Day 4

Of course we were blindsided, cannot believe I didn't see it coming!


So today was moving day for a lot of people. International - USA cross alliances started to form as everyone began planning for the tribe split. With Corey self-voting, it is assumed he will hold suit and go at the next tribal. With "two" people gone, everyone figures we will be close to tribes. I've heard tell of countless of these new agreements this afternoon, including a few that were formed this morning and betrayed this afternoon. Great strategy guys, keep it up!

I got approached by a guy named Jerby about such an alliance. We had chatted a few times and really gotten along, so to me it was perfectly natural that we try to protect each other over the coming tribals. If it becomes the case that we land on the same tribe... great! There's more protection for me. Jerby decided that we should pull in Tyler M, as well as Noah. We dubbed ourselves "The Ameripinos".

So right now, I'm standing with a 10 man (soon to be 9 when Corey self-votes his way to annihalation) mega alliance called the "AA". Within that I'm sitting in the drivers seat of a sub-alliance known as "In the know". And within that, I'm sitting in the drivers seat of a final 3 sub-alliance that I like to call "The Enclave".

External to the USA alliances, I have a 3 man alliance known as "The Ameripinos", and a 1-to-1 protection agreement of sorts with Richie.

Now the real kicker is that I'm starting to trust Jerby more than I do anyone else in this game. Initially I had planned on using him as protection only until we could use our AA and In The Know alliances to steamroll the Int'ls and get it down to The Enclave. He's public enemy #1 with the AA because of his challenge performance, but if his life in the game is long and I'm standing on the same tribe with him, he might just become my right hand man. We'll just have to let it play out.

In other news: Noah is reckless and sharing way too much information. Like dude.. what are you doing sharing the idol clue with 11 other people including an Int'l player? I am 100% taking him with me to FTC. Now it's just about keeping him and Sam under control for the duration of the game.


Weeeeeeeeeelllllllll.... F*CK!!!!

Lawrence, my closest ally got voted out. Which only means that the Fil Am alliance has collapsed right away. Two of our alliance members, Matthew and Jordan voted for Lawrence unless Jonathan voted for him too (which is unlikely).

To make matters worse, I'm the next target because of that motherf****** high score that I got. Ever heard of beginner's luck people?!?! and c'mon, it was the first freakin challenge! Tyler and Drew already told me to watch out because some "master mind" says he's calling the shots and I'm his next victim.

So the next Immunity Challenge will be even more difficult for me. I need to get an average score while making sure that I'm in the winning team... no tall order! If that fails, I might have to throw Jon under the bus, even though I really like the guy. But hey! This is Survivor after all!


So, Lawrence was voted out at the last Tribal, huh? You know, I think I'm gonna go right ahead and say it. Though our very American alliance gave him the boot out of the game, I feel bad for the guy. I mean, to be the first one voted out of the game--over an inactive player?! That has to be as tough as nails. But as they say, better him than me. Anyway, off of this topic. After all, it's a brand new day, with brand new chances, am I right? We got our second delivery of Tree Mail! Ignoring the fact at how amazing I am of predicting challenges, I think I've got this one. It either has something to do with geography, or it would very well be a spot the difference type of deal we're talking here. And we get our very first glimpse of true team versus team action in this game! Though I've got to ask...will these teams really be teams? Or will this be another case of, as I like to call it, "world war?"


I know the results of Tribal Council and I was shocked when Ian casting the votes individually. Imagine, how an inactive person stays longer in the game and one of my allies, Lawrence, was voted out. The only thing that I need to do is win the next challenge but Corey is once again on my team.


I talked to them. Matthew and Jordan feels sorry to me because he wants to go with the flow of Americans (majority of them were on the bottom 10) while Agustin is complaining that he submitted his vote.


So, we lost the battle but not the war, i have to make a backup plan, so I'm trying to bond with Matthew he is a very nice person.


