In order to be the Sole Survivor, the castaway must be not be removed from the game (either by being voted out, disqualified, voluntarily quitting or by forced evacuation by the moderators) - unless a twist returns them (e.g. Redemption Battle that happened in Survivor: Hawaii) - until the Final Tribal Council (usually done during Day 39). Then, the castaway must get the most Jury votes among the finalists that also reached the Final Tribal Council, which usually consists of 3 castaways.


In addition for having the title of Sole Survivor for that season, the following prizes have been given away:

Survivor: Hawaii

Survivor: Indonesia

List of sole survivors

Season Winner Runner(s)-up Jury Vote
Survivor: Laos S01 Hickman t Hickman Ckarimalis Chris 3-2-1
150px-Green Henry
Survivor: Hawaii 350 33081393009 4474 n Gerda Zjzr Zion 4-2-1
Alik99 Alex
Survivor: Cuba Alfons Alfons David34 Cuba David 8-0
Survivor: Egypt Large 834167 Mihai 7214 4597442853681 1420980942 n Togz 5-2-2
Aaron Aaron
Survivor: Switzerland Lucypic Lucy BeteeD3 Mark 5-4-0
Lincoln Aloisio Lincoln
Survivor: Nepal CharlieMangaFace Charlie Dallas Dallas 6-3
Survivor: Revival Sheerloyd Lloyd GerardVuelta Gerard 5-3-2
Maxwell Revival Maxwell
Survivor: Korea Amir1 Amir 1078414 4434939330348 1355241294 a Aaron 8-1-0
Ashton Ashton
Survivor: Papua New Guinea Luke(me) Luke Phoenix JR 6-2-0
Blake bougerolle Blake
Survivor: Côte d’Ivoire Savanes iTzGoAtz Mike Savanes Sharky Sharky 4-3
Survivor: Polynesia Adam Adam Ted Ted 5-1-1
Val Val
Survivor: All-Stars Ben AS Ben GerdaAllStars Gerda 5-4-1
Sheer Lloyd Lloyd
Survivor: Anarchy AnarchyFrom US(D) Drew AnarchyPlayerfromPhilippines(jb) Jerby 5-3-0
AnarchyPlayerfrom Philippines(J) Jonathan
Survivor: Madagascar Sam Sam Jay Madagascar Jay 5-3-0
Lincoln-madagascar Lincoln
Survivor: Peru Alf Joar Peru Alf Natalie Peru Natalie 7-2
Survivor: Turkey Miguel Turkey Miguel L Bartley Turkey Bartley 6-1
Survivor: Sardinia Hazim S17 Hazim Boo S17 Boo 8-0-0
Cali S17 Cali
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Adamhbvv Adam Lukehbvv Luke 4-2-1
Andreihbvv Andrei
Survivor: Indonesia Casey Casey Laure Laure 5-2
Survivor: Kamchatka UspekhRebekah Rebekah UspekhTaylor Taylor 4-3-2
UspekhBryce Bryce
Survivor: Salvation Steve s21 Steve Zane s21 Zane 7-3-0
George s21 George
Survivor: Similan Islands S22 Miguel Miguel G S22 Rick Rick 5-1-1
S22 Tom Tom
Survivor: Greece Amelia Greece Amelia Sora Greece Sora 5-4-0
MJ Greece MJ
Survivor: Cape Verde CV Heather Heather CV Josh Objosh 6-1
Survivor: Rome Dom Domonique Brit Britany 6-1-1
Ricky Ricky
Survivor: Java Chris Java Chris Mikey Java Mikey 4-3
Survivor: Alsace-Lorraine Jesper s27 Jesper Max s27 Max 5-2-0
Navneet s27 Navneet
Survivor: Generations S28 Ricky Ricky S28 Sam Sam 6-4-0
S28 William William
Survivor: Azerbaijan S29Jared Jared S29Ella Ella 7-2
Survivor: Svalbard Svalbard Tatianna Tatianna Svalbard Tyler Tyler 5-2
Survivor: Retribution EvanRetribution Evan ScottRetribution Scott 11-0
Survivor: New Zealand S32Chelsea Chelsea S32Daniella Daniella 4-3-0
S32Faith Faith
Survivor: Sichuan SichuanJessy Jessy SichuanEmile Emile 5-4
Survivor: Cyprus S34Ally Ally S34Mai Mai 6-3-0
S34Shannon Shannon
Survivor: Sri Lanka ForrestS35 Forrest MichaelS35 Michael 4-3-1
JasonS35 Cosmo
Survivor: Tikal TikalLinus Linus TikalMarie Marie 8-1-0
TikalJoanna Joanna
Survivor: Archetypes S37MergeBrett Brett S37MergeJamie Jamie 5-3-0
S37MergeJared Jared
Survivor: The Ganges S38Rob Rob
S38Miguel Miguel 6-3
Survivor: Morocco S39Tate Tate S39Will Will 5-2
Survivor: Argentina S40Claudia Claudia S40Marie Marie 6-2-2
S40Tymeka Tymeka
Survivor: Bali S41Danielle Danielle S41Max Max 5-2-0
S41Nadine Nadine
Survivor: Last Stand LastStandJace Jace LastStandJake Jake 9-2
Survivor: Mauritius WendyS43 Wendy EmilyS43 Emily 8-1
Survivor: Costa Rica S44Ry Ry S44Morgan Morgan 6-2-1
S44Joanna Joanna


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