S28 Sam
Contestant Profile

Survivor: Generations

Tribe(s) Qahtan
► Shehr
► Qahtan
Placement 2/24
Challenge(s) Won 7
Vote(s) Against 10
Day(s) Lasted 39

Contestant Profile

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

Tribe(s) Yang
Placement 9/22
Alliances H.A.M.
Challenge(s) Won 10
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 30

Contestant Profile

Survivor: Madagascar

Tribe(s) Betsiboka
Avahy Maki
Placement Sole Survivor
Alliances The Taco Alliance
The Hope and Allie Alliance
Mix and Match
The Sane Fans
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 4
Day(s) Lasted 39

Statistics of Sami171
Seasons competed 3
Total number of days 69
Challenge Wins
Tribal wins 13
Individual wins 2
Total 15
Tribal Council
Total votes received 9
I think you should try to get a refund on your heroes buff.


Sami171 aka Sam is the winner of Survivor: Madagascar. She later returned for Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains and Survivor: Generations.

Sam is known for becoming the third female winner, being the first newbie to win a Veteran vs Newbie season as well as for her strong social game which helped her win against a strong strategic player.

When Sam returned to play for her third time in Survivor: Generations, she was placed on the Middle School tribe. Sam quickly found her dominance within her tribe early on and found herself a majority and alongside it an Idol. Sam was quickly acknowledged as a target in the early merge but her organic relationship created throughout the game with Ricky helped propel them both into the finals where she narrowly lost the game.


Name: Sam 
Current Residence: Canada
Personal Claim Of Fame: Learning how to make GIF's.
Inspiration In Life: None.
Hobbies: Listening to music, going on Tumblr.
Pet Peeves: People who walk up/down the escalator when they have the option to take the stairs.
3 Words To Describe You: Nice, shy, unique.
If you could have 3 things on an island what would they be and why?: My computer with unlimited battery and wifi access, a stuffed animal, and a granola bar.
Most Favorite Survivor (Main or ORG): Cirie Fields
Least Favorite Survivor (Main or ORG): Boston Rob
Reason for Being on Survivor: I've been a fan of the show since I was a kid and this seems like a great opportunity to play a game that I love. 

Survivor: Madagascar

Voting History

Sam's Voting History
Episode Sam's
Voted Against
1 Betsiboka Tribe Immune
2 Betsiboka Tribe Immune
3 No Tribal Council
Betsiboka Tribe Immune
4 Tyler -
5 Chandni -
6 Betsiboka Tribe Immune
7 Charley -
8 Spencer -
9 Kaeden Jay, Kaeden,
Lincoln, Sergiu
10 Taylor -
11 Charley -
12 Sergiu (x2);
13 Sergiu -
14 Eddie -
Jury Votes
for Sam
Craig, Eddie, Spencer,
Taylor, Trace
Sole Survivor, Day 39

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

Name (Age): Sam (20)

Tribe: Yang

Hometown: Canada

Current Residence: Canada

Personal Claim To Fame: I don't really have one...

Inspiration in Life: none

Pet Peeves: Slow internet, chipped nail polish, cliff-hangers, videos that don't work in Canada

Previous Finishes: 1st place

Favorite Past Moment: Winning I guess

Previous Survivor You Respect Most (Main or ORG): Main: I really respect Cirie. No one really expected her to get past the first tribal council in Panama but she's a strategic mastermind who was able to place herself in a position where she could be calling the shots without anyone feeling threatened by her.

ORG: There's a lot of people I respect but I have to go with Trace. He's an all around great guy and I've never heard anyone say anything negative about him. Not only is he an awesome person but he's also an amazing and loyal friend.

Previous Survivor You Respect Least (Main or ORG):

Main: Boston Rob. I really just don't respect his game or the way he treats people in the game and he's so overrated.

ORG: I don't wanna mention any names… :/

Why Did You Come Back?: Is that a serious question? Who wouldn't come back?

Voting History

Sam's Voting History
Episode Sam's
Voted Against
1 On Exile Island
2 Yang Tribe Immune
3 Bailey -
4 Yang Tribe Immune
5 Yang Tribe Immune
6 Wesley -
7 Noah -
8 Yang Tribe Immune
9 Yang Tribe Immune
10 Jerby Individual Immunity
11 Alejandro Adam, Alejandro
12 Ineligible
Adam Adam, Eddie, Miguel
Voted Off, Day 30
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Survivor: Generations


Tribe: Qahtan
Hometown: Quebec, Canada
Personal Claim To Fame: Being called a bitch by Russell Hantz
Inspiration in Life: Rachel Foulger
Pet Peeves: Chipped nail polish, slow internet and stupid people
Previous Finishes: 1st and 9th
Favorite Past Moment: Blindsiding Bailey
Previous Survivor You Respect Most (Main or ORG): Main: Rob Cesternino
ORG: Alf <3
Previous Survivor You Respect Least (Main or ORG): Main: Dan Foley
ORG: if you know me, you know who
Why Did You Come Back?: I don't know....

Voting History

Sam's Voting History
Episode Sam's
Voted Against
1 No Tribal Council
Qahtan Tribe Immune
2 Qahtan Tribe Immune
3 Taylor Individual Immunity
4 Tom -
5 Shehr Tribe Immune
6 Skandi -
7 Amir -
8 Qahtan Tribe Immune
9 Qahtan Tribe Immune
10 Cali -
11 Tyler P. Amelia, Molly, Ricky,
Tyler P.
12 Tyler R. -
Amir -
13 Amelia Amelia, Mihai, Molly
14 Jessy Jessy, Molly
15 Mihai Molly
16 Molly Molly
Kevin Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Sam
Tyler R., Amelia, Jessy
Runner-Up, Day 39

Post Survivor


  • Sam is the only female fan on Survivor: Madagascar.
  • Sam, as the winner, is the highest placing fan in Madagascar.
  • Sam is the third female winner after Gerda and Lucy.
  • Sam is the first newbie to win in a Veterans vs Newbies season.
  • Sam is the second Canadian winner.
  • Sam is the fourth winner to win without ever winning Individual Immunity.
  • Sam is the first female player, and fourth contestant overall, to play 100 days, accomplishing this on Day 31 of Survivor: Generations.
  • Sam is one of 8 castaways to have played 3 times, and make the merge each time they played. The other castaways are Gerard, Andrei, Adam, Trace, Tyler, Jessy, and Sora.
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