Day 19

I think Alf and I are truly holding the power in this game. Alf is the rat, and I'm the one who makes the vote with majority. We have gotten trust into Huanca so that they can think that they are in majority of the vote so that they do not use a possible idol and I think I've gotten Ocaina to be with us. Nick is going to temporarily be with us so we have the votes. But soon, I need to make sure I get out Alf or Aly soon. They are going to get votes in the jury, and that's what I don't need.

That's the truth tea.


Wow what a night! Epic Jivaro tribal council! I do not mind Ellie leaving at all. She is a sweet girl, but she needs to mature a bit before getting good at this game.

So can you guess what I’m up to? You are right, playing both sides! Again! Being the swing vote! Again! xD

Jessy is willing to pull together with Nick and Jossue though she doesn’t trust them. I told her we need the numbers and she agrees, so… the girls alliance was just Ellie bulshit, it wasn’t anything. So that’s good.

Jessy, Jossue, Nick and myself.. old Jivaro are good. All 3 of them seem to trust Ryan, Jessy is close with Natalie.. 6 VS 4 and I do not come out in the bottom in this group, I know that as a fact.

Once the Huancas are gone and the returnee is gone (if its Domca or Ellie) the old Jivaro & Ocaina will go strong until Jessy and Nick need to turn on eachother.. since they don’t trust eachother. Which is good for Ocaina and me, as I will again be the swing vote. This game is good, its so good. I love it.

Honestly though, the Huancas are kind of dumb for trusting me this much. They must know it does not benefit me to be the only original Jivaro in an alliance of 4 Huancas. Great people, but seriously, I do not play with emotions, I play with my mind.

Jessy, Jossue and Nick all have problems trusting eachother. But I keep them together.

Nick asked me to be his final 2 partner, I obviously said yes as a no means “nope… Im not with you” and will make sure he doesn’t stick with me when I need him. But doesn’t this sound familiar? Didn’t I promise him this in week 1? And still voted against him? Of course, it was his own fault, but still. Again, I play along for as long as I need to.

So, who am I not in an alliance with? Lets see…. Oh, I am aligned with everyone?

Once Aaron, Jesse and Jody are gone, I want Ocainas to leave, I don’t know Ryan and Natalie, but I don’t want to risk something like Jessy going to the end with them or Jossue going to the end with TJ over me. I actually hope Domca or Ellie returns now as they will be easy to vote out. I don’t need TJ and I don’t want to vote him out twice or go to the end with him.


Someone put a vote against Aly last tribal and I'm guessing because they were scared of an idol being played, i was not informed about it so I'm just going to jump to conclusion and say I'm on the outs. Time to do what I do best.


LOL I MADE MERGE Y'ALL! If you asked me this at the beginning I would be like "yeah I'm not making merge," because of how smart and logical you have to be and I think anyone who knows me or has briefly spoken to me knows I am not either of those things. I think I have relied on my social and amazingly talented strategic skills to get me this far (this is a joke). Honestly I think the best person to compare me to is Courtney Yates from China. I think I will make it pretty far into merge because of how many people think I am with them and think I am with them 100%. To be honest, I have NO idea who to go with at merge. I guess it depends on who gives me the best deal :p


I have learned from past mistakes that publically announcing my thoughts is not very liked or efficient. So I will tell them through confessional. Domca is one lying cheating bitch. I will bet ANYTHING I have that Nick did Domcas challenge's ion exchange for that idol clue. Now watch, since she is back in the game, Domcas scores in challenges with magically drop because why? Nick isn't doing them for her anymore. They are both lying shit bags that are #1 and #2 on my hit-list.


Jesse: “Wow Ellie is a tard and I'm going to tell her so. I mean, I've done it a few times but she was too retarded to get it., Fucking moron”

This is unnecessary and really annoys me about Jesse. Its no secret that Ellie have not been playing well, but she is only 13, there is no need to harass her or anything. She is out of the game, so leave her alone.

I was annoyed with her yesterday myself since I was hearing that she would not compete and at the same time would not let the hosts know that just to keep the game waiting loner to annoy us because she lost, very immature. But eh, she is only 13. She is really a sweet girl, she is just bitter like alot of people get when voted out.

Anyway, Domca returning is fine, if I can believe Nick, she would be a vote on our side.

Also, Jessy and I are now calling ourselves “The Animals”, which is a Kesha reference. Much better than Malcom & Denise 2.0

I don’t really have much else to say as my plans has not really changed much.


