Day Four

I should have thanked Raphael for voting for me, he is the reason I have the idol(and a little help from Johan)I never thought i would thank someone for voting for me.


Ya know,out of any kinda of challenge in the ORGs the endurence thread post ones are my least favorite. On another note, my alliance has our first target lined up should we lose (Qayyum) and i also have a side deal goin with Lloyd but i dont really trust the guy, will be nice and easy when we gotta vote him out as well


I...loathe...this...challenge... we're getting our ass handed to us on a silver platter


im having a great time here specially doing challengez and knowing all my tribematez

but i had a hard time knowing aaron cauze hes ignoring my messagez

but i can tell that i'm in a good spot in this game

hopefully anubiz will dominatez all the challengez to make history to thiz org


Out of the blue, Alfons contacts me saying that Qayyum wants to chat with me. So I get on the chat and we have a quick talk. It was mostly boring but at one point, he asks who's on the chopping block first. I was about to say him, but then decide against it. Instead, I lied and say Lloyd. The chat was nice, but I think that Qayyum's actions are too little, too late. He's still is the first boot, and, come first tribal, he's going home.


Bailey that son of a bitch who thinks he has this game under control.. I know he lied to me when he said he wanted Lloyd out, I could smell it. My Malay ass ain't going anywhere! I promise you that!


Day Five

Honestly, I can't believe how many people are inactive. It feels unfair that only a few of us are participating, when everyone else on the other tribe is working together well. Having so many inactives makes it harder for us to win. I know that I impatiently put a letter down which forced us to restart. I have a feeling that people might vote against me for that, but with so many inactives, I doubt I'm leaving though. Raphael would be helpful in this challenge, but I don't regret voting him out. He was trouble, and he need to go.


Day Six

OMFG, we lost again! And I feel kinda responsible, oh no! I hope Johan saves me, he's like the salvator de caelo in this game.


So I was reading the questions that were asked the Isis tribe, and I saw that Chicken said that he felt that the Isis tribe was strategizing better than Anubis. Three words. Bull Frickin Shit! He says we haven't been strategizing as well as them. If that's true, why did your strategizing get you 19 points while our "sub par" planning got us 69 points? All of our strategizing takes place on our Facebook page. We completely blew them out of the water not just on this challenge, but also the other challenge. They're going two for two on tribal councils and they think that THEIR better at challenges. It's comical really. If Isis doesn't get their crap together, they're in for a huge wake up call...