Day 36

so Grace & I got into an argument earlier & I probably lost a jury vote but I don't give a fuck honestly I'm sick of these bitches tbh. And then Ivan wants to apologize like swerve outta my face. I don't wanna hear shit. Yeah I lied to him but I didn't actually cast a vote against him. Once you write my name down, it's a wrap homie, you can't come back this way.


Rome Confessional 3 Grace07:40

Rome Confessional 3 Grace


BUT back to Grace, it's nothing but straight fuck her corny ass! She's a hating ass bitch. I didn't do shit to her and then she came out the side of her neck, talking slick. She shut the entire fuck up. Fuck her, fuck Ethan, fuck Ivan, fuck Josh, fuck Jamie, fuck Sora and the rest of the lame ass bitches they roll with. FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!


I am at the mercy of the three people who I genuinely liked and saved. I am hoping for the best, we just gotta keep hope alive. If I am not voted out today, I will be more blindsided. But I hope they can pull off a crazy surprise to my benefit and that would make it even more unpredictable to a sense. I wanted to better my placement in Kamchatka, and I've pitched this to the power trio. I just gotta keep hope alive.

Keeping Grace with Josh as a floater will be a possible mistake for Domonique because those two are already talking. If I leave, there is a huge possibility of Ricky flipping the tables aroud. I can't see Grace or Josh joining the two girls, but I can totally see them wooing in Ricky. And I an starting to hate that guy. He is just so mean spirited. Fingers crossed. I hope I stay. If not, I had a good run and I know who I am cheering for in the FTC. Brittany has got my vote so far. --RIP Ivan 2k15


Ivan is the last favorite & it may be stupid to take him out and not Grace. It could land me in 5th place but I couldn't save him. I feel bad because I really did try to save him. I tried my hardest to save him and shift the target to Grace. And it probably is a dumb move to vote him out. Honestly, at this point (and I'm not quitting), it's tiring hearing about these rigging rumors that people think I don't know about. It takes the fun away for me personally & I just feel sort of drained.


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