Ya know... the more I think about it, the more and more safe I feel. I now think that me being on a different tribe from Aaron, Jesse, and Jodi is a GREAT thing. I have connections with those 3, Alf who if working with them, Jessy who is my #1 girl, Natalie and Ryan who think I have a F3 with them, and Jossue who thinks I will do whatever he says. The only two people who I'm not with are the two people everyone wants gone. Now if I just lay low and not fuck things up, I have an easy ride to FTC.


So the merge happened. All props to Domca for winning yet another duel (what's it going to take for her to be permanently eliminated?!) We've got the new buffs, new name and new shifting tribal politics that are sure to be a fun navigation to the end. I've talked with everyone other than Jody on the new tribe. My assessment of the people I don't know are that Alf seems cool, could be someone who I can work with. Jesse and Aaron are ok, but they are high on the target list as is Jody. The tribe consensus is most likely to vote Domca out again, and I can see the logic in that, but I also see her being a "we can vote her whenever" mindset of some people. The risk of her going on an immunity streak if we keep her in the game is high. We may not be able to vote her out if we don't do it now. Which would make for it even more difficult for her to win, even if she wins her way back later. There's not much respect being shown to her from most of the tribe, but I've tried to at least congratulate her on the duel wins and remain on speaking terms with her, but as before the "conversations' are brief and of not much substance.

Natalie confided that she's not all in with the F3 agreement we have with Aly and wants to keep our options open as far as finding a third person. I'm agreeing right now, but don't want to lose Aly as an ally. She is perfect to bring to the end as I don't feel anyone would vote for her, and I've been able to get to know her a little bit, and do genuinely like her as a person. Jessy so far has been a great ally to me, feeding me information she gets, and Jossue seems to be more with me than any of the other guys. Nick continues to be a target, one that will only get bigger once we can break up the original Huanca guys. So, if things go to plan, Domca will be first to go, followed by Aaron, Jesse and Jody (order TBD) then Nick. After that, we will see. I fully intend to carry Aly as far as I can, and Natalie with me should make things a bit easier, I still have the idol, and a new one has been hidden. I've got big plans for using both to my advantage, but now isn't the time. Stay tuned, it's about to get real up in here. Apreesh!


Ok, so today I found out that Jesse and Aaron are attempting to play me those idiots think they can take on my mind? I mean I've already found out this info so i know what's coming, you guys are going to make yourselves look like idiots out hear, while you are thinking you are smart. Next time think before making alliances with people.


Day 20

Well, this is awkward.

So apparently people trust me with their lives, think im the most honest, people would like to see me win, people would like to play with me again and they consider me most likely to be at the final tribal council. Except for Domca who doesn’t seem to like me much xD

I find this awkward because I don’t want people to think this, I want them to just see it happen xD I don’t want anyone to know that I got a good social game yet, I want that to be something everyone just magically realize when they vote for me to win.

The honest and trust me with their life part is what bothers me the most, I am honest to people since I keep giving people information about eachother, but I also keep a lot of information to myself. Plus once Domca is gone, all of the Huancas will be like “OMG ALF IS THE BIGGEST LIAR IN THE WORLD!” since I’m basically kicking them out after promising to go to the end with them. Same goes for whoever I don’t side with after that, Nick, Jossue and Jessy all think I’m their main partner in the game. Possibly except for Jossue who seemed strangely absent.

I think one of the main reasons why I got so many good ones is probably what you guys dont really see in my confessionals, I probably sound so smug and cocky in here, but in reality I am a very friendly person who gets along with pretty much anyone, so that is most likely why many people thought positive things for me.

I have realized, not because of the challenge but because of conversations that Ryan will be my biggest competition down the road. Nick, Jessy and Jossue all have trust issues with eachother and still they all trust Ryan and talk about how close they are with him. Jossue event wanted to go to the final 3 with Ryan and me… Not happening if I have a say in that. So if everyone trusts Ryan the most, isn’t that just incredibly dangerous? Especially when the people who trust him doesn’t trust eachother? Oh wait, that is the case with me too, they trust me but not eachother.

Nick and I are working together to find the idol. There are three reasons why I am going along with working with him on this.

