Secret Society
Amir11078414 4434939330348 1355241294 aAlejandro
Season Korea
Founder Alejandro
Members Former:
Miggy (Day 1-35)
Monkey (Day 1-25)
Aaron (Day 1-25,26-38)
Amir (Day 1-25,26-37,38-39)
Alejandro (Day 1-35,36-37)
Aston (Day 20-33)
Ryan (Day 33)
Ben (Day 20-27)
Day Formed Day 1
Enemies Korea Alliance
Lowest Placing Member Monkey (12/21)
Highest Placing Member Amir (Winner)

The Secret Society was a secret cross-tribal alliance in Survivor: Korea, which was created in order to destroy the Kings of Korea from inside and dominate the game. The alliance was one of the strongest in the ORG history, with all immunity idols of the season being under the members' possession, in addition to numerous artifacts exclusive to Korea. The alliance has successfully dominated the majority of the season, until its members started backstabbing each other near the end.


Rise to Power

The alliance was formed as early as Day 1 by Alejandro, who wanted to gather a secret group of people inside and outside of the Korea Alliance in order to take it down once Eddie and Crtha are out of the game. Once the tribes were announced and the idol clues were released, all three idols were soon found by the Society members (Amir, Aaron and Monkey). In addition, Alejandro, Aaron, and Miggy, received an artifact each. While having the most power in the game, the alliance remained secret from the majority of the cast and was successful in blindsiding Cassels, Jake, Chal and Eddie pre-merge in order to keep their numbers and protect alliance member Monkey, who was frequently targeted by the Korea Alliance. Aston and Ben aligned themselves with Alejandro and Miggy on new Silla, unofficially joining the Society.

From Secret Society to A-Team

With an upcoming merge, Amir realized that the Society was still too strong and he won't have a better chance to strike later on. With Monkey being targeted again in tribal council on Day 25, Alejandro and Miggy gave their "Mask of Restriction" and "Rings of Duality" to Monkey in order to protect their allies. They planned to use a mask on Ivan (Who they suspected of having the Baekje Idol) in order to flush it and blindside the challenge dominating Hunter. They didn't anticipate that Ivan had his own "Rings of Duality" and played it on himself in order to counter the effects of the "Mask of Restriction" Amir took advantage of the situation and switched his vote at the revote, excusing the move by "not willing to draw rocks" and eliminated Monkey. Once the tribe merged, Miggy along with affiliate Ben plotted to turn the tables on the Society later on. However, Aaron and Aston gave them away to Alejandro, who in return created an alternative alliance called "A-Team" (Amir, Aaron, Aston and himself) and blindsided Ben. Miggy was left in dark and decided to stick with the remaining Society members.

Crushing the Korea Alliance

With Ben gone, the Korea Alliance was targeting Miggy. Hunter and Ivan had a plan to split the votes between Miggy and Explosion, however Amir and Alejandro didn't vote with the plan and blindsided Explosion instead. Miggy won the next immunity challenge, and the Korea Alliance had to turn on each other. Ivan was targeting Aaron while Hunter was targeting Ryan, but the Society had different plans and eventually blindsided Hunter. Another Tribal Council was held on Day 33, where Ivan was targeting Miggy again. However, Ryan aligned himself with Alejandro, leaving Ivan as the only man left standing from the alliance and he was blindsided soon afterwards.

Turning on Each Other

The Secret Society has officially came to an end on Day 34, when Alejandro sided with the last non-alliance members left in the game (Aston and Ryan) in order to blindside Miggy, seeing him as a threat in making his way to the final three. Although Alejandro tried to reform the alliance on Day 36, he was soon blindsided as well by Amir, who finally played both of idols and took him out by default elimination. Aaron realized Amir's move could give him a lot of credit among the jury, and sided with Ryan on Day 38 Tribal Council to tie the vote against him. However, the move failed as Amir was able to win the tie-breaker challenge, made the Final Tribal Council and won the title of Sole Survivor.


  • Monkey is the only American member of the alliance
    • Ironically, he was the first member to be betrayed by the alliance
    • He was also the only member to not make the merge
  • Every member of the alliance has either reneged or was betrayed by fellow members
  • All four Hidden Immunity Idols in Korea were possessed by the alliance members
    • Ironically, none of them were in danger of being voted off when they played the idols. The only idol which affected the outcome of a Tribal Council was the one Amir played for Aston
  • Every member who made the merge won 1 Immunity Challenge each post-merge
    • Coincidentally, every second Immunity Challenge post-merge was won by the members (Alejandro at final 10, Miggy at final 8, Amir at final 6 and Aaron at final 4)
    • ​All other Immunity Challenges post-merge were won by the alliance's affiliates