So I have made many sub alliances within the American Alliance. I have "The Inside Scoop" with Nokomis, Drew, Sam, and Noah. This alliance is to the final 5 and we can share idol clues won in the challenges and bounce guesses off of each other. Additionally, I have an alliance called the "Ameripinos" with Drew and Jerby. However Drew and I agreed that we would protect the "Inside Scoop" before Jerby.

Things are going great, the American Alliance was able to get out Lawrence and now with the teams divided, if the White Team goes to Tribal Council, with Blake (he chose the white team), we have a 7-3 majority and we can vote out either Ahad, Agustin, or Patryk. I am in a great position right now, couldn't be happier!


Today has been probably my most strategic day. I get placed on a team that has a majority fo americans, while the majority of my alliance is placed on the black team. our plan was for the black team to throw the challenge, and vote out one of them. but we found out the americans did really bad on purpose in the challenge to vote out either me,pat or agustin. The black team had a total of 19,000. which means me pat and agustin needed more then 20,000 overall to win. i got 19,000 which means i caught up! I am a fighter, these guys can not take me down!


So Lawrence was voted out, who saw that coming? The Americans did. I'm guessing that they want to take out the International people out, one by one. How I know that, is because the International people had the exact same plan (however, we wanted the Americans out...). I'm starting to think that it isn't a good way to do this...


Wow. It's pretty much all I can say.

This game feels too crazy too early. There is too much that we can't control. We will never know who will have numbers. Or whose team we will be on. I actually consider myself one of the lucky ones with the recent teams put together.

Don't feel so lucky for Patryk though. So I had to go to work.

Patryk has been asleep all day due to time zones. So he doesn't even know yet what I've been through. What i've learnt. And the amazing, inspirational speech that I gave.

I'm on a team that consists of 5 international league members, and 3 americans, and one inactive. It puts me in a position of safety. I know, that no matter whether we win or lose, I will not go home. I trust my I.L. buddies.

But Patryk, Ahad, Agustin and Quanz are on the outs on the other tribe. It's clearly turning into Americans vs The World and that was made clear by Blake going with his native majority. Also when Lawrence was voted off instead of Corey. Very sad. Lawrence seemed keen to play, chatty and would have been a good companion for this game.

So I needed to suss out what was going on with the Americans. I have already been contacted by 2 of them, over the last few days: Matthew first and then Drew (Tiny). They both seemed genuinely nice, and we didn't talk strategy at all. So I spoke to Matthew:

Quote1I don't wanna put you on the spot, but do you know something that I don't?Quote2- Richie
Quote1Yes.Quote2- Matthew
Quote1Eeeesh.. Can you say or..?Quote2- Richie
Quote1I've only told one person, Agustín, whom I just met today. The Americans are throwing the challenge on the White Team. Ryan seems to be helping the American alliance. I'm not sure if he is legit or not. Can you please not tell any one that "I" told you this.? They want to get rid of the international players. I don't like it at all.Quote2- Matthew
Quote1Oh no.. Okay.Quote2- Richie
Quote1They think I am throwing the challenge too. I'm not.Quote2- Matthew
Quote1If I lose, who will go?Quote2- Richie
Quote1They are talking about Augustine or Ahad. You cannot say you heard it from me please.Quote2- Matthew

So I was scared. Because throwing the challenge would ensure that the Internationals lost another player. I should have realized that this was bound to happen. When you are on a team where you know you are safe, and there are people you want to get rid of, and you know if you win, people you trust from the other tribe will get voted out, then it make sense to purposely lose the challenge to protect your alliance and vote out someone from your 'team" that is on the other alliance.

This is the flaw in the game right now. In order to win, and keep my alliance safe, I now needed to convince my international league members on black team, to lose!!! I needed to send myself to tribal council, where Corey would most likely get disqualified for inactivity.


Man, what a morning this is. I woke up, finally getting the sleep I've been hoping for for a while. Namely, in five days. It's just that I can rest so easily, knowing that the plan is working oh-so smoothly. Oh, you didn't know? Allow me. The White Team in this fun, little challenge of ours happens to have more Americans in it. Putting it simple, more members of our American alliance. And thankfully, Blake, a fellow member of this said alliance, was the odd-man out of the challenge. Of course he'd pick the White Team. Our initial plan is to simply throw the challenge, leaving us with this and only this at Tribal Council. Numbers. Though I've gotta say, I'm quite nervous for my first Tribal. But I know I shouldn't be. This will be a breeze.


