S28 Skandi
Contestant Profile

Survivor: Generations

Tribe(s) Bariq
Placement 16/24
Challenge(s) Won 0
Vote(s) Against 10
Day(s) Lasted 15

Large 1040442
Contestant Profile

Survivor: All-Stars

Tribe(s) Rolih
Placement 24/24
Challenge(s) Won 0
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 3

Contestant Profile

Survivor: Switzerland

Tribe(s) Glarus
Placement 5/20
Alliances Skandi's Empire
Challenge(s) Won 1
Vote(s) Against 7
Day(s) Lasted 37

Statistics of Skandium
Seasons competed 3
Total number of days 55
Challenge Wins
Tribal wins 1
Individual wins 0
Total 1
Tribal Council
Total votes received 22

Skandium (aka Skandi) is a contestant from Survivor: Switzerland, Survivor: All-Stars and Survivor: Generations.

Known for his villainous gameplay and many betrayals, he still managed to make it far thanks to his affable personality. His game was ultimately cut short by the very people he had manipulated all season long. He later returned for All-Stars where his reputation as a threat led to his tribe targeting him and ultimately voting him out first.

Survivor: Switzerland

Voting History

Skandi's Voting History
Episode Skandi's
Voted Against
1 Glarus Tribe Immune
2 No Tribal Council
3 No Tribal Council
4 Al Pal -
5 No Vote
6 Will;
7 Will -
8 Max Ken, Max
9 Ken -
10 Wojtek -
11 Matt;
No Vote
Jino, Matt
12 Cal -
13 Mark John Arvin,
Lincoln, Mark
Voted Off, Day 37
Voted For
Sole Survivor

Survivor: All-Stars

Name (Age): Skandi (17)
Tribe Designation:  Rolih
Occupation: Highschool student
Personal Claim to Fame: Some huge events I produced.
Inspiration in Life: Myself 
Hobbies: Hang out with friends, nature stuff (traveling, rafting, riding, building tree houses, etc), computer and TV
Pet Peeves: Stupidity, Dependence and Defeatism
3 Words to Describe You: Everyone perceive me differently, So it's better to know me by yourself
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Corinne
If You Could Have 3 Things on the Island, What Would They Be and Why?: Hygiene&Grooming Kit, Guitar and Vodka
Reason for coming back to All-Stars: For fun :D 
Why You Think You'll "Survive" SURVIVOR: Im physically strong irl but thats it XD
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I won't, I'm here for fun :D

Voting History

Skandi's Voting History
Episode Skandi's
Voted Against
1 Zac Gerard, Henry,
Hunter, Uli, Zac
Voted Off, Day 3

Survivor: Generations


Tribe: Bariq
Hometown: Lavi, Israel
Personal Claim To Fame: Getting through all the obstacles to serving under one of the most prestigious squads of the IDF
Inspiration in Life: David BenGurion and Menachem Begin, two of the most important Israeli prime ministers.
Pet Peeves: lack of self awareness, ignorance and fecklessness
Previous Finishes: 5th and 24th
Favorite Past Moment: making two stupid crybabies cry and quit the game
Previous Survivor You Respect Most (Main or ORG): Gerda
Previous Survivor You Respect Least (Main or ORG): All quitters
Why Did You Come Back?: i will tell u when im out of the game Emotikon tongue

Voting History

Skandi's Voting History
Episode Skandi's
Voted Against
1 No Tribal Council
Jeremy Jeremy
2 Dallas -
3 Blaine;
4 Tom -
5 Ricky -
6 Kevin Kevin, Sam, Amelia(2x), Jamie,
Molly(2x), Jessy, Ricky
Voted Off, Day 15

Post Survivor

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Season Posting Percentage Other Hosts
Survivor Revival edited-1 3% Cesar


Season Logo Other Hosts Success (Y/N)


  • Skandi is the first person to be sent to Exile Mountain.
  • Skandi was the first person eliminated post-switch in Switzerland to not have changed tribes during the tribe dissolve, and the only person to not change tribes and not make the Final Three.
  • Skandi holds the record for the most times being sent to Exile Mountain, being sent 4 times overall.
    • Skandi is tied with Mick for most times being in Exile.
  • Skandi previously held the lowest placement in a season, with 24th place, until Brian surpassed him by coming in 25th place in Salvation.
  • Skandi has not won a challenge since Day 3 of Switzerland.
    • He holds the record of any player for going the longest without winning a challenge. Going winless for a total of 52 days. Losing a total of 24 challenges in a row over the course of his three seasons.