Tribe Profile
Season All-Stars
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Mpilo
Tribe Status Dissolved on Day 24
Challenge Wins 6
Lowest Placing Member Skandium (24/24)
Highest Placing Member Angrist86 (6/24)



Rolih Buff

Rolih is one of the four starting tribes of Survivor: All-Stars. Their tribe color is green. Rolih was dissolved at the Day 24 Tribe Swap.



Gerard ASHenzzy ASHunter
Skandi ASUli ASZac AS
  • »»Sunslicer2 - Also known as "Gerard", initially from Survivor: Hawaii placing 10th, and later returned in Survivor: Revival becoming the Runner-Up of the season. He is remembered for being one of two Honu members to make the merge, and be the only one not to join the Popoki alliance.
  • »Henzzy - Also known as "Henry", from Survivor: Laos, and finished in 3rd place. He is remember for being the first finalist to vote for a winner and for his numerous secret alliances.
  • »TheHolyRabbit - Also known as "Hunter", from Survivor: Korea, and finished in 8th place. He is memorable from his strategic gameplay and challenge dominance in Korea, making him a threat and for being one of the few competitors not to have a bitter Final Words.
  • »Skandium - Also known as "Skandi", from Survivor: Switzerland, and finished in 5th place. He is best remembered for leading an "Empire", which controlled the majority of the game, only to have his "peasants" betray him. He is in many ways considered the 'best player to never win'.
  • »Angrist86 - Also known as "Uli", from Survivor: Papua New Guinea, and finished in 6th place. He is remembered for his overly aggressive and arrogant gameplay, acting overwhelming towards other players, making them follow him out of fear.
  • »MorganaEmrys - Also known as "Zac", from Survivor: Cuba, and finished in 4th place. He is remembered for being the last newbie standing in Cuba, despite never watching the show.


Uli ASTaylor -all stars-3Johan Amir AS
Zac ASSole ASHickman AS

Tribe History

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  • The tribe's insignia is a Crowned Crane.
  • In the first tribe switch, Rolih had all three of the returning contestants from Cuba.
  • Rolih is the only tribe that winner Ben was not a part of.