*slurps drink* So the favorites are saying its Sergiu they are voting? *slurps drink again* That is just *slurps drink* utter bull shit. *slurps drink* The average IQ of the human being is 100+ *slurps drink* but believing the favorites when they say they are voting Sergiu *slurps drink* requires that your IQ is less than 100. *throws drink at picture of Nuno* That guy is getting all there votes, but why should I tell him? That will just put a target on my back, plus I want his idol gone. *licks drink off of the floor* >:)


I feel like Satan. I am really upset how I voted Tommy, I know it was what the tribe wanted but now I may have lost a partner in I loved talking to him we had so much in common, we both thought the Mike thing was fun, we both thought Chandni having melt downs was funny, and I'm going to miss that in the game...ugh why is my tribe a bunch of idiots?


I'm starting to realize (a little late, I know) what is my function on the tribe: be the fool /o/

I mean, how my name can be always on the chopping block, and I never get even one vote? Ok it only had chances to happen once so far, but it's odd. I'm feeling so stupid for have said last time "my fate is not in my hands" -.- Really? I think I am what I hate the most in Survivor contestants (besides racists and bullies): too trusting -.- Anyway, maybe now that we have merged, it's time to change strategies.


Oh my god, Tommy went home and it only furthered my thinkings of Jay not being with us. But I will let that rest for now.

I MADE THE MERGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TED'S LEGS ARE OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my god, I am so happy that I made the merge and I have an idol and such. Sure I need to do some work in this tribe to make sure we are safe, but anyway I am good.

We had a blast this afternoon trying to decide the name and color (4 hours thow), and we are officially named "Avahy Maki", which means Lemur Lemur (creative huh? xD). We also decided to be yellow, but it kinda caused a mini-war. We are good now thow.

At the moment I am just waiting for a challenge so I can solidify my chances of giving fans the majority. My alliance's name is Fantastic Fan-Actives so you can get the point.

I can't talk much at the moment, cause I really have to go to the bathroom and if I did without writing I would forget, but now I really have to go. BRB!!


YES I MADE MERGE WOOOOO!! I think it's time to celebrate with a happy dance! *happy dances* Any who, the first immunity challenge will be a breeze for me. I'd like to think I'm good at writing. I mean, I write poems, well used to, and I write video ideas and stuff for my art class. But being able to write won't be the only helpful thing in this challenge, but creativity. I don't really think I have a lot of competition for this challenge. I don't know the writing ability of others, but Charley publicly stated that she loves writing, so that could mean she's really good. I already have a solid idea so I'm not worried. I just can't wait for results!


I feel this is very annoying to have nobody talk strategy to you in the MERGE. I mean, I am sure that people are scheming and stuff, just not with me. And when nobody talks to you, that means: They are targeting you. I am going to try and win immunity, because if I do, I am so using my idol.

That little piece from heaven is going to help me gain control of the merge. It is not like I trust anyone but Sam. As far as I know, it could be me and Sam vs 10 people. But I hope not. I will just try to make this game exciting...


After we finally merged everything is going just how I have planned it. I have two big alliances at the moment (the mystery inc and the criss cross) both of which I don't want to be sitting next to only one of the other alliance members. My goal is to get to the end with Lincoln and Sergio. So of the 11 other people left I have some form of alliance with 9 of them, which means I need 2 people out before the final 10: Spencer and Craig. I thought it was going to be hard convincing people to get those two out next but I just found out Eddie may want Craig out next which would be great- I don't have to do the convincing and one of the two i need out goes. It is almost time for me to step out of the shadows and take full control of the game.


Ok so who knew the merge naming and coloring would cause so much fucking TROUBLE IN PARADISE! my good lord. I'm so annoyed. So I suggest Ice Blue, it was really pretty, Taylor Craig Trace Nuno Sergiu and myself liked it, and some others were not online to choose so..what ever to them. SO Charley is like "oh guys lets do something we all like and wont hate" aka what she wants, then she suggests SAND. FUCKING SAND. WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF COLOR IS THAT, well I guess its our merge color -_- She tells me I need to drop Ice Blue so we as a tribe can choose a color we all like because she was on a gray tribe in Nepal. THEN when I was out, I come back and everyone "agreed" on SAND. Aka she kept bringing it up. She will pay for that.


i cannot wait for tribal council! I really want to see where loyalties lie and if Jay, Trace, and Lincoln are really with us considering the past 2 votes for them have been unanimous. ... and btw HELL YA FOR THE MERGE!!!! >:)


OK, so now the thing is to argue about the color of the tribe? Too bad if you weren't here in time to give your vote, honey, but majority is majority.

