Shúa Alliance
Season Laos
Founder Alfons
Members Remained Loyal:
Alfons (Day 7-18)
Clove (Day 7-9)
Blaine (Day 7-18)
Hickman (Day 12-18)
Day Formed Day 7
Enemies Hísshe Alliance
Bimmaáhchiia Alliance
Lowest Placing Member Clove (8/10)
Highest Placing Member Blaine (4/10)

The Shúa Alliance is an alliance from Survivor: Laos.



Because of Shúa's winning streak early in the game, the tribe never had to vote someone out and thus alliances didn't have any need to take form. On Day 7 however, Alfons took action and formed an alliance with Blaine and Clove, securing the majority on Shúa.

The Tribe Switch

Unfortunately, a tribe switch separated Clove from his two allies who were moved to the Hísshe tribe. Luckily for Alfons and Blaine, they had the majority on their new tribe, outnumbering lone Hísshe member, Hickman. However, the Hísshe Alliance outnumbered Clove on Shúa and voted him out when the tribe went to Tribal Council, resulting in the alliance losing a member.

The Tribe Dissolve

On Day 10, Shúa was dissolved and its two remaining members were spread out over the two other tribes, Hísshe and Bimmaáhchiia. Ometepe was placed on Hísshe and thus it became the Shúa Alliance (Alfons and Blaine) battling out the Hísshe Alliance (Hickman and Ometepe) for control. When Hísshe lost the next immunity challenge, both Blaine and Hickman were given immunity by Bimmaáhchiia, leaving Alfons and Ometepe vulnerable for elimination. Alfons, however, managed to convince Hickman to flip on his alliance and helped the alliance vote out Ometepe.

The Merge

The two tribes merged on Day 16 and the alliance, now with the addition of Hickman, seemed to have the upper hand over the Bimmaáhchiia Alliance, outnumbering them 3-2. However, Blaine began conspiring with Henzzy of the opposing alliance to eliminate alliance leader Alfons, who he deemed as the biggest Jury threat in the game. After Chris narrowly beat out Alfons at the first individual immunity challenge, the plan was set in motion and Alfons was voted out in a 4-1 vote, Hickman who had been aligned with Bimmaáhchiia the whole time also voted for Alfons.

Blaine's betrayal would ultimately come back to haunt him as he was then voted out by Chris on Day 21, putting an end to the alliance.