These are the confessionals made within the episode.

Day 24

Oh lawdy!! Uli lied to me and he voted with Zac and Taylor against Hickman! I need to hope for a merge of some sort so I can start to climb my way out otherwise immunity is my only hope. And to think I relied on a snake! Silly me... at least I made the jury!


Okay Gerard needs to shut the hell up, he is getting on my nerves. He keeps talking about how the new Zuma member can go to the F5. HELL NO! I can't go to F5 with Adam or Andrei because they'll win their way to FTC, And I can't deal with Gerard that long.


Thank God for that Tribe swap lol. First off I'm no longer stuck on a tribe with Gerard. Second, I was reunited with Jhet! Now as long as Jhet doesn't try flip on me we'll be good.


Soooo tribal was last night and Hickman is gone… BUT. the jury has begun…WHY!? As soon as get a chance to get the person out that i have been talking smack about for the last week you guys thinks its a good choice to put him on the jury.

Anyways now that that is out of the way i will talk about the current events that happened today..TRIBE SWITCH. I am now with Mpilo and once again my old tribe is disbanded. My new tribe is ok and i know I’ve definitely got Gerda and Zac on my side. Sharky ,Jhet and Lloyd i haven’t spoken to yet and i shall in the coming hours.


It was not too surprising to see Hickman leave. However, I was shocked to see that he was the first member of the jury. I never got to talk to him, so it's not really something I can benefit from, but it's not going to downright hurt me either.

Now, 12 of us are left. I'm expecting 3 things: another shuffle, leaving 2 tribes of 6, a merge, or a shuffle with 3 tribes of 4. The shuffle with 2 tribes of 6 makes sense, considering we've only ever had tribes of 6... But a merge at 12 makes even more sense, since jury started.


I was not expecting that!! A tribe switch at the Final 12? Crazy! I have mixed feelings about Zuma 3.0 to be honest... We'll be awesome at challenges which is a plus, but the downside to that is that all my closest allies, or at least those of my allies that are left in the game, are on the other tribe. If we lose I'll be preserving the lives of my allies but risking my own because most of the people I'm with at the moment I hardly trust - Andrei, Uli, Ben.... I wanted the merge to happen but instead I'm once again put on a tribe with hardly anyone I'm close with. I need to be friendly, focus on immunity and rally as many votes as I can if I want to make the merge and even further. My mantra at the moment is "Do what you must, not what you feel". I shouldn't do anything excessive that might only jeopardise my position - which I learnt at the last vote... (I convinced Zac, btw, that Uli had flipped :D)


I am too hungover to be dealing with this right now. A tribe swap, a challenge, and some snake bastard talking shit about me. Also I'm on dirty old Zuma so that's just another ordeal. I missed out on the first 20 hours following the swap and I come on to find someone's told Adam I want him out. Which, yes, is true but I've only said that to Taylor and Andrei so if it's one of them I will be pissed. I doubt Taylor would but Andrei's made it clear that he's got Gerda on his side so that could extend to Adam. And if he's selling me out then I better start warming up my pimp hand. And no one will bloody tell me who it was. So I guess I'll just have to vote everyone out to be sure :P

So what should have been a pretty advantageous tribe swap for me now sucks eggs. There's Adam, Andrei and Sole. I thought all would work with me but now I'm kind of worried. Plus, there's the difficulty of getting them to work together. Andrei thinks Sole would be an easy vote.... life is so hard. I'm actually quite doubtful of Andrei at the moment. He made an odd comment that Uli wouldn't be the one trashing me because I was the one vote he could count on. Based on what? The months of intimate conversation Uli and I have shared? I don't know 'bout that Belgian....

Oh my Jesus Christ, Gerard! How I wish for him to be gone! It's quite a skill to so entirely infuriate someone in the ten minutes they've had the displeasure to spend with you. He greets me with 'oh, we've just been saying awful things about you this whole time lol'. Ok, obviously it's a joke but I can think of better ways to start a conversation with someone who might just vote your arse off if we go to Tribal. He then proceeds to spaz out in the tribe chat, spouting inane shit, and it's just like 'when can you go home and what is the earliest I can organise it?'