Kaffe, Kaffe, Kaffe...he's onto us. He just asked me if there was any American Alliance in the game, regarding Lawrence's elimination. Of course I lied and told him I didn't know. If he's not willing to admit that there's an International Alliance, no way am I going to tell him there's an American Alliance. I'm sorry, but it just doesn't work like that.


Today couldn't have gone better for me. We started off with the challenge. The Americans on the white team decided to throw the challenge because we have the majority in tribal. Blake also picked our team so he could join us in tribal.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't do poorly. Finally, I picked Antarctica for everything and still hit 1000 and submitted. Oh well.

Also, talking to quanz, I find out he's close to Tyler. I am as well. Also, I talked to Dustin and he likes quanz and he and that's it. So I form an alliance between us four. Dustin names it the Core Four. We agree to change the subject if Any of our names come up and protect each other. Once tribes hit, we'll strategize further.

Things are going great overall for me. People are just asking me what to do. I don't wanna seem cocky, but I think I'm in a great spot in this game. I'm going to tribal for the second time, so I don't seem like a threat. But socially, I'm playing everybody. I love this game.


Last night we voted out Lawrence. Which was unfortunate for Jordan, Jamie and I because of the Fil-Am alliance. But because of the American alliance Jordan and I had to vote with them to get Lawrence out because he was the international player with the highest score amongst us.

Jordan and I explained to Jonathan and Jerby what had happened. They seemed like they had understood. They said they want to stay with us.

So now the Immunity/Reward challenge teams are picked. I end up on the white team with a majority of Americans; they want to throw the challenge. I hate to throw challenges! So I'm not going to. I'm not too close to many of the Americans. I'm pretty close to Jamie and Jordan. Drew would be another one I'm close too. I've talked more to some international players in this game then I have Americans. It's so early in this game, but if its Americans that get to the final 10 by a miracle, I think I would be an earlier boot. I don't see this American alliance lasting. I've made close ties with, Jonathan, Jerby, Agustín and Richie. I revealed to them what the Americans are trying to do. They all have told me there is no international alliance. I told them to tell the internationals on the black team to throw the challenge. That way Corey will be gone because he is quitting. This evens the playing field. Then I won't look like I'm ditching the American alliance as long as I keep voting with them. Then I will have gained the international players trust, I hope. But I may have to vote with the americans whether I like it or not until if and when an opportunity opens up.


Sometimes, T think it's so easy playing stupid and be in the background so when people need to make a move they will come to me to make that big move. I'm in a inside alliance of the big alliance called the Inside Scoop. Ryan is "with us" but i think he is shady and the moment he goes to tribal i feel like he will go back to his alliance. the foreigners keep lying to to me about there group so I can't trust anyone.


Day 5

Oh, no! I lost! I'm so sad and nervous or whatever...

...This is perfect! It's all about the numbers at tonight's Tribal Council, and the American Alliance has got 'em. It's now all about which member of the International Alliance gets the boot, and the only thing I'm going to say is this; the bigger they are, the harder they fall.


5 minutes before Tribal the other day I was approached with an offer to join the American Alliance, which consists of 11 people including myself. I had yet to interact with anyone before that, and out of nowhere I am offered a majority alliance.

I love America, and I like being in majority alliances, so I took the deal. That meant that Lawrence had to go, and I'm going to keep coasting until the merge. I won't have to start playing for real until February! Can laziness work? We shall see...


White team threw the challenge...or at least the Americans did. The original plan has always been to vote ahad. Now, they wanna split votes: 4 ahad, 3 Patryk. I'm nervous. It only takes one person voting ahad to flip and then someone goes home. And that someone could be me. But, Quanz says he's been kicked out of the internationals alliance, so we can trust him now, but it seems to scripted. I'm really nervous. I almost wanna just vote ahad and screw this split vote.

