These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 25

Crap! Duy played an idol and now Will is gone! CRAAAP! I wanted to go to final 3 with him! Grr, this really throws a wrench into my plans.


I chose to blindside Will because I don't trust him, he's a challenge threat and I know I can beat Alex. I think that also made Alex believe I trust him and want to work with him. Now that the merge came, I need to work extra hard on everyone of them. The plan is still to vote off all the original Vuelta, which makes sense because the jury will be full of Vuelta members so if one of them get to the final, that person might win. However I don't trust anyone in Regreso except Luke, my only true ally left.


So, Joshie decided to be a little snake and try and turn Lloyd against me. And I was with Joshie, too. Oh well. I guess I'll have to backstab him sometime, honestly. Same for Lloyd. They're both people that I don't want to get very far because even though I don't think they could beat him at the final tribal, they're both very cutthroat, and I can't really trust either of them. So yeah, there's just one thing I gotta say. Backstabbing's so easy, it's so hard to resist sometimes.



I am so happy because this time, not did i just able to be on the jury (which i don't want to) but also I made it to the merge!!!!! They all go nuts thinking of the color and tribe name, i'll just absorb this one... i am really happy i made it. i just hope bailey did too :( . . . . As soon as the challenge starts, i will be back to work... now that will is gone, i'm not gonna think of how i am i suppose to kick him off in this game.. so i really need to talk with my existing "swisgyptains" alliance so that i could pick the pieces of the work that should be done.... but for now,, i'm just gonna enjoy this moment.. because back in my season in Egypt, I was the only one in Anubis tribe who did not make the jury phase and the merge... Now, I made it and also, I improved the days i lasted in the game... My goal right now is to make it to the finalists who will have their jury speech.. I really want that one... so let's do this.. game on....


Merge is a good time. My alliance of myself, Chris, and Gerard can finally take effect. (Will was originally in it as well, but he sadly got idol'd). Luke has proposed an alliance with him, Wojtek, Lloyd, and Duy. I think it's a good move to just sorta let both alliances think I'm with them. Joshie wants me out, and Courtney will follow. However, both of the alliances (Luke's, and Chris/Gerard's) want Joshie out for targeting one of their players, moi. I am in an excellent position. But, the Luke alliance is temporary, honestly. My real allegiance lies with Gerard and Chris, whom I have a final three deal with. However, if something goes awry, I always have Luke's alliance as a backup.


Awesome, i've made it to the merge, its funny because Ive lasted more days than my first season now, but there are still 9 players left, this time in my first seaosn, we were done.

Well, we wanted orange, but i mean turd yellow is a nice color too #alfonsmove.


Yeah, we are now merged. Yaaay... not really. I mean, everything's fine: I have my alliance, we have our first target and we are happy that we are in majority. But this tribe name... Fregon Giros... it's the worst tribe name ever. It's even worse than Dangrayne or Enil Edam. Fregon Giros means "Stupid Twists", ok I get it, but please. It's Survivor and we are playing in crazy season full of twists - it's easy. We shouldn't be angry, because twists are making game more unpredictable. And one more thing: "Giros" is very similar to polish "Gira", which means "Smelly Feet". That's all what I have to say about this name!

My strategy at this point is pretty simple: now I will vote for Maxwell, and then Luke or CK or Gerard. My closest ally right now is Lloyd, who wants to go with Gerard and CK to the end. I don't trust them. They are so tight, they need to be torn. I prefer to go with Joshie and Courtney to the final 4 and then kick out one of them. Pact with Gerard and CK doesn't make any sense for me. CK told that he trust Lloyd very much, he also will not vote for Gerard. So... what does it mean? He will vote for me! Perfectly! And Gerard will vote for me too. Awesome! But as always, I have to consider both options, but I don't think that something will change my mind.


Wow Ok... its been about 17 days since i have done a confessiona.. Ahahah i feel like Brenda.. but on a serious not i made i made i made the merge IN YA FACE ALL HTE PEOPLE WHO TRIED TO MESS WITH ME Orange Summer Brendan Ralphie... you will be dearly missed. Now its time to get rid of Courtney and Joshua and then the list will complete


I'm gonna throw a curveball and see how good they are at determining my lie! Haha!

I WON! Woo, well now i definatly have a target on my back. This is probably the only challenge I can win. O well. It is interesting to see that I am the best at determining lies. Oh, good luck trying to lie to me guys! It feels really good to be safe though.


Day 26

Due to an emotional crisis in my life I wasn't able to compete in the challenge. Do I regret not competing? Not really. I managed to straighten (not exactly the best word considering the situation :P ) up the situation and I'm back. Hopefully I haven't just sealed my own fate by not winning immunity.


Day 27

Perhaps it is better not to win immunity this time, though. I might get two votes from Josh and Courtney, but I have both Luke's alliance and the "We Exist too" Alliance ("We Exist, too!" consists of myself, Chris, Gerard, and formerly Will) protecting me at this point.


So, it looks like my time in this game may be over soon, but maybe not at the same time. There's gonna be four votes stacked against me: Josh, Courtney, Lloyd, and Woj. Now, for the first time in my career, I have to depend on Luke... Oh just snuff my torch now. It's me vs. Josh this vote, and let me tell you one thing, a rude teenage boy won't stop me from surviving this game.

With that, I vote Joshie. Let's hope everyone else does the same. :\


It looks like the vote will be between josh and Max. Considering I've barely talked with josh and never talked with Courtney, I know who i am voting for. This end game will be odd though because it seems that everyone is aligned in pairs: Josh & Courtney, Duy & Luke, Lloyd and Wojtek, Gerard and I, and well, Max, whose been alone since the beginning. People will have plenty of opportunites to turn on each other, I just have to make sure I stay one step ahead.