1. He gets all the clues and clues makes me more likely to find it.

2. If the idol is found by him, we are sharing it, so at least I will be closer then before to having an idol.

3. This makes Nick trust me even more


Natalie won immunity which is good for her. However People are saying I'm going home, but Natalie says her tribe wants Nick gone, she asked me to vote for him. I trust her, but not enough, so I'm having Alf, Jesse, Aly, and Jody, vote Ryan, if she tells the truth everyone else will vote Nick, and if I'm correct he will still have an idol and he will play it for himself, and Ryan will be sent home. If he doesnt play it, well bye Nick. This is going to be one crazy ass tribal council.


Damn what a stressful vote. But for once, I don't think I'm in danger! So far every tribal I've went to I've gotten a vote and this time I think people don't see me as a big threat that needs to go right at merge. The vote as of now is between Nick, Domca, and Aaron. Aaron? And yes Ryan suggested Aaron. Nick is biting off WAY more than he can chew. It would be so simple to split the voted between Domca and Nick, insuring one of them goes, but he comes up with some plan to vote Aaron? That's hella shady. And of course Natalie's dumb ass will go along with whatever Ryan says so that's two votes right there. I honestly don't see myself sticking with Ryan and Natalie much longer, but of course I will make it seem like I am ;)


Well it now looks like it is between Ryan and Aaron. My two biggest allies on the opposing sides. *sigh* But there is one MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR catch that has me thrown off. It seems like Ryan is telling everyone he is voting for Aaron except for me. He just keeps telling me to vote for Nick. So I guess that seals the deal. I have to vote for Ryan.


Ok, Natalie one immunity but the good thing is I got famous in the challenge, this is a game of lies, but the good thing is I know who's telling the truth, thus exposing the rats and knowing who NOT to trust that's in this game, people tempt me to play my idol but I do not think it's worth it, I'd rather go down a man trying then a man who failed to use his idol correctly. I found out a core of 3 today, me and Alf are playing each side of the game, joining together making us a formidable combination, and one people would not expect.


This is how I want the game to go down:

Domca leaves this time.

Aaron, Aly & Jesse out.

Jody leaves or stays, depending on if I can/need to use him.

Ryan out if possible, I do not trust him at all.

Natalie out.

Jody if he is still around.

Then go to the final with Jessy and either Nick or Jossue.

The problem with this is that these people got minds of their own.

Instead of targeting Domca, Jossue is gunning for Aaron straight away. This is annoying. Domca is obviously cheating, so she is going to win all the challenges where she can possibly cheat. Guys, its obvious. The girl can not form a sentence even, like look at this conversation I had with her:

Alf: so what is Czech republic like? I dont know too much about it

Domca: in the Czech Republic is boring

Alf: xD why?

Domca: There is still only one beating

Alf: What do you mean?

Domca: there are fires theft

Alf: that doesnt sound good :s

Domca: there are also racists

Alf: Ew, I hate racists

Domca: I do not either

This was our conversation and I don’t get what she is even trying to say and she won the word/spelling challenge thing? Yeah right. Impossible. Someone is doing them for her or she is photoshopping or something.

Anyway, Jossue said “Domca got no social game, don’t worry about her” but what if she wins all the challenges? She will be a problem! Jossue is not listening to me, I told him my opinion, but I was not as stuborn as he is, I know that I am in a delicate position and can only get to the end if I play this right.

Nick sharing Domca’s idol clue with me (which she shared with him) shows me that I can trust him and we are working closely together on it, but of course, he could be playing me.

Oh and Natalie was dumb today. I asked her if she had heard any names and her reply was “i have heard just to pangong you all” great. This makes me nervous, but at the same time… Nick, Jessy and Jossue all have made me promises and they do need me as they must have realized that Ryan is shady, at least Nick and Jessy has to some degree.

I wish Jossue valued me more than he seem to do because I really want to go to the end with him, he is a useful ally if he is with me and he is very much beatable in the end, but he worries me.

I gotta do some talking with Nick and Jessy, see where their heads are at.


So this has so far gone down.

Jossue wanted to take Aaron out, not thinking Domca at all.

Jessy and Nick wants Domca out.

Natalie and Ryan is targeting Nick! This is not good, I bet they are trying to get Huanca to vote Nick.

After hearing about Nick being the target Jossue… is.. still voting Aaron. He makes no sense. But fine, I can use his vote to make it seem like they played eachother or whatever, I wont get the blame for Aaron being the target being wrong.

After talking to Jessy about Jossue and the Ocainas, we came up with the plan. Operation turning Huanca against Ryan.

