Day 9

I won my first challenge, I still have the second highest scores but I really don't care I don't have to go to tribal. I'm kind of upset Cory got voted out it should have been an international but there's nothing I can do it was all random choice to see who wins immunity. but I'm still in the final 17 so I'm here to win.


So at last Tribal Council, we finally managed to get Corey out of the game, and everything went according as planned. Though it wouldn't have hurt to get Augustin out. But Corey would have easily been our next pick, anyway. This is a loss for the American Alliance in the game, but you've gotta stop and wonder, was he really worth having around in the game? I don't think so. Hopefully, our American Alliance can get it together by next challenge. I'm honestly not the biggest fan of throwing challenges--especially two of them in a row. It's even worse when pretty much every American either threw it with me, or ultimately lost. I'll admit it. I'm getting tired of Nokomis's constant bragging, and having our plans fail once is bad enough. It's time to step up our game, and quick.


This challenge spoiled any form of alliance play from happening for the next three days. Is it me, or are the hosts of this game trying to steer away from a competition completely based off of nationality? Hmm. Either way, this should be a very interesting challenge! Let's see how everything unfolds before we make any crazy thoughts, though.


Purposefully remaining unknown, until shown.

That's the motto I'm living by right now. I'm gearing up for a war. There's no question that the American Alliance is starting to divide. There was one major incident which can be used to demonstrate this perfectly:

During the second Tribal Council, it was Matthew's idea to have the Americans split their votes amongst Ahad and Patryk (4-3), so that an international player would still be targeted and go home on a re vote. Everyone that was going to tribal agreed to this and followed through on the plan. Then, at the very last minute there was some major confusion. People had decided that Ahad's idol was fake, and as such they no longer needed to split the vote anymore. Since Quanz was the only one left to vote (or so he thought), he changed the split to 5-2 in favor of Ahad. As we know now, this vote would have sent Nokomis home after Ahad's idol play. However, the votes were read at tribal and they had gotten the tie that they wanted! Everyone was baffled as to who had lied about there vote. Then Matt came in to the chat, basically screaming at everyone for almost ruining his split vote idea. He then proceeded to take credit for saving the vote and ousting Patryk, while also condemning Quanz and calling him a liar. The strangest part about this is that NO ONE seemed to care. No one called out Quanz, and no one thanked Matthew. I tried to talk about it, and Nokomis just told me I shouldn't be mad because we got the job done. Okay Nokomis, whatever you say! This reminds me of an incident during Challenge #2, when Matt was on the White Team. Matt had orchestrated that the White Team was going to throw the challenge so that we would get numbers at Tribal Council. However, when the results came out... everyone had thrown the challenge EXCEPT FOR MATT!! And just like the voting situation: No one noticed, no one cared. It's insane to me how stupid some of these people in the American Alliance are. Anyway, that's how it went down.

So, these may seem anecdotal and unimportant stories... but the truth is that this sequence of events not only demonstrates the lack of communication and game skill in the American Alliance which is dangerous for a group of people with the kind of power they have, but it also gave me the ammunition I needed to start weakening Matthew's stance in the game. Jerby and I have known for a long time that Matt is trying to sway the opinions of most of the international players. He also has Jamie and Jordan in his back pocket. If there is any chance for taking him out, we knew we had to get to his allies that were less "solid" with him. We accomplished this by taking a screen shot of Matt bragging and boasting about sending Patryk home and devising the split vote scheme to the rest of the American Alliance, and then I sent it to Jerby. I told Jerby to show it to Richie, Kaffe, and others that were with Matt. I also told him to tell them that he had received it from Quanz, and that Quanz was very upset about Matt throwing him under the bus, which playing both sides himself. It's the perfect crime. You see, most internationals that are aligned with Matt think that he and Jordan are some kind of heroes. They think that Matt and Jordan are "outcasts" within the American Alliance, when that is OBVIOUSLY not even close to the case. Matt and Jordan have both been involved in throwing, as well and orchestrating tribal votes for a while now. Matt is as close to a decision maker as there is within that contingent.

So Jerby showed the screenshot, and later in the day I got a question from Richie about what happened at the last vote. Now, I had been fully honest with Richie earlier about the challenge times coming out of the American Alliance, and he had told me he was testing me. Because I was giving him accurate times and information, he said that I had passed his test and that he felt horrible about doing it and distrusting me to begin with. This meant that now, I could tell Richie 100% the truth about what happened that night and he would believe me without convincing. That, coupled with the screen shot evidence he saw earlier should have been enough to convince him Matt was not who he said he was. As I told the entire story, he would respond with "Wow" or "A lot of this seems to add up". A few moments after our conversation, Richie messaged Jerby: "Holy shit, maybe Matt is the king pin". Mission accomplished.

I also earned Kaffe's trust over by leaking challenge scores to him that turned out to be true, as well as promising him that I would not beat him in the challenge, so that I would go to tribal and he would not. This proved to be huge, as any other international would have gone along with Agus then they would have been dead meat and there would have been nothing I could do for them. So there's mission accomplished with Kaffe as well.

