Returning Players
Survivor Gameplay
Description A twist that former players are brought back to the game for another chance against new players or other returning players.
Appearance(s) Hawaii
Heroes vs. Villains
Cape Verde

Returning Players in Survivor ORG Wiki offer the opportunity for former contestants who have won or been voted out to return for another shot at becoming the Sole Survivor.


  • Survivor: Hawaii brought back one contestant from the previous season.
  • Survivor: Cuba brought back 10 players from the previous two seasons to compete against new players.
  • Survivor: Revival brought back 22 players from the previous six seasons who deserved redemption the most.
  • Survivor: All-Stars brought back 24 of the greatest players from the previous 11 seasons to compete for another chance at the Sole Survivor title.
  • Survivor: Madagascar brought back 10 players from the previous 13 seasons to face off against new players.
  • Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains brought back 22 players from the previous 17 seasons divided onto tribes based on how they played in their previous seasons.
  • Survivor: Salvation brought back 25 players from the previous 20 seasons who deserved another chance to win the game.
  • Survivor: Cape Verde, due to having limited applications, brought back 3 female contestants from the previous 23 seasons.
  • Survivor: Rome brought back 11 players from seasons 13 through 24 to compete against new players.
  • Survivor: Generations brought back 24 contestants from the previous 27 seasons divided onto tribes based on when they first played the game.
  • Survivor: Azerbaijan brought back 4 contestants from the previous 28 seasons, two who were voted out pre-merge and two who were voted out right before the FTC.
  • Survivor: Retribution features a pool of 40 previous players that can be voted on by fans, all of which played once and never won. A total of 22 were chosen to participate.
  • Survivor: Cyprus brought back 10 fan faves to face off against new players.
  • Survivor: Archetypes brought back 24 returning players from the previous 36 seasons to compete for another chance to win. They were divided onto 3 tribes based on the attributes "Leaders", "Rebels" and "Underdogs". A hidden tribe was later revealed with a mix of 2 contestants fitting each of the attributes respectively.
  • Survivor: Argentina brought back 10 returning players from the past 39 seasons as part of the "Blood Oaths" twist, where each returning player is paired with a new player on their tribe and will be rewarded if they reach a certain phase of the game together.
  • Survivor: Last Stand brings back several returning players for a currently unidentified reason.

Success in the Game

Returning Players by Season

Season Returned to Future Season Season Returned to Future Season
Survivor Wikia NB Orange (1)Large 796247Myself!
Alik99 (4)Alfons Laos150px-5098907
150px-GreenCkarimalisS01 Hickman t
Survivor Wikia 2 Hawaii Large 796241Large 791048YanivSunsummer7
Oie 18547169cDTLASjDbwawesomepossum (1)3112252Kaitlyn
Soleavatar350 33081393009 4474 nTommyboy97
Survivor Cuba SoleSurvivorCubaLspie1MeLarge 796247
TroyzanTaylor-survivor cubaLarge 796253Notriam
Survivor Wikia Egypt Large 831392AtrainSheerloydPeaceOut14
MrchickenJosh e.Qayyum1Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 12.06.21 AM
JohnbigozAlitanSinjoh EgyptLarge 834167
Survivor Switzerland CourtneyMaxwellS5Survivor SW WillWojtexxx7
BeteeD3SkandiswitzerlandLincoln AloisioJino
Survivor wikia nepal Large 895322Bwburke94-ChitwanAsh Survivor
Jhet (1)CharlieMangaFaceCharley2Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 10.29.16 PM
Survivor Revival SheerloydGerardVuelta
Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 5.25.09 PMJosh e..newMe 2
WikiaKorea2 lighter AlejandroBenenenHs
CrthaEddieMonkey (8)
Survivor Papua New Guinea AngristVanityScreen Shot 2013-09-16 at 8.34.54 PMLuke(me)
Survivor Cote D'Ivoire Savanes iTzGoAtzSavanes SharkySavanes EmmaLagunes JoanSavanes Turbofrog
Savanes JamesBCrazyLagunes Nightlock KryptoniteLagunes ZurvivorLagunes JustinLagunes Corinne4theWin
Survivor Wikia Polynesia Logo AdamKevin PolyJay poly
Survivor Wikia All Stars AdamBAlejandro ReyesAndrei ASSole AS
Uli ASKevinLarge 1040442Taylor -all stars-3
Ash ASBen ASHunter
SurvivorWikiaAnarchyLogo AnarchyPlayerfromPhilippines(jb)TheAspieHQAnarchyPlayerfromNZTylerShay
AnarchyPlayerFromUS(M)Playerfrom AnarchyTMAnarchyPlayerFromUS(JDB)
Madagascar logo Eddie786TMSamiPerry
Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 5.07.24 PMP1040886Nuno
Charley MadagascarKuzuri2Craig
Survivor Wikia Peru Alexandra PeruJessyNatalie Peru
TJ PeruRyan PeruAaron Peru
Survivor Wikia Turkey II Bartley TurkeyMiguel TurkeyTopher TurkeyTyler Turkey
Ian TurkeyAlex TurkeyMarco Turkey
Survivor Wikia Sardinia 2 Zane S17 CJulia S17 CTyler S17 CCali S17 C
William S17 CBoo S17 CJennifer S17 C
Hvv2 SamHvVJessyHvVJoanHvV
Indonesialogo SteveLaureTopaz
Survivor kamchatka SlavaLindsayPobedaIvanUspekhMolly
Salvation Logo (2) Tyler s21 SimilanIslandslogo KatieS22 TomS22 Bryce
SurvivorGreeceLogo Hanne GreeceSora GreeceAmelia Greece
Jessica GreeceMJ GreeceWill GreeceJace Greece
Survivor Cape Verde CV TylerCV EvanCV ScottCV EmmaCV Nathan PC
Survivor Rome Logo JamieromeRickyMinke
EthanLarge 1341769Sora
Javalogo Danielle JavaMichelle JavaTrent Java
AlexV JavaChris Java
AlsaceLorrainelogo Jesper s27Amber s27Yannick s27Jimmy s27 Generations28Logo S28 JamieS28 CharleyS28 MollyS28 Mihai
Azerbaijan logo 2 S29NickS29HannahS29FelixS29Austin
SvalbardLogo Svalbard EvaSvalbard RhiannonSvalbard Alietta
Svalbard BrettSvalbard Brandon
RetributionLogo HannahRetributionTaylorRetributionYannickRetribution NewZealandLogo S32BrittanyyS32CiereS32MattBS32Alissa
SichuanLogoBvBvB SichuanMaiSichuanPriscillaSichuanJessySichuanEmile
CyprusLogo S34AlexS34BrittanyS34AllyS34Shannon
SriLankaLogo ChrisS35 TikalLogo TikalClaireTikalChristineTikalMarieTikalAnna
S37ArchetypesLogoo AliettaSirensS37 S38Logo S38CatherineS38Miguel
S39Logo S39AnnabelleS39Brett Survivor40Logo NA
S41Logo S41Julia S42Logo N/A



  • Alex is the first contestant to ever return and the first to play twice.
  • Adam is the first contestant to play three times.
  • Emma is the first female contestant to play three times.
  • Sole is the first contestant to play four times
  • Therefore the first male player to do so.
  • Charley, Emma, and Jamie share being the first females to return four times.
  • Salvation is the season with the most returning players in one season with 25.
  • Egypt holds the record for most returning players with 12.
  • Laos has had each player return at least once, except for Clove.
    • Laos has the highest percentage of returnees with 90%

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