Regreso Alliance
GerardVueltaBwburke94-RegresoWill Revival
Sunsummer7 RevivalRevivalorangeS7 CK
Maxwell RevivalLspie1's new lookDuy Revival
Season Survivor: Revival
Founder Brendan & Summer
Members Remained Loyal:
Gerard (Day 2-39)
Maxwell (Day 4-39)
Will (Day 1-24)
Brendan (Day 1-15)
Summer (Day 1-6)
Orange (Day 1-3)
CK (Day 7-38)
Luke (Day 27-34)
Duy (Day 20-34)
Day Formed Day 1
Enemies The Swissgyptians
Havana Three
Lowest Placing Member Orange (20/22)
Highest Placing Member Gerard (Runner-Up)

The Regreso Alliance (originally known as the American Alliance 2.0) was an alliance on Survivor: Revival.


The American Alliance is formed

Formed on Day 1, Brendan, Summer, Will, and Orange all aligned with each other based on their American nationality to counter the opposing faction of Duy, Jastine, Luke, CK and Aidan. Gerard later on joined the alliance making the two groups even with 5 members each.

Orange Gets Francesca'd.

On Day 3, Regreso went to Tribal Council for the first time. While the other four members voted for Luke, Brendan failed to vote with the rest of the alliance. The Havana Three took advantage of Brendan's indecisiveness, and Orange was voted out 6-4, becoming the first person voted out of the game for the second time.

Summer Can't Save Himself From Rocks

With the alliance in the minority, Summer came up with the "dead friend lie", claiming his friend had died in order to gain sympathy. At the following reward challenge, Regreso earned the right to kidnap one member of Vuelta for the next immunity challenge and Tribal Council. They chose to kidnap Maxwell, who joined the alliance, evening the numbers at 5-5.

At Tribal Council, the vote ended in a deadlock tie between Brendan and Duy, and the tribe drew rocks. Summer was the unlucky recipient of the purple rock, and was eliminated from the game. Maxwell returned to Vuelta and took his idol with him, leaving the American Alliance in a 3-5 minority.

Being the Minority and Taking Control

However, hope was not lost when CK decided to flip to the American Alliance, citing that he would have a better shot at moving forward with them than with the Havana Three. After losing another immunity challenge, Brendan and Gerard came up with a plan. Brendan realized that at the Day 3 Tribal Council, the Havana Three had discussed using Brendan's vote to do an impromptu split vote, despite not having the numbers to do so. CK proposed the plan to the Havana Three (claiming Gerard would be willing to vote for Brendan) and Luke fell for the trick. Jastine was blindsided in a 4-3-1 vote.

The Mutiny and Tribe Switch

Having gained control of the tribe, Gerard, Brendan, Will and CK seemed to be in a good spot. However a sudden mutiny had the Havana Three switch to Vuelta, while Ralphie switched to Regreso. Further complicating things, Joshie had been sent to the Pyramid after Vuelta's Tribal Council, and had the right to block Ralphie from switching.

Brendan realized that Joshie would use this this power to insure an ulonging of Regreso. Furthermore, since fifteen contestants remained in the game on Day 14, Brendan speculated that the season would include a double elimination and a delayed merge. Having been right about his merge speculation in the previous season, Brendan was seemingly screwed... or was he?

You can all drop your buffs. I make four from Regreso, that's enough.


With half of Regreso having mutinied, the tribes were shuffled into three new tribes of five members each. However, even the best-laid plans often go awry, and Brendan was the only alliance member to remain on Regreso. Will was switched to Vuelta with Maxwell, while CK and Gerard were switched to Devolvi. Without his alliance to bail him out, Brendan was immediately voted out 4-1 as a challenge liability.

The remaining four members of the alliance were all spared, as Regreso lost the next immunity challenge as well. Ralphie was eliminated in a tiebreaker challenge, but not before Brendan interrupted Tribal Council with his infamous "quit in protest" quote.

Meanwhile on Vuelta, Will had aligned himself with Bailey and Alex to take out either Maxwell or Duy. On Devolvi, CK and Gerard had aligned with Wojtek and Lloyd to take out Aidan. After being approached by Aidan though, Will had second thoughts about going with Bailey and his alliance. He decided to instead betray Bailey and align with Maxwell and the leader of the opposing faction on Old-Regreso, Duy. These three proceeded to blindside a shocked Bailey and incite the wrath of his closest ally Lloyd. While the foursome on Devolvi proceeded to vote out Aidan who thought he was the swing vote between the the Ex-Regreso and Ex-Vuelta.

Forming an Enemy Mine against The Swissgyptians

Shedding the American Alliance name, the group of Will, Maxwell and Duy combined together with CK and Gerard. They also brought in Luke to form a new alliance with the intention of taking out the old Vuelta. After losing again, Vuelta went back to tribal where they voted out Alex who had yet to try and talk to any of them. When Vuelta lost once again Duy, Maxwell and Will were forced to vote out one of the three of them. While Duy became the target he was able to save himself by playing the idol he found in the Pyramid. Sending Will home.

Despite the loss of Will the alliance continued it's mission of making it to the end. With the tribes now merged they proceeded to eliminate the remaining "Swissgyptians", Joshie, Wojtek, and Courntey. But one of the Swissgyptians, Lloyd, began a challenge streak forcing the alliance to turn on each other. While Luke was the groups first choice of who should go. He played an idol and sent his old ally Duy to the jury. After Lloyd won yet another challenge and with nowhere else to hide, Luke was finally voted out on Day 36.

Operation: "Sheer Destruction"

Despite Gerard, CK, and Maxwell's best efforts to beat Lloyd they were unsuccessful in doing so. With Lloyd guaranteed a spot at the end it was then a decision between the three of who would go to the end. While CK and Gerard were close Gerard was worried that himself and CK would be seen as a pair. So he decided to go with Maxwell and blindside CK.

Final Tribal Council

At the Final Tribal Council Gerard was praised for his well balanced game by some, but had a tough time answering the jury member's questions. While Maxwell was grilled for seemingly riding coattails to the end and for his poor challenge performance. Lloyd himself did not go unscathed for not having a backup strategy in case he failed to win immunity. While the jury was torn, Lloyd managed to beat out the former alliance mates and secure the title of Sole Survivor.


  • As the "America Alliance 2.0" name indicates, this is the second USA-based alliance Brendan has been a part of, following his brief affiliation with the Chitwan Five.
    • As Survivor: Nepal was still ongoing when the alliance was formed, Brendan did not tell the alliance any details about what happened to him in that season beyond what the tribe already knew from his placement.