Silla Alliance
MiggyMonkey (8) JordanMangatarLarge2
Season Korea
Members TBA
Day Formed Day 3
Enemies TBA
Lowest Placing Member Jordan (18/21)
Highest Placing Member Miggy (6/21)

The Silla Alliance was the majority alliance on the original Silla tribe in Survivor: Korea. It consisted of Ben, Chal, Jordan, Miggy and Monkey.


The Silla Alliance was formed relatively soon after the tribe divisions. Monkey and Miggy separated from their original allies Daniel and Ryan after discovering that Daniel was targeting Monkey. Monkey approached Ben and Jordan on joining a new alliance, and Chal was later brought in to secure a strong majority. In their only Tribal Council attended on original Silla, all members voted off rival Daniel. This left Ryan as the only Silla member not to be part of the alliance.

Whilst a strong alliance on original Silla, The Silla Alliance was disbanded after the first tribe swap, where its members were spread across all three tribes. Ben and Miggy stayed allied with one another on Silla; however, Monkey turned on and voted out Jordan on Goguryeo and later Chal, following the tribe dissolve.

Ben and Miggy were the only two members to reach the merge, and continued to work with one another there. Whilst Ben voted for Miggy at the final 10 Tribal Council, he explained in a confessional that he did not intend to vote Miggy off; rather, it was intended to throw suspicion on Max and have him targeted next round.


  • Ben and Monkey are the only members not to receive votes from another member of the alliance. They are also the only members to vote for another member of the alliance.