"So, the Game Has Begun!"
Season Survivor: Papua New Guinea
Episode Number 1/15
Episode Chronology
Previous Let the Hunger Games Begin!
(previous season)
Next Play These Guys Like Fiddles

So, the Game Has Begun! is the first episode of Survivor: Papua New Guinea.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Fling
The castaways are to play a game called Fling. The goal of the game is to get all but one furball off the board within the time limit. The four highest scoring tribes win immunity, but only the first place tribe receives a reward.
Reward: To exile one person from one of the losing four tribes.
Winners: Mendi, Abau, Daru, and Wewak.


Day 1

The ninth season of the Survivor ORG Wiki began in Papua New Guinea, with twenty castaways divided into five tribes of four, by age.

The Abau tribe consisted of CJ, Joe, Matt and Mick. The Daru tribe consisted of Abraham, Andrei, Brendan and Jemarc. The Kieta tribe consisted of Jay, Luke, Szymon and Taylor. The Mendi tribe consisted of Amos, Angeleo, JR and Uli. And the Wewak tribe consisted of Blake, George, Kim and Sean.

Early on, cross tribe alliances began to form. George and Luke decided to form an early alliance, bringing in Blake and Mick. Joe, Matt and Taylor were also brought in. Sean was also brought in, without knowing how big the alliance was.

On Kieta, Jay became an early target due to his inactivity. This allowed the other three Kieta members to become close. On Abau, Joe, Matt and Mick agreed to work together, leaving CJ left out of the tribe's majority.

Day 2

On Mendi, Amos' inactivity became known, making Uli target him instantly. Uli also formed early bonds with both Angeleo and JR from his tribe.

On Wewak, friendships formed between Blake and George, as well as Kim and Sean. Kim suggested to George that they blindside Blake if they lose. However, Sean went to George and suggested forming an alliance with Blake. George discovered that Sean was playing both sides, and threatened him with drawing rocks if they tie the votes at Tribal Council. This caused Sean to side with Blake and George, making Kim the target on Wewak.

Meanwhile, Blake attempted to form a cross-tribe alliance with Taylor. Taylor decided to bring her ally Luke into the alliance, as well. Luke agreed to be in the alliance, but didn't want to align with Blake, due to not trusting him. Due to this, Luke and Taylor decided that they would use Blake as an extra vote after the tribe switch, and vote him off later. Also, on Daru, Abraham made plans for the four members to make up the final four.

Day 3

In the first challenge for Immunity and the ability to send someone to Exile Island, Mendi emerged victorious, followed by Abau, Daru and Wewak. This sent Kieta to the first Tribal Council.

Taylor was angry at Jay for refusing to do the challenge, even after being told to constantly. Jay's strategy was to throw the challenge and be sent to Exile Island and get the idol clue. His plan worked, as Mendi sent him to Exile Island. Uli from Mendi noticed that Luke was the strongest member of Kieta, and Luke instantly became Uli's target in order to keep in the inactive and cause Kieta to lose more challenges.

Meanwhile, Sean came on after a while of being offline, and discovered how large George's alliance was. Angered by the excessive amount of members, Sean went to Kim and revealed that Blake and George were targeting him. This caused the two to agree on tying the votes if they ever go to Tribal Council.

On Daru, Brendan spoke with Abby to try and form a small alliance within the Daru alliance. Abby was a bit taken aback by this, so Brendan assured him that the alliance was for "just in case things go badly".

Uli told Jay to share the idol clue with Szymon to gain his trust, and get him to vote out Luke with Taylor's vote. Jay then shared the idol clue with Szymon. Szymon then shared the clue with Uli. However, Taylor wanted Jay out and told Szymon that Jay planned to vote him out after Luke, trying to save her ally.

George attempted to gain the trust of everyone he could, and Angeleo considered aligning with him. When Uli found this out, George became one of Uli's targets.

Luke was paranoid upon finding out that Jay was gunning for him, but Taylor reassured him by telling him that Szymon will vote Jay. At Tribal Council, Jay became the first person voted out in a 3-1 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
Jay (3 votes)
Luke(me)Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 8.34.54 PMSzymon
Luke, Taylor, & Szymon
Luke (1 vote)

Voting Confessionals

I vote for LP. Sorry dude! Even you win the highest score in the challenge you still didn't gain my trust. Hope you go home instead of me.


Sorry Jay.. Bro, you failed this at all. Lack of commitment is redudant in our team.


I'm voting for Jay. I feel bad because once he realized he had a target on his back, he attempted to warm up to everyone but LP thinking it was going to help him. Sorry Jay.


My vote is for Jay. Jay, you did nothing for us, and now Szymon tells me that you're targeting me. I'm sure that l may be out tonight, but I hope that it's you.


Final Words

Still in the Running

Abau Daru Kieta Mendi Wewak
Large 992142-1
Amos avatar
Blake bougerolle
Jemarc avatar
Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 8.34.54 PM
Sean Reddude


  • The episode title was said by Luke in his first confessional.


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