I have told Huanca that Natalie, Ryan and Jossue are all targeting Aaron. I have talked about Nick’s idol. Nick has been vocal about wanting Domca out, people are starting to think this is his way of idoling Aaron out.

So they will pretend to be voting Domca, when in reality they are going for Ryan. Ryan bam out gone ha! Huge threat gone.

If our plan works.


Day 21

Tribal is here. The plan is in the works. It's going to take some convincing on my part, and possibly Jossue to calm Nick down after the immunity challenge. Nick took a lot of bullets in the Touchy Subjects, mostly the "bad" answers were him, so he will most likely be on guard. I'm selling him that we are voting out the Huanca guys, we've got to break them up and let them take each other out on RI. If he does feel vulnerable enough to play the idol that he clearly didn't give to Jossue, hopefully he puts his vote on Jesse like we are telling him.

A final four alliance of Nat, Aaron, Aly and myself is tentative right now. I know Natalie is skeptical about Aly, but the same can be said about my thoughts on Aaron. I don't the guy, and he promised to be in her back pocket. The same I can say about Aly to me. I don't feel like the jury would reward Aly with the win, which gives Nat and myself the opportunity to duke it out for the win. This does leave Jossue on the outside, and I'd be turning my back on Jessy, I will have to cross that bridge when I get there. The other option is to utilize the hidden fake idol at some point, damage control when that doesn't work will of course, be blaming it on Dylan from before the switch. I haven't gotten to that point yet, but I feel like it's coming. I haven't thought about deviating from the plan to get Nat and myself to the end yet, but I need to keep my finger on the pulse of the tribe. If I feel like things could be turning against her, I may not be able to do anything to save her, unless....


The others think they know what they are doing.. they're about to get a shock.


So, I won immunity so Yippy and boo hoo at the same. Yippy because I'm safe and boo hoo because now some people are acting like I'm in charge. I dont the leader....right now. The tribe once again in a frenzy but I calmed everyone down. At tribal I hope Nick goes home because I am sick of having him around camp and he has messed with me one too many times. So I am happy to put a nail in that coffin and finally lower his ego several notches. Yesterday. I created a final four deal with Ryan, my closest ally, Aly, a female version of Nick, and Aaron, my coattail rider.


Kicking myself. Could've easily gotten Ryan out. Now it's a tie. Ocaina is sneaky and once Huanca is down to 3 or 2, I'm targeting them.


This vote... what the hell. I'm guessing Ryan didn't lie to me about voting for Nick. God I am too paranoid. I kinda feel like I owe him one for being so untrustworthy to him :L. I'm sure the other 4 won't think too much of it.


Once the Huancas spoke after I went to bed the plan was done, I managed to keep things towards Ryan while I was there, but once I was gone things changed. They got nervous, they didn’t know what was true or lies from the other side etc. So Jody was told to vote for Domca, while the others voted Nick and Ryan. They believed that Nick and Ryan were against eachother, which would have been dumb if it wasn’t true.

I will wait and see what happens, but it looks bad for Nick. If he does leave without giving his idol away when he knows he is going, I will be pretty mad at him, I want his idol if he is gone. Not to sound selfish or anything, but I am his main ally and with him gone, I need to change up my plans and an idol in my pocket would be freaking nice.

Nick is talking about offering his idol to Jody if he votes to keep him. I doubt this would work, I would also just rather have him give it to me and get it over with. I still have Jossue and Jessy on my side. I am working on getting a good relationship with Domca, though that is so hard to do! Also, Ryan and Natalie might want a Huanca out next, which would be to my benefit in that case.

I will be sending in my vote once I know exactly what is going on. If Nick is going home, I want him to know that, I will also complain to him about not wanting to stick with the Huancas and wish he stayed longer so we could work together and find that idol together, I gotta say something without asking for his idol.


I am so excited to have made the merge! Honestly, if you do not make the merge it just sucks completely and the Survivor experience is nothing like it should be. That being said, I am worried about numbers. I only feel completely safe with Jesse and Aaron. Aly and Alf are with us but I have a fear for some reason either could switch. But at the same time, I do not believe they will. I know that Natalie, Ryan, Jossue and Jessy are probably all together. Nick and Domca are the two shadiest people to ever play this game. I've heard speculation that Nick wants me out. This next tribal council is going to be insane... Hopefully then I know who I will be able to trust, and hopefully I wont be the one sent packing.