These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 1

So, the game has began! Hahaha. I'm on the Kieta tribe. We have an interesting set of people here. There's Jay, who is pretty quiet. No one on our tribe really knows him. There's Szymon, who is pretty friendly. I got a good chance to get to know him, and I'm sure that he'll help me out to get through this five tribe thing. And there's Taylor, a very nice girl. She's also a fellow American! That can really help in a game like this.

So I've been discussing strategy with Szymon. I've been trying to convince him that Jay is going to be inactive, so that I'll be spared if our tribe loses the first challenge. Taylor, I know she will vote with me no matter what. I don't know how long this five tribe format will last, but if we have to vote two people off, I'll be the deciding vote to boot either Taylor or Szymon. Once Jay is out of the picture, I will move into a power position. If not, then I'm still one of the four in this tribe. But I assure, that at one point in this game, I will rise to power!

Bring it on, New Guinea!


So I've made a few alliances so far, and hopefully I won't be getting voted off anytime soon. Apparently I'm the "most popular" for PNG, which I didn't find out until like 3 people told me to go look on my character page thing. I'm surprised that many people are rooting for me.

LP is really nice. I'm glad he's on my tribe. He was my second pre game alliance, so I'm just glad he's on my tribe. He says he'll make sure I don't get voted off first, so I hope he doesn't find me as a threat since more people are rooting for me. I just hope he won't turn on me.

Szymon seems to have a bit too much trust in me. I found it a bit odd that he had to tell me not to tell anyone about us having an alliance. I'm not too fond of his questionable strategies either. He tends to want to flirt more than strategize which is a bit annoying, but we're in an alliance, so if him flirting with me will keep him from voting against me, then I guess it is what it is.

Jay is a bit of trip. He doesn't really talk to anyone too much yet, so hopefully he either warms up to the rest of the tribe or at least talk to one of us. He said like one thing to me and that's just about it.

Uli seems to have trust in me, even if he is on a different tribe. It's a bit interesting. He told me how he was worried they'd be the first ones to go lose and how they have one possible inactive. I think I can use this to my advantage.

I've come to realize that a few people think of me as a threat, which is a good and a bad thing. I'm not entirely sure yet, but the only ally I think I'd take all the way with is LP. He's really nice and I think he's pretty trustworthy. Hopefully he feels the same.


Man, this is awesome. I got put on a tribe with two people that I'm very close to, Mick and Joe, and the three of us plan to work together, but you never know, anything could happen.


I think I am in a good tribe at the moment... Our tribe of "old" people shall be a little calmer than the young guns. And since older people are less emotional and dont make bold moves just for the sake of them, I think connections made within my tribe early in the game might be very valuable.


Day 2

Amos is not really in the game so far. He needs to wake up or he will be gone first from our tribe. Fucking talk to us man... You better score or I'll send you home... At least he told me he has my back against the Phillipines fraction... Well man... I'll have yours so I can stab you in there...


JR seems to be a good player, but doesnt talk to much on the social level. But his mind is in the game... I need to get on his good side... Should find out what his favourite football team is and web him into the goal net...


Angeleo seems to play aggressive. We connect very well due to being engineers both. Plus since he is from the Phillipines as well as JR, he might bring him in easily. He thinks he is the leader of the pack and has me in his pocket. Well... I'll stay in that pocket, very close to his balls until I need bite them off... See you and thanks for keeping me warm...


im happy with the tribe i was put on im pretty sure tht we will win immunity and tht the winner will come from wewak


Well, this game seems to be getting intense. Jay refuses to socialize with Szymon or I, and will very rarely talk to Taylor. He is going to bring this tribe into the ground if he sticks around. If l can convince both Szymon and Taylor to boot him, we won't have to worry about him. However, we don't want to lose a member, because then we'll be picked off one by one.

However, if we had to lose someone, Jay is completely loseable. And l don't think he'll do very well in the long span of things. We only accept good people here. However, l don't know if Szymon is going to stay loyal to me. l told my good buddy Taylor that she can trust me, so she believes she can. Szymon seems very suspicious, especially since Taylor tells me that he talks with her a lot. I sure love sources.

Szymon may help me out for the first Tribal Council, only due to the fact that Jay does absolutely nothing for the tribe! He could at least talk to someone besides Taylor. Just because we got the only girl in the game doesn't mean that he has to talk to just her. Horrible, horrible strategist.


Jesus lord, this challenge almost killed my brain, and I might have got some weird parasites from these disgusting fuzzy balls. I hope it'll be worth it...


So Kim comes up to me and asks me to blindside my one tribal ally, Blake. He comes up and says that we need to blindside Blake, and that he has Sean's vote. Now, Sean has just said to me that he wants Blake, him and I to be in an alliance called the Wewak 3. It appears to me that Sean is playing both sides, and that people don't know where I stand. So, immediately I came up to Sean and told him that I want to side with Blake, and if he has any funny ideas about siding with Kim, it'll be you or me when we pick rocks at Tribal Council. That set it in for him, and now he's a member of the Wewak 3. That should get us through these next few TC's, until the 5-tribes are inevitable dissolved. If things turn south, I'm turning on Sean.


