Day 4

We are a strong group and are really well organized. It took us less than we expected to finish the challenge since we have some really smart players. I think Savanes just voted in the most stupid way possible. If you want to win you need to have an active team and from what Ive seen Nick was far more active... If they start playing this way I can smell an Ulonging tribe and me very pissed when I'm dragged by Equality to the council.


The strategy on this tribe has really died down. Everyone has kind of relaxed because they think they have a plan in place. I had asked Panda if he heard from Joan recently, then Panda must have immediately went to Joan to tell him, because Joan responded to me with "Oh, don't worry, I'm sorry, our alliance will stay strong". Hopefully John and I can figure out a solid plan to get him out, because I seriously do not trust him.


OMG SEND NUKTI I just want to put a target in his back from what Ive seen he is mean and not smart if you want to play villain you keep it until you have stability


Well we just lost another challenge and its horrible, even thought i got two alliences with one with Riley,Sharky,Isaac and Mike and another with Cass also another one on the different tribe but i dont feel safe at all nobody can feel safe in this game. Our tribe needs too start winning challenges or else we will get Ulonged if we dont…


So the challenge was interesting. First I got in trouble for screwing up the challenge at 98 and 91 by Sam, who ironically developed Culpepper understandings of counting when we were close to finishing.

Than I got into contact with Michael from the other tribe and I tried my best to throw the challenge so I could go into the Idol Cave. Than that is when the team magically come together to win. Sometimes you can't win. The silver lining is that now, Michael and Nukti want to add me to their alliance once if/when they lose the third challenge. So right now, I can have one possible majority alliance on my assigned tribe, one legit majority on the other tribe and hopefully bring the two groups together at the end that will lead me to victory. The only thing now is that I have to get out of this 4 against 4 circumstance that can get end with me going 2nd if things fall through. I just have to hope things come together and Murphy's law does not cost me a final 3 or 4 spot.


Day 5

So do you know the difference between someone who knows they may get voted out vs. someone who doesn't if they go to Tribal Council?

The one who doesn't know thinks it might be a good idea to throw a challenge to keep the tribe "intact". (cough Joan cough) The one who knows the risk (myself) wants to scream absolutely f*cking not. However this game is about making sure allies are as happy as possible and if 7 people are arguing for it, I am not in a position to suggest against it. Luckily, I know the other tribe is also looking to throw the challenge to get rid of a player and switch him in with me. So while I'm sure this will make a incredibly boring challenge, I am at the centre of two tribes looking to lose immunity. Eventually, someone has to get immunity, so while that is happening I am looking to get a surprise from Sebastian and have him actually do something or talk to Zachary about who we can get to take the fall for the 3-4 extra votes Joan hopefully gets. My saving grace is that Connor pointed out we can just send the other Lagunes member to the Idol cave if we win rewards in the future and can guarantee that the idols don't get in the hands of Savanes members. God bless you Connor. So I will see what I can do, but I can live with being voted out day 36 or day 37. I sure as hell don't want to get voted out on day 6.


Oh Panda, thank you so much.

Why would you ever tell the other tribe you're throwing the challenge? All you did was give the others a reason to dislike you and target you later on. He has no idea I have set myself up to go to the Idol Cave and with everyone rethinking Sebastian's role. It is going to be very easy to go under the radar for a while and let them take out someone I can't really trust anyways. Admittedly, the smart move would probably be to vote me off. Though if I am playing correctly, I should be the only person to know that.


Savenes is a really sad tribe. I don't see them beating us, ever. It's just a combination of dysfunctional people for the most part. Cassandra seems really high-maintenance. Isaac is pretty blunt and hot-headed. Nukti seems really naive, he doesn't seem to know what's going on. I like Sharky, and Emma seems cool, but for the most part, that tribe stinks. I can see that tribe having 5 or less members before we even reach the merge.


Isaac thinks he is ahead of me. Boy, that little bitch is about to get blindsided in the ass next tribal counsel we go to.


So Cass and me have been talking so like she told me that Isaac wants me out. I knew that something was wrong i wondered why Mike didnt want too tell me. He was like my main ally on this tribe. I just dont know what to do anymore if i leave this early i would let the people who want me too win down. I dont want too be a disappointment because of Isaac, I just dont know who too believe anymore and who too trust. I hope i dont get dun goofed this early into the game because on survivor people just say what you want too hear then BOOM you get stabbed in the back.


Day 6

I didn't see Nukti's quit coming at all, I would say its because we intimidated him but I'm not that vain, my vanity is moderate, so I'm all good. Still, quitting is a bit of a selfish move, especially right at the beginning while others would kill for that spot, but hey ho, not my problem I guess. We couldn't win the challenge because of the equality twist, so we threw it... #Oops... But if anyone goes off there we will never see them again, and not to mention letting our tribe alliance go, it will be like ripping off a blood sucking leech. Luckily because of Nukti's tragic departure, we don't have to vote anyone off, so thats two Savanes down while Lagunes are going strong... But even my own tribe doesn't see what we are really planning, its obvious to be honest, 5 people come along who are from the hunger games wiki, little bit suspect if you ask me... But they are loyal allies to me, so until after the merge I will remain loyal, until we are the last ones left and as Careers do, we will fight amongst each other.


So someone got a delayed execution. Thank you Nukti. I am not entirely certain what the proper response is, but in all honesty, if he doesn't want to be here, I don't want him here.