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Day 21

Bailey is out, great! But so are my allies. I can only trust Luke now. I feel like I can't play under the radar anymore. I've started talking to people in order to earn their trust. The plan is still to Pagong the original Vuelta members but who knows. Better prepare for it.


Bailey eliminated! What! Blasphemy!! I didn't want him to go but hey nothing I can do about that.

After aidens elimination he criticized my gameplay. Uh? I don't think aiden has any room to talk, he tried to get me out so I turned the tables on him and eliminated him. And my gameplay stinks? I tried many times to trust him but I'm glad he's gone. Where's my soup boy?

Hot damn! The idol is mine! I told Gerard but that's it. I think Lloyd knows I have it because he questioned the pyramid. I'm not sure if other people will realize that Devolvi (even though it wasn't a starting tribe) does get an idol. I hope Luke doesn't get it, but I'm sure he won't :P

Oh aiden, how mature. Lose the game and announce wiki leave then unfriend the guys who voted you off. One things for sure, I won't be asking you back for an all stars if I hosted AND I hope you have to choose someone who voted you out in the finals!

It's funny, I was just finishing a book about Greek mythology. The amazons are cool chicks! I'm gonna play the challenge because I'm not such a good flag maker.

OLOLOOOPOOOLOOO! Yes I won with the Amazons!

I hope we don't have tribal. I hope most of all that Regreso loses, I don't want to work with any of those guys. Josh is a wannabe Corinne. Luke is immature and well I think Courtney is a mute or something. Where is she?


Please merge us already!


I can't wait to hunt those people who backstabbed bailey.. they're dead by now

-REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVE COLD will and duy...they will pay for what they did... specially will, i really expect a lot from him.. i thought i can trust him. but he should not worry because i will let him taste his own medicine. I will do the same thing he did with bailey.. what drives me right now is the fact that i'm mad with those people.. that's why we really need to win this immunity challenge.. WORD FROM THE WISE, BETTER GET IMMUNITY IDOLS THEY MIGHT NEED THAT...


Day 22

No confessionals were made on this day.