Finally, Agus offered me the full power to use his vote whenever I would like last night. We had a conversation for about 3 hours, never once discussing the game. He is an awesome, awesome guy and I'm so glad he finally reached out to have a real conversation. We discussed American and Argentinian culture, education and its costs, women, religion, world views, philosophy, and of course: Football! It was one of the best connections I've made all game. He and Jerby are truly my best friends in this game, and two of the kindest and most interesting people I've met in a long time. So even though I never intended it, mission accomplished with Agus as well.

That leaves me with the following votes that I can use when/if I need them: Me - Jerby - Sam - Noah - Tyler M - Nokomis (via Tyler M) - Agus - Kaffe - Richie - Jon (via Jerby Kaffe and Richie). I've been gearing up for the eventual war, and I certainly hope Matt is doing the same. If not, he's in for a surprise.


Let me tell you something...that challenge was absolutely crazy. I've been at it for one good, solid hour, and I've only managed to come up with 4,840. Let's hope this helps for our team not to attend Tribal, because to be honest, I'm actually pretty scared. This is where things get...interesting. And I'm damn glad I've been able to stick around be apart of the heat of the moment that is the anarchy!.


Corey went home, which is great. I talked to him, and he's a nice guy, but he shouldn't have made it this far. This challenge here, Breakout, is so difficult! I can't get my score above 2390, and that's not really very good, from what I hear. I'm usually very good at flash games, but apparently not Breakout. So Quanz want to ally with the International League again. That could work out well for us.


SO. I just got 1 half of the idol. As soon as I figured it out, I was ecstatic! So excited, in fact, that I opened up a chat window with the intention of letting Tyler M. know that I had just gotten it. I asked him: "Hey dude, any luck with the idols?".... and he responded: "Don't tell ANYONE else, but I just got the second half!!".

...... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh this could not be more perfect. Someone within my alliance has an idol half that I know about, and I hold the other half that no one knows about. This gives me a 100% guarantee for the rest of the game that an idol will never be used in any situation other than one that benefits me directly. And if Tyler happens to go out of the game, well then I have another shot at merging the halves and taking even more control of the game. This is wonderful. Simply, wonderful.


I managed to build a trust with drew, he's basically feeding me info. but I wont tell anyone, just like I promised, so that he earns my trust and vice versa.


Such chaos. Wow. So Anarchy.

These new teams and the challenge with its twist with Drew and the immunity... There is too much to factor in all the potential possibilities of this next round. I think the next person to go could be a complete surprise to anyone. No one is safe. I feel the pressure now more than ever to do well in the challenge.

BUT OF COURSE - I suck at this one! I think this challenge is too physical for me. Move the mouse, and having to react to the ball. I suck at ball sports. Plus my computer seems to lag at the crucial moments.

I really think team C will throw the challenge. The only way that Americans can be sure they have majority at tribal council is if C loses and so they have 3 from that team (and who knows, maybe even Dustin). So it is very important that myself and Agustin don't go to tribal with team C. I hope Team D goes with them, because if that happens they can vote Ahad, and J+J+J will be safe. (Jerb Jon + Jonas).

Myself and Agustin are doing terrible at the challenge. I think Matt for team A and Ahad for team D alone have a higher score than myself and Agustin combined. Matt also said Nokomis and Blake were struggling with the challenge. Which means Team B will probably be joining Team C at tribal and I'm terrified. I don't think Dustin is with us, so only me and Agustin are targets. And they clearly don't consider Agustin a threat. He's pretty likeable too. I just wish I hadn't gotten that psychotic score last round with the puzzle. I'm an easy choice...


I'm dead tired honestly. I just spent the entire day in my friend's wedding. It involved travelling, talking to people, being part of the ceremony... to sum it up, it was draining..

So, I logged in thinking that the people Im aligned with would make the decision for me and Ill just do the challenge accordingly. However, Im surprised to learn that Im the only person hu hasnt submitted a score yet and people are giving me different suggestions.

I went with Drew because I trust him a lot and I threw the challenge. He did help me with an excuse too. Im just hoping that I don't regret this decision.


It was a funny but overwhelming feeling that I'm always immuned in the challenges and not going to the tribal council. I don't know why? Obviously, in the first challenge, I am anxious that I am the one to go home because I got lower score in the Brain Teasers. Second challenge, I improved a lot and I am in the middle of the pack. The third challenge also, I'm on the bottom 10 if ever due to time lapsed in the challenge (I spend so long in the puzzle) but I am safe because my rival is very far in terms of the lowest scores. The fourth challenge, I got second to the last score which is 630 and I don't have intentions to throw the game but I am safe because of Ahad, Jamie and Sam.

I'm not riding on the coattails nor the weakest in some challenges. I need to step up soon. :)


It was a funny but overwhelming feeling that I'm always immuned in the challenges and not going to the tribal council. I don't know why? Obviously, in the first challenge, I am anxious that I am the one to go home because I got lower score in the Brain Teasers. Second challenge, I improved a lot and I am in the middle of the pack. The third challenge also, I'm on the bottom 10 if ever due to time lapsed in the challenge (I spend so long in the puzzle) but I am safe because my rival is very far in terms of the lowest scores. The fourth challenge, I got second to the last score which is 630 and I don't have intentions to throw the game but I am safe because of Ahad, Jamie and Sam.

