"Seize an Opportunity"
Season Survivor: Java
Episode Number 8/13
Episode Chronology
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Seize an Opportunity is the eight episode of Survivor: Java.


Reward: Combo Platter

Winner: Trent

Immunity Challenge: Spear Toss.

Winner: Alex V.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8: Semeru

Tribal Council 8:
Trent Merge
Trent (7 votes)
AlexV MergeChris MergeDani MergeLoxias Merge
Michelle MergeMikey MergeSheryl Merge
Alex V, Chris, Dani, Loxias Michelle, Mikey & Sheryl
Loxias Merge
Loxias (2 votes)
Danielle MergeTrent Merge
Danielle & Trent
Trent Merge

Voting Confessionals

Trent I tried, I put it out there to the alliance to try to keep you safe and get rid of loxias instead, they didn't want to and therefore you have to go. Hopefully I'll get your jury vote now if I'm in the end.


I have never felt worse about a vote. Bye Trent, I will probably be seeing you on the jury soon.


im crying rn dont touch me im so upet


I am sorry that I have to vote for you, I don't have enough people for blindsiding Chris, so I have to go with the majority. Sorry


Final Words

All in all, I had a great time. I don't really have any hard feelings, except for Chris because he was kind of an asshole the entire time, and Sheryl because she doesn't know how to speak. I just wish i had been the last Malasan standing. Now I'm Malasad. Danielle, you're gonna rock it! Good luck guys!



  • Episode's name came from Trent's quote.