This game is crazy, crazy.

But since I haven't sent a confessional in in a while - this will explain somethings.

Zuma 2 has been smooth sailing. I've been immune for FOUR straight tribals, which has been great. I've been back and forth but mostly with the two Ger's. Ger(da) and Ger(ard), and then Andrei is close with Gerda, and Sharky thought he was with me.

So then, the tribe swap (that I saw happening btw). I was put with two allies, one meh-ally, and two people who have definitely said they wanted me gone. So our best bet is to win, and I believe we will pretty easily. This is where I see the game standing right now.

Me, Gerda, Taylor.

We're with Lloyd, but Lloyd's with Ben.

Taylor is with Zac, but Zac's with Sole.

Uli think he's with everyone, but no one besides us really trusts him.

Jhet and Sharky are together, and think they have numbers.

Gerard swears he wants to only make day 35 which is too funny, but he's with us and probably 6 other people at this point.

I want Andrei/Sole out sooner or later, and Ben because he's close with Lloyd.

Let's hope we push them to tribal twice, or they throw it, and take out Jhet/Sharky due to give us definite numbers to start off.

I want our alliance to be - me, Lloyd, Zac, Uli, Gerda, Gerard, and Taylor. I have majority with me/Gerda/Taylor/anyone if everyone sticks to the plan, but that's unlikely.

We have a long way to go. Merge here I come *fingers crossed though*.

See you after the challenge scores.


... Turns out we had a tribe swap.

Staying on Zuma is a blessing and a curse: I wish Gerda and Sharky had been here with me instead of Adam and Gerard, but they will do for now. I'm glad to be here with Uli and Ben, it gives me a certain sense of comfort... But that's not to say I fully trust Uli. I don't really know where he sees his best interest, so while I'm happy about his presence, it makes me cautious on a gameplay level.

If we were to go tribal, Sole and Gerard would be the two people I'd have no problem voting out. There's a benefit to voting out Gerard in that it distances me from old Zuma and makes us seem less united, but then I might lose Adam's trust, although he knows I don't hold Gerard close to my heart.


Oh you guys, I was really hoping a merge... Well, I guess we all can't get what we want...The switch didn't seem to be much of a surprise to me, quite honestly. I was expecting as much as a second switch for all stars XD But, I'm not really ecstatic about the tribe I'm in... I mean, I love the fact that I've stayed in a blue tribe all season... But, I don't like how Zuma is the clear winning tribe out of the two, here. I mean, they demolished us in the challenge today. It was clear, set, and done. All of their scores, beat EVERY SINGLE one of ours. It was quite sad... So, now we have to vote... and once again i feel really paranoid. Nobody has really told me anything going on in this tribe. They just won't say anything. I'm trying to get an opinion out of them but a few of them (Gerda, whom I'm most frustrated with) is struggling to think of something... I mean, I think I'm in a quick alliance with Gerda, Lloyd, and Sharky, for now... But I'm not sure how really truthful Gerda and Lloyd are... Gerda hasn't really said anything and I haven't really talked to Lloyd about our little alliance... I don't think I will ever know if they're up to something... I've had plans go right out through the window and I have been straight up lied to these past few votes... So, I'm hoping they don't make a fool out of me... Just crossing my fingers for the best.


There's a really competitive atmosphere at Zuma! Adam, Uli and Gerard were all trying to outscore each other. I did not exactly give it 100%, because why bother? Also, I don't think I can get the best score at this challenge. It requires to be completely certain of your answer immediately, and I have a tendency to triple check every answer before clicking, so my score will have to do.


Haha, the mods really got us with that one.

