Day 19

Scramble mode activate!

So, Pydo's gone. It's frustrating that my main allies so far have been Liam, Lindsay, Pydo, each one going home asap. The only good news is now that Pydo's out of the picture, it looks like, Uspekh is starting to shatter, with a few outliers looking ahead to an alliance blindside. Hopefully that comes sooner than later because if we lose, I think it'll be me on the chopping block if Uspekh stay strong. Ryan and Tyler have done little all game, and now Lindsay's gone I've got no one to hide behind.

I told Bryce that the immunity idol's been found, most likely by a member of his alliance, so hopefully Uspekh becomes paranoid with each other if the person who found the idol didn't come forward straight away to his allies. I think getting Andreas on our side is our best shot at the moment.

And I hope Caleb and Ivan finally realise how derpy they've been acting, getting rid of Nickson, Pydo and Lindsay, now that they're at the bottom of their tribe. They're gonna be scrambling just as much as we are now.


Pydo had his last effort to save himself by proposing teaming up with me, Caleb and Ziggy.

Too little too late. The only thing it would push is a tie because i feel Ziggy is not voting for Molly nor Taylor.

We could have run things if only they didnt blindside Nickson. So goodbye Pydo. It sucks because its only us two who won in our rounds in Immunity.... But its how the cookie crumbles


I feel like a wounded deer being ganged up on by a pack of wolves, and the only way to survive is to say random things that could end in my demise and can sound extremly mean, I mean, come on, it's not my fault i'm left fighting against Slava... Ehe...


Fuck Ivan. Fuck Ziggy. Fuck you Slava bitches. You can go eat my motherfucking drunk ass now. For the record, THAT WAS THE FIRST FUCKING IMMUNITY CHALLENGE. It's not my fault my family asked me to go to the bar with them. I HAVE A FUCKING LIFE TOO. I'm also pretty busy. DO YOU THINK THAT I ACTUALLY WANT TO WORK? I NEED MONEY, FOOD, WATER, AND SHELTER. Up until I didn't know about these bitches i was with.

Taylor? He looks like a dwarf who's been dipped in a bucket of pubic hair. That dickhead. Ziggy is a motherfucking homeless bum. Yeah. I said it. These guys better hang themselves. Now I get how overdramatic these assholes are on the ORG.


See, I insulted others because I had to for my tribe since the others competing were asleep. Half the stuff I said I didn't mean, but some of the things directed at me hit hard. Caleb's two blonde comments calling me a slut and about blind sighting were uncalled for, the others about me made me cringe, but guess what, I don't care anymore.


Shoot. I’m finding myself in a position as a swing vote. I can either betray the ‘Uspekh on a different tribe alliance’ and vote out Kween Molly with the Pobedans baees that I have grown attached to or vote with the ‘3/7 Uspekh's Karma’ to vote out Caleb. To weigh my options, voting out Molly is probably my best bet because it will benefit me as a player by taking out threats in this game however this will then lose the trust I need in the merge with the other Uspekh members. Caleb on the other hand is such a loving likable bae <3! He is like your Pikachu that will shock you at any time because you can never predict what he will do, LIKE COMPLETELY YOU CAN NEVER GUESS! SHite this is going to be hard…It all just come down to tribal really…


Day 20

That's another immunity challenge win for Uspekh! I'm pretty sure we're on our way for a new org record, Uspekh never attending a tribal, Rebekah, Erik, Bryce and I never attending a tribal...maybe if the other originall Uspekhs survive this tribal we get a record for having all of our members make merge! :o

That being said however, I really wish that we could go to tribal just so we can vote off Ryan. This dude is going to be a huge immunity threat come merge, and quite frankly I don't wanna have to deal with him. My fear is that he has the idol tho, cause I know someone else on this tribe has it, and it ain't me. I really wanna say it's Bryce, Jeremy, or Andreas -- and I really hope it's Bryce. If Jeremy has that AND the double vote like I suspect then we can be in some serious trouble.

As for who is going home on Slava, I really hope it's Caleb. He's gonna be an immunity threat too, and in that roasting challenge I really wanted to smack him xD! He was being so mean to Rebekah AFTER the challenge. If it was during the challenge I wouldn't think too much into it but after Mr. Host called time he kept on going and was totally acting like a tool. If he doesn't go home, he better bet his ass I'm comin for him, no one messes with my baes >:(


So we kind of sucked at roasting, and I knew we were going to lose after the first couple posts. My tribe was a little too optimistic. We were repetitive. Ziggy killed it though. We had a few good ones, but we ultimately didn't do well enough. It's sad, but as long as Uspekh rejoins with me come merge time, I'm good. There is NO way Uspekh should have survived on my tribe. I dont know how we pulled it off. I think I'm in the best position if we lose too! Caleb goes next, followed by Ivan, then Molly would stick with me and we'd vote out Ziggy, and finally all I would need to do is beat Molly in a challenge. That's if we don't merge for awhile and continue to lose. I could be like a Stephenie!

If anybody wants to say Molly controls me, I say they are sadly mistaken! Molly was so paranoid during the Pydo vote. She was asking me what to do. She even started getting me paranoid that someone may have an idol or that Pobeda would flip! I then snapped myself back and realized we were overthinking and talked her down. I told her to vote Pydo and if she was so worried she could use her Temptation Island advantage.

I am slightly worried about the merge though. If all 7 Uspekh do make the merge, will we all align again? That roast got intense between Rebekah and Molly... plus, we attacked Erik as well. I hope this doesn't damage their loyalty to us, but James could probably get us back on their good sides.

Also just want to throw in how much I do love Molly(even if she gets on my nerves sometimes), Ziggy, James, and the rest of my great Uspekh tribe!!! Hope we run this thing to the end... or... final 7 I mean....


Kuya Adobo! Bloody god damn hell, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? DAMNNNN THAT HEROIC MOVE THOUGH! 😢 It’s as if i’m watching a movie… Much sad… Damn it. I can’t vote for Caleb! GAHHHHH! But I have to! BUT I WON’T! BUT I GAWD DANG BLOODY HELL HAVE TOO! BUT… BUT! UFFFFTTT!~


Voting Confessionals

Hi there Ziggy,

Hi there Host, you look absolutely stunning today.

Who do you vote to evict?

I vote to evict Sir Caleb the great.


Sorry, bud. The good news is my opinion has changed about you since we were on opposite tribes, but we think Ivan is more trustworthy. Hopefully this goes as planned.

–Taylor, voting Ziggy

Im voting for Molly. Im sorry i cant vote out Caleb. Good luck to me. :-) it was an honor playing with all you folks!