Secondly, Jerby and Jonathan shared with the Fil-Am alliance the clues to the idol. I'm starting to trust them more. They also said ahad is in charge: making me want to get rid of him ASAP. Finally, they said some things about Nokomis, like that he's playing everybody, is working with the internationals, etc. I almost believe it because the first thing he did before even introducing himself is asking for an alliance. He's super sketchy. I wouldn't trust him with my life, much less my survivor life.


Now that i am a target at tribal I have 3 options, find the idol, make them flip, or make a fake idol and gain their trust. I have decided to go with the 3rd choice and create a fake idol to deceive them! it may be early in the competition but I am a strong player and I will do big things!


Oh man... It's been Strategy Overload for the past day.

Ever since Lawrence got voted out, I feel very vulnerable. I had to work on my social game and get people on my side, which I think is successful in some degree.

The Matt and Jordan has been telling me and Jon that they were just victims of the situation hence the reason they voted for Lawrence, which for me is just BS! They are reassuring me that I'm not going home anytime soon, which I'm taking with a grain of salt.

In the meantime, I've solidified my bond with Drew and he's on the same page as me with the thought that Matt is playing both sides. He sees right thru Matt's plan of saving face to get the International on his side by scoring high in the challenge and not throwing it. But PLOT TWIST, I was told that Matt is actually one of the people who suggested that their team throw the challenge.

My Anti-Matt campaign even reached Richie. I noticed yesterday that when were planning for the challenge that most of his suggestions sounded familiar. Well that's because it's the same plan that Matt told me and Jon. I took a risk and told Richie that Matt is possibly just using him, me, Jon and Agustin. So, I think I gained Richie's trust as well.

I also heard that Ahad is next to go this coming tribal. So I'm trying to sell him the idea of telling everybody what Matt is up to in tribal with the hopes of some Americans noticing this and get Matt voted out instead.

I just don't know if all this strategizing is going to pay off but it's worth a shot. If everything goes smoothly, hopefully I can make it to the merge. For now though, it has earned me a an actual headache.


A day of disappointments and fear.

We won the challenge. God dammit! How did we win the challenge with an inactive? We tried to suck. We tried to fail. The Americans just did it so much better. They would literally had to have chosen every location in Antarctica in order to get a score as low as 300...

Speaking of scores that low. Ryan. Ryan got the lowest score of all on the white team. So any doubts about his allegiance has been confirmed. He's an American now... good riddance! I can't wait to get the chance to write his name down. Even if I'm doing it alone with the certainty that i'll be going home... grrr.

In his defense... he never ASKED for the game to be Americans vs Internationals. Everyone just assumed it was, so they feel betrayed by him for having a mind of his own. I didnt want it to be all about nationality. But people made it that way, and by the time I was up and running in this game it was a bit late to start going over to the americans.

Its day 5 and i've still only spoken to Matthew and Drew... Jamie has not even accepted my friend request!! XD

So Patryk is going to tribal council and I was scared for him. But Matthew told me they planned to target Ahad. That still sucks. But I would rather lose Ahad than Patryk from Poland!

However, I just found out they are splitting 3 votes onto Patryk while 4 go to Ahad. This has scared me shitless. I have told Patryk this as well. He is also worried. I have no idea if he even does confessionals. Or thinks about this game strategically... Here's an example of our secret conversations... and strategy to win.


Ugh. Matt is the guy that every Survivor fan hates to watch on TV. Why is it that time and time again, when people get set up with a majority alliance they all of a sudden feel the need to betray them for no reason??

Last night the challenge results were shown, and Matt really revealed himself. Every American on the White Team was obviously exposed as throwing the challenge. Everyone, except for Matt that is. After agreeing to throwing the challenge, he went ahead and scored a 7,000 in order to save face with his International allies. Did he think that no one in the AA would notice that?? I mean, what in the hell was he thinking? Now today I wake up to a chat room where Matt is trying to get the White Team to split votes; 4 to Ahad and 3 to Patryk.