I'm not riding on the coattails nor the weakest in some challenges. I need to step up soon. :)


Day 10

well I try to win a challenge instead of throwing it and I am at tribal for the 4th straight time, oh well. Either someone flips or we go to rocks, and with Nokomis immune I am one of three American targets. At this point there is little I can do but cross my fingers and make a sandwich, I am quite hungry.


I am elated to not be at tribal. It will most likely be a 4-4 tie. Nobody's willing to flip, so rocks will probably be drawn. I'm terrified of anything by chance, because my luck is awful.

We actually planned on my team going to tribal because quanz is (supposedly) with us, so we would have 5-3, but I don't trust quanz, so I tried very hard. Also, it helped me immensely that our teams name was drawn in the randomizer.



I guess I couldn't stay away from tribal council forever.

4 Americans and 4 Internationals. A nice even playing field. I was convinced we'd just draw rocks.

But no, Tyler M wants to flip if we all vote Matt. I think this plan is Drews. Jonas already knew about it. Jerby was down. I was too.

Apparently the Americans are voting Agustin, which is probably because they believe rocks will be drawn and since Agustin isn't their target they don't making him safe from rocks.

I just really hope Tyler M and Drew are telling the truth, and Matt isn't about to play an idol and blindside one of us. If that happens, those Americans deserve to win this game...


after drew gave me the immunity necklace I almost cried I was so happy.


Allow me to take this moment to pat myself on the back.

*pat, pat*

Why the patting, Noah? Well, I just survived, in my eyes, the most nail-biting challenge this game has seen thus far! It definitely is pat-worthy if you were in my shoes. Now, before I go any father, there are a few people I'd like to thank. The randomizer, Drew and Quanz. Each of them played a huge toll into our team finishing first. The randomizer, for picking us for Drew's incredible score to replace Quanz's. It was a perfect chain of events, and I'm glad we got a good hold on it. Tribal tonight should be very intense! And the only thing I've got to do is sit back, and hope for the best in this one.


Today I took the time to meet some people I haven't talked to yet. Blake, seems like a cool guy. We talked about things like music, where we live, etc. I also met Dustin. He was telling me how it's below freezing where he lives in Canada.

One interesting conversation I had was with Quanz. He came up to me asking why I threw him under the bus in front of all the Americans. I told him he lied about voting for Patryk in front of everyone. He said he voted for him in the tie breaker, which was true. I told him by then it didn't matter. I made it clear to him that I respect his game and it was not a personal attack on his character.

The challenge we had was suppose to be a simple game of Breakout. It was not simple! If that mouse went off the screen you were in trouble! My team was: Agustín, Richie, Jerby, Nokomis, Tyler, Blake and Kaffe.


My team loses the challenge! I'm going back to another Tribal Council yet again. This is one I REALLY wanted to avoid. There is likely to be a tie and draw rocks. This could be an opportunity to flip on the Americans but I don't think it would be wise to do such a thing yet. It's still too early, and I still believe I have a slight target on my back.

So I come up on the rest of the Americans and Quanz and the ones voting tonight are going to vote for Agustín since they assume it will be going to rocks and that would keep Agustín safe since they don't see him as a threat. So I get an idea in my head. This could be a GREAT idea, or be a very bad one. It's a huge risk I'm taking, but in order to win this game sometimes you gotta take the punches.

I went to Agustín and tell him that the Americans are voting for him, but he is not the target. I told him "if you have the idol use it! If not vote for me.". They think it will come down to rocks. I told him to vote for me and tell the other international voters to do the same. He doesn't think its a good idea. Which I can't blame him. I told him "its for our safety". This way if we draw rocks we will both be safe. And it will look like we are not in a secret alliance since we are voting for each other. Now I realize I'm risking Richie and Jerby going home, but I'm hoping they'll be in the game after this.

I really hope Tyler gets the bad rock if it comes to that. That way if an American goes and it will look like I had nothing to do with it. I don't trust Tyler one bit. He's been acting very shady lately. Especially when he told Corey to vote me. Did I mention that when he came up to me about Corey he just came to me and just said "Corey is voting for you". Little did he know i knew he was the one to tell him to do that. I told him I knew what he said and i gave him a tough time about it, but i was messing around with him, so it looked like a joke. But deep down i meant it to give him a tough time. If this plan fails I think it will be because of him. His avatar is the joker for crying out loud!

If Blake goes its fine. However, I'd be sad to see him go. He's a real cool guy and he's someone I'd like to work with. Kaffe can go too, since I don't have an alliance with him.

My biggest worry would be the revote. Even though all the Americans seem solid and willing to risk drawing rocks. I can see someone flipping. How do you not consider? If you don't flip, you risk going home. I'm aware the Americans see me as a threat and this can be there opportunity to get rid of me. For some reason some of them think they have Quanz, SMH! I think Tyler is one of them. If that's the case, I can be disposable and they use Quanz to replace me. If they get rid of me or not, I think the Americans are probably screwed. .