These were the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 7

: It's so fun to watch these guys battle it out to get the highest score. It makes me feel like I can grab a bag of popcorn and just relax cuz I know they are pretty much putting challenge targets on their backs XD


Yay Cosmo, my favourite person on Earth is in the alliance. He is basically saying he respects Chrissa. Does he have enough respect to not vote her out? Asa, Michael, and Luis cannot go. I trust all three and they seem to be good at challenges. Rn I really trust Dusk out of the entire alliance. My trust with Conor is starting to waver a bit. Liam, we don't that much and then Cosmo. Just, ugh.


day 8

I have a bad feeling about this challenge. I actually did well compared to how I normally do in games but just found out that Allie didn't submit, so I definitely think we are going to tribal this round. I really really like her and I would love to be allied with her through this game but I don't know if there's anything i can do to save her now. I'll try, but I think she's prob gonna have too big of a target on her head, especially with 2 strikes cause if you keep her around she could strike out the moment you really need her vote.


if we lose I think Allie has kissed herself goodbye BC...BITCHHHH I WAS RIGHT I JUST WANT ALLISON OUT SO BAD HE IRKS ME NFKFKSKAKAK I love Forrest I think he is a good ally and person

– Ari

This game is moving pretty slowly but maybe it's because we've been winning a lot of the challenges.


Ok so this was ~supposed~ to be an easy vote. Allie doesn't do challenges, she's nice and all but she had to go! but Allison ~apparently~ has been messaging people about how bad he feels for her and wants to flip the script possibly. No no no. Why is he trying to mess with an easy tribal? this is PISSING me off.


Being in a fake alliance with Allison is FUCKING EXHAUSTING. He is the most paranoid player I have ever had to deal with- he needs constant reassurance about everything. it's tiring. Despite all of that however, if I keep him safe this vote he will trust me, a lot. Maybe it's smarter to keep him around over Allie after all. this is going to be a tough decision.


day 8

Well we lost and I LOVE IT. TC is where survivor really becomes survivor. Everyone is trying to form alliances now. Liam asked me into one, which i assume has dusk and connor in it. Now I don't care much for them but they're also trying to get Cosmo in it. I don't like that. But I can play to their numbers we have 4 while they really have 3. It's exciting because I'm going to play victim. I'm the bad guy but I'm going to make everyone else look like that bad guy. My first victim I believe is going to be Chrissa. no time for weak links


So now that it's decided, the whole tribe is voting for Allie. But, I've realized something... Everyone is expecting a 7-1 vote, so this gives me another chance to stir the pot. The first time we voted, I didn't cast a throwaway vote because I didn't have any alliances. This time, however, I've established trust with several of my tribemates, so I can lie to them and they'll believe me. Throwing a vote at Allison would cause the BIGGEST blow-up, but that's going to make my job of keeping him calm even harder, so I'm going to have to throw a vote at some else. I don't want to do it towards my alliance, so that leaves Connor and Nate. I'm not quite sure who I'm going to throw it at yet, but either way, I'm hoping it'll cause a

little drama and make this game a little more interesting



Well everything just blew up. Now Cosmo is in an 'Alliance with Dusk, Liam and connor. While Dusk and Liam just made an alliance with asa, Luis and Myself. Everything is blowing up. But my plan is just go with it. Make Dusk and Liam think they have the numbers, we'll do easy votes and get majority. it'll be fine but seriously 0-100 real quick