Please explain to me how the guy turning his back on a 10 man alliance 2 episodes into the game is still calling the shots in said alliance? AM I THE ONLY ONE SEEING THIS HAPPEN?????

Anyways.. Matt is now priority #1 for me and mine (Tyler, Jerby, Noah, etc..). He's got to go, and it's got to be subtle. Let's see how the next challenge teams are broken down. If I get the chance to swing the votes, I'm doing it.


Damn! We lost and there are a lot of probabilities that I will go home, it's horrible but Corey is still inactive, another player is going home and he is inactive that is awful.


My status in the game is somewhat in the balance right now. I am proud and not worried that I won the immunity challenge along with Jerby, Kaffe, Dustin and Richie. But the bad news here is someone from the Internationals in the White Team will go home. But I hope the game will change because the Americans are questioning one another and there are possibilities of backstabbing anyone in the game.

Ahad is trying to convince me to pass his answers for the IDOL but I won't because the plan between me and Jerby is to eliminate Ahad. I hope that they don't vote Patryk because he is part of our alliance in the Fil-Euro. Patryk is such a nice person and I don't see him as a threat than Ahad. He (Ahad) is very smart but there are possibilities of voting me out of the game. #QuestionsOfLoyalty


I feel sad for Ahad, Quanz, Patryk and Agustin. They are all my friends. But they are in the brink of danger. Ahad maybe possibly as a target because of his high scores in the challenge and he forced me to submit his answers for the immunity idol which is supposed to be his responsibility to pass his answers. Then I submitted his answer then Ian gave me the hidden immunity idol. I'm really happy that I have it but I need to give to Ahad. I was torn honestly between the three of them because most of them are my friends but I need to play smart in this game because I don't want to give this because we have plans to eliminate him. But later, I want to get rid of the Americans in the game (esp. Corey and Nokomis) I decided to give it to Ahad. :( I don't know if it is a wrong move in the game.


What I thought would be a nice and smooth Tribal Council, is now slowly turning into something that'd much more complicated. Apparently, names are being kicked around like a game of hackey-sack! Specifically, Corey and Nokomis. The weird thing is, I'm only hearing this from members of the International Alliance--saying how those two plan on betraying the American Alliance in favor for them. Also, I heard that the Immunity Idol was already found! That's got to be some kind of sick joke here...we're only on day six! My head hurts. I think I'll go and take a nap.


This anarchy twist is so messed up. In a good way though. This really is anarchy; it's chaos and it's only day 5. There is so much talking, and so many theories. People find all sorts of ways that this could go down for them. I wont panic about anything though. I'll see what happens, slow and steady. If I make it to the tribes, then I'm happy. Not that I don't want to win, that'd be great too. But for now, I just want to get to the tribes.

Well, I'm not going to council, so I think I'll watch an episode of Jericho (the one where Johnston and Hawkins try to get Jake and Eric out of New Bern. Great episode.).


Today was super hectic. People scrambling all over the place. While the original plan is to vote ahad, they decided to split the votes between him and Patryk. But, quanz loyalty has come up. Internationals are saying vote him. There are rumors that he's working with them. Now Tyler, who is in the Core 4, is wanting my ally(who I'm more allied to than him), Matthew out. I'm starting to get closer with Noah, and I trust him. Ahad and Augustin also are an issue. I told both to vote Patryk so we can work together in the future, but I am almost certain they are lying to me. I can honestly say I don't know whose going home, but I think ahad won't be. There's rumors of an idol in his possession, and he's smart enough to trick people.


So news just goes from bad to worse around here.

Apparently Jonathan found the idol and gave it to Ahad. Now Patryk is in huge trouble. The I.L. 3 at tribal voted for Nokomis. So in the event of a tie I need to subtly try and throw out negative info about Nokomis. Turns out though that he already has a pretty shitty reputation for playing the game through lies and being a bit of a villain.

If i lose Patryk on day 5, at the second vote, before Corey even goes. I will be so mad. I've talked to many people in this game. But I really just talk strategy with them. Or they just feed me lies, or I try and play dumb to them. But Patryk is someone who I know I can trust and I enjoy chatting to him. My survivor experience will become a lot worse without him.

