The fan favorite award is a simple poll in which the viewers vote for the person they liked most from a season.

List of Season Fan Favorites

Season Winner Runner-up
Survivor: Laos 150px-Green Henry Alfons Laos Alfons
Survivor: Hawaii 3112252 David Soleavatar Sole
Survivor: Cuba Alfons Alfons Taylor-survivor cuba Taylor
Survivor: Egypt Johnbigoz Johan-Amir Alitan Ali
Survivor: Switzerland סקנדיום Skandi Lucypic Lucy
Survivor: Nepal Jhet (1) Jhet CharlieMangaFace Charlie
Survivor: Revival Lspie1's new look Lspie1 GerardVuelta Gerard
Survivor: Korea Benenen Ben Crtha Chandni
Survivor: Papua New Guinea Angrist Uli Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 8.34.54 PM Taylor
Alexjason Alex
Survivor: Côte d’Ivoire Savanes Emma Emma Lagunes Corinne4theWin Tyson
Survivor: Polynesia Maya Maya Eden Eden
Survivor: All-Stars Uli AS Uli Ben AS Ben
Survivor: Anarchy AnarchyAhad Ahad Playerfrom AnarchyTM Tyler
Survivor: Madagascar Kuzuri2 Kuzuri Eddie786TM Eddie
Survivor: Peru Alf Joar Peru Alf Natalie Peru Natalie
Survivor: Turkey Tyler Turkey Tyler Miguel Turkey Miguel
Survivor: Sardinia Wesley S17 A Wes Julia S17 B Julia
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Adamhbvv Adam JessyHvV Jessy
Survivor: Indonesia Jamie Jamie SmallTom Tommy
Survivor: Kamchatka UspekhMolly Molly UspekhTaylor Taylor
Survivor: Salvation Tyler s21 Tyler TJ s21 TJ
Survivor: Similan Islands S22 Diego Diego S22 Tom Tom
S22 Katie Katie
Survivor: Greece Sora Greece Sora Amelia Greece Amelia
Survivor: Cape Verde CV Emma Emma CV Heather Heather
Survivor: Rome Dom Dominque Jamierome Jamie
Survivor: Java Danielle Java Danielle Xavier Java Xavier
Survivor: Alsace-Lorraine Amber s27 Amber Yannick s27 Yannick
Survivor: Generations S28 TylerR Tyler R S28 Sam Sam
Survivor: Azerbaijan S29Nick Nick S29Hunter Hunter
Survivor: Svalbard Svalbard Rhiannon Rhiannon Svalbard Alietta Alietta
Survivor: Retribution GraceRetribution Grace BryceRetribution Bryce
Survivor: New Zealand S32Ciere Ci'ere S32Chelsea Chelsea
Survivor: Sichuan SichuanPriscilla Priscilla SichuanJessy Jessy
Survivor: Cyprus S34Eva Eva S34Ally Ally
Survivor: Sri Lanka AsaS35 Asa ConorS35 Conor
Survivor: Tikal TikalClaire Claire TikalLinus Linus
Survivor: Archetypes S37RebelAlexa Alexa S37LeaderChris Chris
Survivor: The Ganges S38Miguel Miguel S38Catherine Catherine
Survivor: Morocco S39Whitney Whitney S39Annabelle Annabelle
Survivor: Argentina S40Sydney Sydney S40Alissa Alissa
Survivor: Bali S41Elmo Elmo S41Alexandra Alexandra
Survivor: Last Stand LastStandRhiannon Rhiannon LastStandClifford Clifford
Survivor: Mauritius LexiS43 Lexi WendyS43 Wendy


  • Originally Alik99 won the Survivor: Hawaii Player of the Season, but due to lack of votes the voting was re-opened, and David34 won the revote.
  • Uli, Tyler, Emma, and Rhiannon are the only contestants to win the award twice.
  • Alfons, Ben and Jamie are the only contestants to win the award once and finish runner-up once.
  • Alfons, Alf and Domonique are the only winners to receive this award.
  • Maya beat Eden for player of the season by the smallest margin, just one vote.
  • Ahad is the only player to win this award but not make the merge.
  • Katie and Diego are the first two Fan Favorites to tie for the award.
  • Tyler is the only player to win this award three times, and the only person to play more than once and win every time they've played.

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