A lot of people on the other tribes seem to trust me and want to make alliances. Its interesting. I'm not quite sure how to feel about it. Everyone also seems to be wanting to tell me their problems within their tribes, which probably isn't the smartest thing to do. I help them take out the threats though, which might possibly help me later on in the game.

LP seems to be getting a little overly attached with wanting to come up with a "duo name." I mean, whatever makes him feel better with the whole alliance I somewhat made him join with Blake and I. Little does Blake know that with having LP with me means that he'll most likely see the boot if we get merged into his tribe and vice versa.

Blake seems to have trust in me too. I don't know why he'd tell me who has the target on their back in their tribe. Oh well, one more person I don't have to worry about if he gets voted off.


My alliance as of now is with Taylor. We call ourselves "The Kieta Duo". Real creative. Hehe.

Szymon may be friendly, but he wants to play his own game. He'll probably just use me to get himself farther, then cut me loose. l'm really good at reading people. l can tell a liar when l see them.

l just know that Szymon would try and tie the votes once we go to Tribal Council. He seems a bit "protective" of Jay. l do not want to be the first person out because l drew a silly rock. lf Szymon's smart, he won't try that stuff. But Taylor is a great ally, and l know that l can trust her. For now, at least. Hehe.

The Kieta Duo will most certainly be crucial in this game if we survive the first Tribal Council.


Wow! the game is now on! And I'm glad that I'm with Mendi tribe, we are the eldest tribe and so I will equate it as a strongest tribe! haha! well we will eat alive all those little chicks (just kidding!) lol i'm glad i'm with JR, he's a good friend of mine, and also Uli and Amos, I have a feeling that they are good allies.. We will give our best shot to stay strong and win all the challenges before merge. I'm excited with the first challenge, it's fun to play it. But I'm quite nervous because I don't know what might the future holds.. I'm just here to enjoy the game and to prove to all that I'm in it to win it. No barrier will stand my way! I will play it strategically, physically & socially! God bless! :-)


Abby, Bakery Sales Assistant.

Daru Tribe.

I gotta say the tribe so far has been really fun and relaxing. We're pretty united in the front and hopefully our plans stay. We wanna be in the Final Four as Daru all the way. It's a bit ambitious damn right, but I think it can work if we can play good social games with the rest of the castaways in the other tribes. If Denise or Malcolm could survive on Tandang and Kalabaw, then hopefully any of the 4 of us could survive in any other tribe for a nice Pagonging. :D

I'm going to be united with this tribe, but once there's a shuffle and absorption, I'll do what I can to survive with my enemies. :)


"From the Ashes of my Failure will Rise the Tower of my Success!!!"

Good Day,

Would like to make my first confession for this season.

I am very happy that I made it to the cast. Thanks a lot.

I really believe that this is season is made for

Well seriously, this will be my redeeming season.

Soaring High,

The Phoenix


The game is making me rage quit. But, im safe because George and Sean have my back. Even Kim does as well. George is in control of the whole game. Deja Vu is a foot right now. And I completed the fucking fuzzball challenge. Who knows whats going to happen? It just might be Nepal all over again.


Since Amos seems not to do anything I am still worried, despite the easy challenge... But at least three people will agree on voting him out, if needed... I would like to work with JR further as he seems less impulsive than Angeleo and does better in challenges, but Angeleo is the one who offered me a deal. Take it and break it... I need to make JR realize that after getting rid of Amos he needs to stick to me and not to his Phillipino buddy. But thats easy... Angeleo did by far worse in the challenge than I did... Me and JR are in the front... Strong players need to protect themselves... Plus... I'll convince him that a Phillipines power couple will be a major target. Piece of cake at the moment... I will evolve strong from that tribe.


Day 3

My experience from the first two days in Abau is actually pretty good, I like my tribe and we did pretty good in the immunity challenge (2nd place). I'm curious how long will the 5 tribes thing last, cause I don't feel that comfortable being in a small tribe for long. I have a feeling that I'm in a pretty good position in my tribe, and I think CJ is in the worst, but you never know. :P


Well...I'm so proud to playing this game, because I'm so fucking love this game! I really like my tribe, i think we have a good potential to winning the challenges, and i'm confident that we will show that in the next challenge's. First lose was shocked! I didn't expect that. Uli's score suprised my. :O

Now we are going to the tribal council.. After a loong time to think about my vote, i'm pretty sure that this vote will make our tribe stronger. And i wanna be loyal about words that i said..