I just hope Ahad doesn't have the idol. Ahad is one of my favourite people in this game, but right now, everything he is doing to try and save himself is putting Patryk at more and more risk.


So, get this. Ahad supposedly makes a fake Hidden Immunity Idol, and expects to trick the American Alliance into not voting him out. Low how do you honestly need to go in this game? Don't get me wrong--that idea is simply fantastic. But do we honestly look that stupid? I guess the lesson here is so not truly believe in those ridiculous stereotypes. And if this idol is legit, this will be a perfect way to flush it out from him.


So it turns out I'm probably getting vote so now I'm freaking out


Well, well, well. So Ahad did have the idol after all. Damn, what a crafty son of a gun. My vote, as if it weren't clear enough, goes to Patryk. Consider this a win-win situation for us over in the American Alliance. We managed to flush the idol from Ahad, and a member of the International Alliance still gets the boot. Ahad, you're smart, but you just can't stack up to us.


I did it, i can not believe Jonathan got the Idol :D well thanks to my help, otherwise i would have had to wait longer for my guess. This game is Cut throat and we're only done with one week!


I confronted Ahad because of what he did to me. I told him that it is a form of manipulating someone in the tribe. Submitting his answers under my name. oh my gosh! I know that he is a smart player and very good in solving puzzles and brain teasers. But I don't like the way he treated me on that way because he seems to be more superior than I. It is a form of manipulation.

I'm sad that Patryk if ever will go home. I hope that Patryk knows that he is my friend. I want to protect him till the end because he is my ally and my best friend. I really value my friend. I'm really sad that Lawrence went home first then followed by Patryk.

I gave it to him because Ahad and Agustin are mad at us the Internationals at the Black Team to win the challenge. WE don't intend that to win the challenge and supposedly we are safe. but I was a victim of Ahad. I have gut feeling that he has an alliance with the Americans that is why I don't trust him!




What a day it has been! White team loses Immunity! Surprise :P!! The scores are shown and it's obvious that the Americans on the white team had thrown the challenge. Except for me and maybe Jordan who just scored over 1000. That probably stands out to everyone, putting a possible target on my back with the other Americans. And they also don't know I want the American alliance to be done with. So they really should be targeting me! If only there is some way I can get myself, Jordan, Jamie, Jerby, Jonathan, Agustín and Richie to survive all of this together I'd be happy.

So the Americans regroup after the challenge and decide who to pick off. The obvious choice is Ahad because he is a big threat in this game. So everyone else without thinking just says lets all vote out Ahad. Then they start to celebrate their "victory". Then I stepped up and said, "Sorry to ruin the fun, but need to split the vote." I said "we need 4 votes for Ahad and 3 for Patryk". I didn't want anyone to vote Agustín who is suppose to be on my side. And I'm trying to save myself incase I end up with the next highest votes. I don't want to go home! Especially fall victim to an idol. We decided, both Tylers, Noah and myself would vote Ahad. Jordan, Blake and Quanz would vote Patryk.

Later on in the day. Ahad comes to me and reveals to me a hidden immunity idol. It was obviously fake but I played dumb and congratulated him anyway. He apparently showed it to both Tylers. This convinced everyone that he didn't have it. We agreed to still split the vote.

Now, Jordan comes to me and says that the two Tylers are targeting me for a future vote. I figure my score was the reason. They don't think I'm 100% or they heard it from an international player I've been talking too.

And now Quanz, who I really can't trust says he's voting for Ahad. Jordan told me that Jerby said Quanz would do that Which I find odd. If he is with the Americans why is it necessary for him to change his vote? I go to Jordan and Jamie and tell them I'm voting Patryk to keep the numbers the same. This is a way to redeem myself to the other Americans as a hero and make it look like Quanz was up to something going against the Americans. Many people have come to me not trusting Quanz. This can make it look like you can't trust him. Especially if Ahad has an idol and uses it.