We were all really sure that we were about to merge like any minute and now look where we are! Another tribe switch! And I'm separated from Adam! Bad thing is that Hunter really did some damage and put a huuuuge target on Adam's back. People have figured out that the dragon he was talking about was him. But then again, it's good that we both separated. Now there is actually a chance we might both get an idol. Adam already has one, and I think I will get one too. But Taylor wants mine so I guess I will give it to him. I can't lose his trust. I also can't hide it that it makes me just a tiny bit sad that I have to give it away. I've never had an idol. And now that I might have it I have no chance but to give it away. But then again, losing an ally is a much bigger deal than losing an idol. Maybe there is a merge idol I can snag away then.. As for the vote, we are thinking Sharky. But I told Jhet just in case that I am thinking of Zac to mask our alliance.. I sure hope this vote goes well.


Zuma's victory was kind of hilarious. My score was better than their best... If that's not doing the absolute most, I don't know what is.

Now I'm not too happy that Gerda, Sharky and Taylor have to go to Tribal, but hopefully one of the other three people will go home. Still, I have a lot of pearls to clutch for mah people tonight.


After 24 days of waiting, I can finally say this...



I have decided to give my idol to Taylor, both as a sign of my trust in him and because he did win the reward.


Day 25

I just feel like it's me going home this tribal. I just don't really trust anyone on this new tribe. :(


I honestly feel bad about having to lie to Sharky.

Yes, I know he plotted my blindside in India and I have heard about him wanting to do it in this All Stars too, but I am not entirely sure this is true. But in either way, I have here allies that I have worked with this whole game, people that I have known for a much longer time and I have got to stay true to them. Sharky never really made an alliance with me before this particular swap and since my alliance also wants him out, I have decided that this is what I will go with too.
Although, voting him off first in a way was my idea too.
But it's hard. It seems Sharky really does trust me. I said to him and Jhet that we are voting Zac and it's tough, cause honestly I don't like lying. But what I would hate even more is betraying people that I have already had as my allies for such a long time. It would make me an even worse person..

It's me choosing the lesser of two evils at this point. It's not like any of us haven't voted off people that we like in this game. :(

As for my main alliance, that being Adam and Taylor, refer to us as The Three Dragons. It's a reference for two things:

1. Hunter calling Adam the dragon he was targeting (but not realizing that besides Adam, there were also two other threats aka dragons lurking in the woods ;) )
2. Game of Thrones and the three dragons Daenerys has. They are always loyal to her and always work well with each other. That's how I think we are too.


Alright so I guess the other target is Zac so I am just going to vote for him and cross my fingers that it's not me.


The game is moving strongly and smoothly. My alliance of Adam, Gerda and myself have become even closer by getting the idol. The dragons flame ignites about game plan moves in motion.


Alright 3 way tie. At least I can work with that. Now is the time to go to Gerda and Taylor and pretend like I'm totally oblivious to everything and I don't know why I got votes. Hopefully that will gain me some sympathy and I can pull through this week.


What on Earth has just happened..

So we split votes, which made Jhet scared he was going next. And as we thought, he did have an idol! Absolutely all idol suspicions so far have been true! Wow.
What happened was.. Taylor told Jhet he will be going now if he doesn't hand over the idol. AND HE DID.
And after getting the idol, Taylor gave it to me.
Just as of now, me, Taylor and Adam have become the most solid and strong alliance in All Stars. We're like Katniss, Finnick and Peeta. Or the three dragons Aegon and his sisterwives had. Eventually, they conquered all off Westeros. Our Westeros is this game, and we will conquer it.
And now both me and Taylor have received our armour in the form of those two idols.
And if there is a merge idol, we will help Adam get it.
I have managed to both keep the trust of an ally and get an idol.
Seriously, this time I am totally playing this game :D
I have Taylor and Adam, and I also have the trust of at least Jhet, Andrei, Lloyd, Zac, Gerard and Ben.
If only Uli knew how much power I have in this game now..... :)


So, it was a tie. I feel very small right now. Once again, I'm straight up lied to. I don't think I stand a chance against my fate right now. I think I'm going next. It upsets me, but that's sort of what I feel. The vibes are just whispering to me that I'm going, and it sucks. But, I'm still not out. I hope to plead my case, once Gerda actually doesn't ignore me and looks at my messages... But you know, if i go, i go. I really want to move forward, and I hope to the bottom of my chest that fate is on my side.


So I'm going home.