at the 11th hour AJ and Trevor both admit they voted for Wes instead of Boo because they believed Cali and Boo actually voted for Wes as well! I guess Cali and Boo sent AJ some fake screenshots and basically they got played. The other group of 4 put 5 votes on AJ and we only put 3 on Boo. And Hazim played an Idol on Wes which really didn't go to use. It was a complete disaster and it was all because AJ and Trevor wanted Wes out so bad. BUT IT WAS TOO SOON! It was way too risky of a move and we told them that! So now AJ is sent home and my biggest ally in the game is now gone AND we're now at a 4 - 4 voting situation. I honestly felt so bad for AJ tho because I guess the same day his mother was sent to the hospital for what I think he said was a stroke? And clearly he was not having a great day and maybe it clouded his judgment when making his voting decision. Because Cali and Boo we BEGGING him to vote for Wes with them and I guess they both swore on their families so AJ just kinda fell for it. I feel bad because he is my friend and he really is a great player of the game, but he made a mistake and it cost him. It could cost us ALL coming into the next vote...

Our next challenge is what I've been anticipating the whole game! It's Touchy Subjects! And it's for immunity! I just love to hear what people think so I think this is gonna be fun. Even though I think I'm gonna be a lot of the answers to the bad questions haha. The results come out and to my surprise I was the answer to "the person most likely to win the game (with Wes)" and "the person you trust with your life" as well as "the person who you think will be most successful (with Wes and Boo)." I was completely faltered and shocked honestly! I wasn't even the answer to any of the bad ones lol. I didn't think I should be but I knew I wasn't the most liked person here early on in the game. Trevor got most of the bad answers and Cali even got "who doesn't deserve to be here" LMFAO. I was literally dying because I guessed that too hahaha. And I mean its kinda true?? And to our luck Will wins immunity which means going into tribal we'll have a better chance at survival because now only 2 out of the 4 of us (Me, Trevor, Will, and Zane) will have to draw rocks. So i didn't win but this will still help my chances if that's what it comes to.

So while the challenge was being played I made up what I thought was a really great plan. With Zane and Will's help we wanted to make a FAKE Cagliari reunited alliance! The plans was for us to sway Boo and Cali to vote with us and take out the remaining former Sassari members. Starting with Wes. But of course this was a total bluff just to get their vote this round. If they accept our offer and do vote for Wes, we're just gonna go back on our word after the next vote and vote them off anyway lol. We have nothing to lose and I feel like we're making really great points to them. But then Cali openly admits to us it's very unlikely she'll flip because of the Koopa vote and Boo just agrees with her. Then when the results are up Boo see's I answered him for a lot of the negative questions in the challenged and he's like "I didn't know you didn't like me that much Tyler". I'm like UM HELLO I'm not saying you're the most annoying here, the point of the challenge is for me to guess what EVERYONE else said! These are not my personal answers! I'm guessing what I thought the group consensus was! So I'm like trying to explain this to him how these aren't what I think is necessarily true but this is what I think the group said. But no he does fucking respond because he doesn't get it. He's such a baby and always trying to play the victim. And YES Boo i did answer I would never wanna be stuck on an island with you because you're fucking rude and immature lol SO THERE... He seriously need to grow up I'm over him... And that was basically the end of the conversation. So fuck it. It's a no from them. Whatever, can't say we didn't try. It was a good move for them anyway to say no haha.

So going into this tribal there really isn't much scrambling to do. We're ALL expecting a dead lock and to go into drawing rocks. So we're voting Hazim because if we do go to rocks he'll be safe and we'd much rather Boo, Cali, or Wes or home. Plus I really like and respect Hazim as a game player. It's a shame we're on opposite sides because I feel like we could of been great together. And we're hearing the other 4 are voting for Zane. So we'll see what happens when the votes come out but it looks like my fate will be decided by rocks. I'm literally praying to god for myself and my guys Trevor, Zane, and Will to make it through. More than anything I would just hate to go before someone like Boo and Cali (mostly Boo) who just seem like very unkind people. Everyone is sick of them and I don't like their "I'm better than you" attitudes. And they whine a lot. Plus I haven't been a fan of Wes since the screenshot innocent. I just feel like the people on our side are better/nicer people and deserve to go further (other than Hazim I think he's great). And I'm gonna stick by them until the end. Ever since AJ's vote we've really been brought together by this, so this vote should be very interesting...


