Nathan s21
Contestant Profile
Birth DateOctober 25, 1996 (1996-10-25) (age 21)

Survivor: Salvation

Tribe(s) Esjan
► Súlur
Placement 19/25
Challenge(s) Won 2
Vote(s) Against 9
Day(s) Lasted 10

Contestant Profile
Birth DateOctober 25, 1996 (1996-10-25) (age 21)

Survivor: Nepal

Tribe(s) Chitwan
Placement 10/16
Alliances Chitwan Five
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 3
Day(s) Lasted 21

Statistics of Rokgen44
Seasons competed 2
Total number of days 31
Challenge Wins
Tribal wins 7
Individual wins 0
Total 7
Tribal Council
Total votes received 12

Rokgen44 aka Nathan is a contestant from Survivor: Nepal and Survivor: Salvation.

Survivor: Nepal

Name(Age): Nathan (16)
Tribe Designation: Chitwan
Current Residence: La Verne, CA, USA
Personal Claim Of Fame: Being alive.
Inspiration In Life: Survivor
Hobbies: Survivor
Pet Peeves: Annoying people
3 Words To Describe You: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast
If you could have 3 things on an island what would they be and why: Water, Flint, Other Person
Survivor Contestant you are Most Like: Mixture of Cochran, Troyzan, Malcolm
Reason for being on Survivor: I am a super fan that will do anything it takes to win my favorite game.
Why do you think will be Sole Survivor: I know the game.

Voting History

Nathan's Voting History
Episode Nathan's
Voted Against
1 Chitwan Tribe Immune
2 Chitwan Tribe Immune
3 George -
4 Brendan Individual Immunity
5 Chitwan Tribe Immune
6 Hoenn -
7 RP Ash, Jhet,
Voted Off, Day 21
Voted For
Sole Survivor

Survivor: Salvation


Tribe: Esjan
Hometown: Glendora, CA, USA
Current Residence: La Verne, CA, USA
Personal Claim To Fame: Survivor: Nepal. Without it, I wouldn't be in the current spot that I am in today.
Inspiration in Life: Me, I am awesome.
Pet Peeves: People are lazy, and think that they deserve everything because they are perfect when they are actually not perfect and don't deserve that much.
Previous Finishes: Survivor: Nepal, 10th. 7th voted out, 2nd jury member.
Favorite Past Moment: Sad to say, Blindsiding Brendan. That was such a fun move to make in the game. He didn't see it coming.
Previous Survivor He Respects Most: Real: Rupert Boneham, is and always will be #1 Survivor castaway to me. He rules! ORG: Me, Yes, I'm that conceited.
Previous Survivor He Respects Least: Real & ORG: Quitters, unless they quit for good reasons.
Why Did You Come Back?: I want to prove to everyone that I am a really good player and I want to win this time.

Voting History

Nathan's Voting History
Episode Nathan's
Voted Against
1 Brian -
Alex Zane
2 Esjan Tribe Immune
3 Súlur Tribe Immune
4 Steve Eden, George, Jino, Mitchell,
Perry, Steve, Ted, Zane
Voted Off, Day 10


  • Nathan is the first contestant to have individual immunity in Nepal.
  • Nathan and Bwburke94 are the fourth and fifth contestants with autism, following Mad Russell, Sunsummer7, and Pieniazek666.
  • Nathan is the second juror to attend a pre-merge tribal council, following his tribemate Hoenn.
  • Nathan is the third Jury member to vote for someone he was never on the same tribe with. He was preceded by Will in Switzerland and Hoenn in Nepal and would be followed by RP in Nepal.