Survivor Gameplay
Description A method of elimination by which a contestant voluntarily leaves the game
Appearance(s) Hawaii
Switzerland (three times)
Papua New Guinea
Côte d’Ivoire
Heroes vs. Villains (two times)
The Ganges
Costa Rica
If I wasn't already out of the game, I'd quit in protest.


A quit is a rare method of elimination in which a contestant chooses to leave the game without being voted out.  Although not technically deemed to be quits, some contestants have also chosen to leave the game due to issues in real life or have explicitly requested that they be voted out at Tribal Council.


Unofficial Quits

Quit By Tribal Council

On occasions, contestants have asked to be voted out instead of quitting the game.

Quit Before the Game

Several contestants have initially been cast, but have withdrawn before the game began.

  • MickTesso - Mick was initially cast for Korea, but quit before it started due to being on vacation by the time it would start. He later got a spot in Papua New Guinea

"Quit" After the Game






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