Day 28

No confessionals were said on this day

Day 29

all this fighting is just to cause some chaos, this game has been so fucking boring so trying to spice things up and deflect from the 4/4 vote plan, although it's not working

AHHHHH CONOR WANTS TO GO TO ROCKS. This better not be a rock or I'll slap a bitch.


Day 30

All of this is on purpose I know forrest wasn't talking about me I just want to make him look like the bad guy


Hopefully this works betches! if I'm being played bravo


If you want to win the game, you really need to get better at hiding which threads you see instead of blatantly avoiding me. Your gameplay is transparent, and keeping you accomplishes nothing for me. I've never trusted you, I've planned this since I gave you the chance to came clean about the revenge bus until it was too late. Enjoy Ponderosa.