Day 25

Well this tribal went almost exactly how I wanted- Aaron gone and my idol is still in my hands. I wish I was more confident in my read that an idol wasn't needed and was able to talk Eden into keeping his as well.

I was able to play off of the piece of information I got that Aaron may have flipped to my side. Who better to get out then a person who they think flipped when I know he never will?

Maya is claiming she is with me and "proved" it by voting Aaron. I don't buy it for a second but I will play along for now. If by some chance she is with me she is doing a bad job, plus it makes no sense for her strategically. If she isn't with me her, and for that matter her whole tribe, were pretty stupid. Their best bet would be only her and bob vote Aaron while the rest have a throw away vote. It would make her vote that much more convincing, but with everyone voting him it makes her look even tighter with Adam and co.

It's clear this game is coming down to me vs Adam with the rest of the players as our chess pieces.


So, this whole survivor game is up in the air for me right now. I am trying to be as tough of a competitor as I can be, yet remain under the radar. So far, laying low, but remaining active and social has proven to be a very good strategy. I haven't pissed anyone off, and I am getting along with everyone pretty well. I mean, I will have to change it up, if I want to be sole survivor, but hell, making it this far was my beginning goal. All I wanted to do, was at least make merge. Then, my goal became to at least make jury... Now my goal is top 5. I feel that having goals set for the near future, and not the end goal, helps you actually meet that goal. So right now, all I want to do, is at least make top 5.

That being said, I really feel like I can do it. I am a tough challenge competitor, and I do not give up. I am tight in my Blue man group alliance (I've been in alot of awesome named alliances), and I feel like I am pretty tight with Adam. He seems to be running the show from the other side. I might be putting my trust in the wrong people, but when you are down in numbers, you have to do what you can. I really hope that the rest of these challenges, and whatnot go in my direction. I have been one of the top competitors so far this season, but I feel that it needs to be my time to just go out there and dominate.


Whew What A Blindside! I wonder why all of Tuamoto voted out Aaron? Stupids. Well at least we still have the idol, and they don't suspect a thing cause another one was rebidden! Although Jay Seems to have put himself in a very good strategic position. Guess Who's Not going to the final three with me! (Jay)


Day 26

So, a little news. Im sorta changing my gameplan as of a few days ago, Im seeing how Jay knows i will never screw him or vote him so he will not want me out. I have proposed an alliance to Bob and Maya about making us 3 a team vs the other 2 teams of 3s. Im not sure i dont think i can trust them, but it wont hurt me at all. I am now trying to play off this smartass, piss everyone off (im sure Thad and Adam and Val are already on that train) and do terribly in the challenges and make it knows so im no threat to nobody which will also allow me to last, and it no secret i suck at these computer games, i never have enough time to do them so i just submit whatever. i cant flip on Jay and them but Jays head has gotten fairly big once he was voted #1 on the tribe swap, and its getting somewhat annoying but im not gonna flip. Theyve helped me, although they have had alternative motives behind it and if they didnt need me then i wouldnt be here and i understand that so i have to make them believe they absolutely need me, for now


So Maya has been telling me that she wants to flip to our side and vote off Ted too! She wants me to go to the final three with her and Bob. I agreed, but I know who I want to go to the final three with. Kevin and Phil. Sorry Jay, you're just too much of a threat.