First off, make AMENDS WITH BOO AND CALI!!!

And I also started talking to Wes like I was open to work with him. But it's obvious that the both of us aren't destined to work with each other this season.

Purple. Rocks. I hated dealing with that in iSurv1vor. And now I have to possibly deal with that shit HERE?!?!??! I GOT LUCKY LAST TIME!

Guess what time it is? TIME TO KISS ASS!! The whole time, I am appealing to their egos. I'm telling Boo and Cali that they're in the right and apologizing. Saying things like I want to work with them in the future after this vote. Once we get rid of Hazim or Wes, then we can blindside the three. Yada Yada Yada bullshit. I avoid talking shit about them publicly.

Oh and the challenge comes around. My strategy going in, put in YOU and EVERYONE as the same answer. I mean.. math right?


"What's my favorite Survivor Season?" - Kevin

What? ughh.. I went through some down the list. And so far nothing yet.. Philippines will be my next guess.

Okay, I beg and plead with Boo and Cali to vote Wes. They don't budge. At all. I put the blame on the other three, try to throw them under the bus. Then it's time for the revote. Oh look who comes back for some dialogue. Cali and Boo, they apologize for their behavior and say they consider working with me.

BUT FIRST! Boo is like 1) Do you have the idol? 2) What is the idol clue? SHIT! I'M AT WORK AND IN THE MIDDLE OF A SHOW! 1) No. Because I would have obviously used it in this vote. 2) I am a winner of my season where there were three people at FTC. I based that clue off the first clue where it was like "I'm the youngest male to play on my season." I had to explain it to Boo because he couldn't understand it...



Day 30

Well, looks like this may be my last confessional :(. Honestly, the only the reason I'm not voting Hazim is because 1. Working with Trevor is like pulling teeth, it's hard to get through it and you feel all bitter and sore afterwards. 2. If I do flip, I instantly lose the trust of Wes, and considering that he is such an influential person, I have to make sure I'm on his good side... well, at least for now. 3. I rather not work with Zane and Tyler, both who gave very vague answers in TC about "certain people being immature, and people ignoring them." Ok, honestly Zane, just cause me and Boo don't want to vote your way, doesn't mean were "ignoring you". That's just stupid, and if you do have a problem with us, keep it off the threads, hmu, and we'll work through it. Speaking of the threads, looks like AJ is set to get the most "active" jury award. Even though it may at first seem a little annoying with all the gifs he's posting and stuff, I actually like how active he is. So ya, keep up the good work... I guess.


The purple rock drawing couldn't have gone better. Zane went home and me and my allies are all safe. Now Zane can go be bitter with AJ. I need to win the next immunity challenge because it is the only way to ensure my safety in this game.


Well Zane is gone and the Fierce 4 is down to the Tripps Alliance of Tyler, Yappy and myself. Zane is only gone because of Boo and Cali and the stupid comment of “we will not betray Hazim and go to rocks for him”. I find that the stupidest comment ever. They both hated Hazim and wanted him out numerous times. Now they would risk their game for him. Seems a little risky and it paid off they are now in the majority alliance. However, Tyler and I are working Hazim hard to eliminate one of the power couple who will eventually take him and Wes out and go to the end with Yappy or Tyler.

I am working Hazim with Tyler to get us final 3 – all 3 of us has had a similar game. I continue to work at Wes – however, he wants a Sassari final 3 and I am interested – however, he keeps giving me the impression Boo and Cali are loyal to him. What he does not realize is they are a power two. They need to be broken up.