I was in a shitty WHITE tribe with a shitty name last time and I did not complain. Nobody wanted to accept the orange and my dodo this time and I'm not complaining. I mean, why does it matter so much color? Everyone is so futile -.- I think if these people is in the real Survivor and production appears with a color they don't like, they would quit. HINT: do this here too :)


Sooooo I think I'm going to be a target tonight.

It totally sucks to be targeted, I hate the feeling. I really wanted to win that immunity but Trace deserved it. He wrote a good story. But damn, it would feel good to have that necklace on right now. (Metaphorically of course) Anyways, all the favs are sticking together and hopefully we will emerge victorious in the bloody six on six battle. I have a feeling I could be targeted tonight, so I gotta watch myself. God, this game is confusing. But I just need to keep playing. Because once it gets down to it the claws come out and I can really start to fight.


So I didn't win immunity, but I don't care. I wished I did better, but I didn't have much time to make it as good as I had hoped. Oh well, I'll get it next time! Anyways, I can't wait for tribal.. We're voting out a fan, specifically Craig because rumor has it Sergiu has the idol, soooo if we tell Craig we're voting Sergiu, he'll tell the rest of the fans and then bam blindside on Craig and Sergiu wastes his idol! Well, it's a good idea for the mean time, as long as it works.


Well it seems like Nuno has become very close with Eddie and I feel like when it comes time for me to blind side Eddie Nuno may tip him off, so i decided that it may be Nuno's turn to go next. I talked to Kaeden and convince him it was a good idea to get Craig in Nuno's spot in our Mix-and-Match alliance. I just hope Nuno has the Idol, it would be great to send him packing with a souvenir.


This is the most crucial time of the game: first tribal council after the merge, and the fans and the favorites are even. Who leave now will decide the rest of the game for the fans or for the favorites.

This season has so many situations that can end in a tie that it's scary. Nobody seems to have a solid majority: six fans and six favorites, two groups of three among the favorites, an "alliance" between three fans and three favorites.

For me, I decided that I will take a step back and be just watching. I realized that this thing of be the leader, is not with me, so the best thing is to wait for the best time to act. I will not care what others say and I will continue trying to win the most immunities as possible, to keep on keeping me safe, after all that's why they exist.

P. S.: Jay is, in fact, very bossy.


This was suppose to be a fairly easy vote, and now I'm realizing it is one of the hardest, we had a nice plan but the second Kaeden tells one of the gullible favorites something (Charley Trace Jay) it all goes down the shoots. I am generally annoyed, we planned on Craig and now they think he has an idol which in my opinion is bullshit, I'm sure Sergio has it. Anyways, the vote now apparently is Nuno...I'm fine with it but jesus I can't shake the feeling something bad will happen. Nothing about this game is easy.


I first must begin by saying I WON IMMUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay, that's enough for that. But honestly, it's so nice to not have to worry for one tribal. That being said, I still have to worry, because this tribal is really going to set forth the rest of my game. If a fan goes home, I'm set. If a favorite goes, I'm screwed. So, this is where I'm at strategy wise.

I am in a favorites alliance. All 6 of us are going to be voting together at this point. We are all voting for nuno. In that alliance of 6, there are five of us that are tight, which sadly excludes Lincoln. But idk, I might have to use him later. Then, I have this "Mix and Match" alliance. God do I hate that alliance. It's me, Sam, Kaeden and Nuno and then Jay and Lincoln. It comes from the old betsiboka days. They want to vote out Taylor. So i said, YES VOTE OUT TAYLOR. But, Spencer and Craig are voting Sergiu, and then there should be 4 votes Taylor (Sergiu, Sam, Kaeden and Nuno), 2 votes Sergiu (Spencer and Craig) and then 6 votes for Nuno (the faves). BYE NUNO.

I hope this works. I can taste the final 5 now. Plus, in that smaller alliance of 5, I have two options. Both Charley and Jay have approached me to be their 3rd, and Eddie and Taylor have approached me to be their 3rd. So, if we get down to the final 5, I'm going to have a fun vote... But, I have to focus on tonight's! I hope it all goes as planned! And if not, then I'm sol.



Words cannot describe what is going on, I mean, there is Jay doing this, this and that to vote me off. Eddie and favs wanting to vote Sergiu, and me and Sam having to make the most fake alliance ever called the Sergiana Fan Club (me, Sam and Sergiu).

We just did it cause we can beat him. And omg, I have no clue if I will actually survive this vote or not, but if I do, it will be legendary.

I mean, if I suceed, I will be the living proof of the phrase:

"Never underestimate the word "newbie"'

Because, fans are fantastic, we are fanactive, and we are certainly not inactive. So I hope I am on the luck portion of the wheel :D