Fuck that game was too easy... Whole tribe was doing awesome... Except of Amos again... No result... Not that we needed it... So he has to take any deal now to get on our save side... If it's up to me... We can carry that weight... since it's very easy to cut. Best player of the season so far... Challenge beast... It's important to come out strong in the first challenge. I dont know anyone... I don't have any bonds pregame... Suddenly people start talking to me to see if they can strike deals... I am getting into the position that I wanted... Probably the right one to split up that Filipino couple in my tribe.


Yeah ,so I was send to exiled island today , well I don't ask them to send me but my plans go according to what I want. It's so very shameful to say this but yeah I purposely didn't play the last immunity challenge so that other tribes can send me to exile island which turn out to be right. Right now I felt safe, I somehow build rapport to symon right away and Taylor but I'm not that pretty sure if can trust Taylor 100 percent. So far I decided to share clue for hidden idol to symon . Hope everything will work on our favour.


Uli seems to think I have my whole team wrapped around my finger, which would make some sort of sense really. They all want to ally with me, and I'm pretty sure it's because a lot of people want me to win.

Jay didn't play the game after I reminded him three times to do it, but it is what it is. He thinks Szymon and I are in on his alliance offer, but little does he know that I told Szymon that Jay said he wanted Szymon out after LP. Jay seems like he wants to be carried all the way to victory and that's not happening. I'm voting for Jay.


So I come back on after a long day and see Blake and George talking about a final nine alliance between us three, Matt, Joe, Mick, LP, Taylor and someone else. And I'm just like Oh helllll naw. I did not sign up to play sheep to a fucking final 9 alliance made of people I don't even like! So I mosey down to Kim and rat them the fuck out, now it's a 2-2 split and it'll be ever-so delicious if we go to Tribal. Kim is shady as Hell too, but I'd prefer just having to work with one idiotic moron over two who share a brain.

I'm guessing intelligence isn't one of the criteria to get on this show...


Wow! We won 1st placer on the first challenge even though Amos haven't submitted his score on time! I'm glad that we're safe today! we will continue to conquer the challenges! I hope that we'll stay strong, I mean the 4 of us until merge! We, Mendi, we'll keep up the good work!


I hear a rumor that even though Jay didn't do the challenge, Luke is going to be voted off. I'm friends with Luke, and formed a pre-game alliance with him, but to be honest, I'd kind've be glad if it was him tonight. Luke is Kieta's strongest member, and voting him off means that there is a better chance that Abau will win challenges.


My first impressions of the tribe so far are positive. Everyone has checked in a couple times and we had about a 15 to 20 minute discussion about the future of the game. We are all in agreement that baring any losses through the first few challenges that we will try to stick together until the end.

I'm not one to put all my eggs in one basket though so I also reached out to Abraham separately as him and I were getting along very well. Realistically at some point we're going to possibly be split up or jumbled so having a partner in crime on the opposite side or a friend on your own side is essential. He seemed a little taken aback by this which worried me but I assured him that this was just a "just in case things go badly" type alliance and that I wasn't trying to undermine the entirety of the group.


Just sayin... Oldies but goldies... Fuck off... These other tribes suck hard... The two best tribes come up less points than we have with 3 people... These kids need to grow up fast or we gonna eat them for breakfast... It's incredible how an easy game can show their inabilities...


Created a first bond with Szymon from the loosing KIETA tribe. He likes the same football club and would love to live my life... Guess I have the first guy fallen madly in love with me... Since he thinks he has Taylor's vote I tried to convince him to vote of their strongest scorer LP in order to keep the next target on the inactive Jay... Would be great for us since that would easily make them lose another challenge so 3 more days I can't go home... Plus a desperate couple is easy to absorb... I would take Szymon and Taylor and give them a deal... Probably final 14 or so :D...

(Sadly Jay woke up and is not inactive any more.)


As winner of the challenge we had to send on person from another tribe to exile island. While some people were trying to beg for being send (yeah you fools... not gonna happen...) I set my first plan in motion... Created a bond with Szymon from KIETA to start talking to the challenge inactive Jay... Talked to Jay from KIETA if he wants to be sent to Exile Island so he has a shot at redemption to not get voted out at tribal... Convinced Jay that he needs to gain one other persons trust in the tribe by sharing the clue... Got my tribe to send Jay... He told the clue to Szymon to gain his trust... Szymon reported back to me... Here is the clue... "Exil and Idol don't go next to each other"... And while both of them think they have each other in the bag... They are just playing my game... And next I will let Szymon vote of Jay so it can't be exposed... It's just that simple...


What kind of fool is that guy... He trys to strike deals with everyone... 3 people already warned me... Now that I come out strong he tries to get me by revealing he has a strong post merge alliance already... You are my first target man... Gonna get you blindsided... Even my own tribemember Mark seems to think he can work with George after merging... NO DEAL... Since me and JR can easily carry the tribe alone, i might need to cut Mark first... Especially having Amos in my backpocket... Just need to remember not to sit down... That might squash him...