Story Time
Survivor ORG Challenge
Description A recurring writing challenge.
Appearance(s) Switzerland
Papua New Guinea
Côte d’Ivoire

Story Time is a recurring writing challenge that originated in Survivor: Switzerland.


Each tribe (or contestant) must write a fictional story. Their stories will then be judged based on several criteria, including spelling and grammar, plot, details, creativity, length, and character development. The best story wins.


When this challenge first appeared in Survivor: Switzerland, both tribes were required to write a gruesome horror story. Their stories were judged on their creativity, spelling/punctuation/grammar, gruesome features, detail, and plot. Ticino wound up winning and received the ability to choose which of the other tribe's members sit out of the Immunity Challenge as well as who gets sent to Exile Mountain.

It later reappeared during Survivor: Revival as the first immunity challenge of the season. They had to write a fantasy story consisting of five chapters, with five different members writing a different chapter. Vuelta wound up winning the challenge. Later in the season, a challenge named "Story Time" was done but had different mechanics. The contestants had to write two short stories (one true, one false) and they had to determine which stories are false.

The challenge reappeared as the first post-merge challenge in Survivor: Korea where the remaining contestants each had to write a comedic story. Alejandro won the challenge.

It appeared again in Survivor: Papua New Guinea as a reward challenge where the losing tribe would be disbanded and its members moved to the other tribes. Daru, Abau, and Mendi won, leaving Wewak to be disbanded.

It appeared again in Survivor: Indonesia as a combined reward/immunity challenge. The story needed to be a 4-parter with the subject being 'Murder'. Despite some members of Riau throwing the challenge, their two part story( Lucky and Topaz did their parts) won over the story from Limboto, who were send to tribal yet again.

In Survivor: Salvation, it appeared as an immunity challenge, where the five tribes that wrote the best horror/supernatural story would be safe. Baula, Esjan, Súlur, and Hekla all won immunity, while Askja and Laki didn't fully submit; the two tribes then competed in a duel (Trace for Askja and Tyler for Laki) to write a drama story to determine which would be safe. Trace won for Askja, and Laki went to Tribal Council, voting out Ometepe.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
Survivor: Switzerland
Go Away From This Game
Tribal Reward JinoArvinKenkwhoLincoln Aloisio
BeteeD3MattakacopperimageOrg avatarMaxwellS5
Survivor: Revival
This is Like a Sick Joke
Tribal Immunity Large 796247Large 895322Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 12.06.21 AMMeeeeJosh
SheerloydMaxwell RevivalMe 2Large 831392Wojtek
Survivor: Korea
Happy United Merge Mode
Individual Reward/Immunity Alejandro
Survivor: Papua New Guinea
Just Too Weird for Me
Tribal Reward AbbyVanityME
Amos avatarAlexjasonPhoenixAngrist
Large 992142-1MrMattBananos456
Survivor: Côte d’Ivoire
It's Time to Crack Some Skulls
Tribal Immunity Savanes iTzGoAtzLagunes Corinne4theWinLagunes JoanLagunes Conndor
Survivor: All-Stars
It's Blindside Time
Tribal Immunity AdamBAndrei ASGerard ASGerda ASSharky
Uli ASTaylor -all stars-3Zac ASSole ASHickman AS
Survivor: Madagascar
Individual Immunity Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 5.07.24 PM
Survivor: Peru
Thinking He is In Control
Tribal Immunity Alexandra PeruEllie PeruJessy PeruJossue Peru
Natalie PeruNickA PeruRyan Peru
Survivor: Indonesia
It's Time to Set a Plan in Motion
Tribal Reward/Immunity JamesjpgTopazJakelimbotoAlison
JamieJulianLucky AS@
Survivor: Salvation
Tribal Immunity Perry s21TJ s21Isaac s21Ted s21
Zane s21Mikey s21Nathan s21
Steve s21Jino s21Mitchell s21Matthew s21
Julia s21Liam s21George s21
Eden s21Jake s21Trace s21

Other Appearances

The challenge reappeared later on during Revival as the first post-merge immunity challenge. It was won by Chris.



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