Day 1

I've already somewhat figured out my alliance, which is great. I've got a plan too. Basically, I've created an alliance that I like to call "Four of a Kind", but it is to change. It's me, Adam, Bob, and someone else (preferably Molly or Dan) The idea is to get someone from our tribe as a side alliance. Somewhat like the Brigade in BB12. We get them to vote each other, while we vote for someone else. The idea is that the person with the second highest amount of votes won't be someone from the main four, but instead one of our side alliances. It ensures we keep the majority at every tribal, and at the same time keep the alliance intact. Awkward part is... I still need to get Adam and someone else on board. Bob's down with it, which is great. We'll just see how it all turns out.


So, day one on the island, and HOLY SHIT... As soon as I got online after the cast was put out, everyone was messaging me, and saying hi lol. I actually enjoyed my convo with most everyone. Since i'm a night owl, I talked to pretty much everyone. I live in the Central time zone, and was on here talking to people till about 5am. It is really difficult to say at this moment how I feel about everyone yet, but I feel like my ties with Jay is the strongest. We seem to have connected off the bat, but who knows at this point. I am keeping my eye out for three people right now, as I feel like they are the biggest threats right now. Mitch, he has played a game like this before, and people are dubbing him the next Russel Hantz. He is already forming a strong alliance, and I have not been asked to be a part of it. Stephane, because I feel like he is playing everyone. He is in a three-way alliance with me and Jay, but Jay says he is also trying to be in one with Kacey and Mitch. He is trying to play too many angles. And the last big threat is Kacey, it seems that she already has past ties with Val (via Eddie), and she is personal friends with 2 people on the other tribe. If we don't get rid of her before the Swap, I think she could run the game.

All that being said, anytime people bring up who to vote out first, I say that we will deal with it when we need to. I personally don't plan on having to go to tribal till the merge, and also, from what my understanding is, by saying and doing what is best for the tribe, I feel like I am the only one without a target on my back. I hope to god i'm right, but only time can tell.


*sigh* Alright, First time I've done one of these. I am kind of regretful, I love all of my tribe dearly, We have no Inactives and i don't know how we are going to decide to vote someone off... Guess i'm just gonna have to follow for now, Sometimes i wish my tribe wasn't full of such Fierce People.


Well I feel a bit nervous on this tribe. Mitchell, kacey, phillip, jay and stephane have formed an alliance that takes up a majority of the tribe and that is bad news for me.


1) I've got a reputation from Kiribati as a threat, and a backstabbing threat at that. I've done my best to do damage control and I feel pretty confident that I've gotten my tribe to trust me. And that is their first mistake.

2) We locked in an alliance pretty quickly, and I actually like the people I'm on my tribe with, which is a huge surprise to me. We've got a hippie vibe to just stick together, but then there's Stephane, who is basically Colton on Galang. That's not going to fly. 3) One of my primary goals of the season is to name as many episodes as I can. At least I have priorities.


We haven't even been playing this game for a full day and I already almost ruined my chances (still could have). Mitch and Kacey came with a strong three plan for me right off the back (plus two more to use as a strong 5). I knew Mitch had played before so I knew he would be good to help me but I never wanted to go to the end with him, so I decided to talk to other people.

Kevin was the first person I approached with a plan. He was all about keeping the tribe strong do I figured I could trust him. I told him about Mitch and the strong 5 plan and that I would keep him safe and informed. He seemed to agree. Next I did the same with Eden, who is actually as of now the one I would like to take with me the most. He came out to me that I could save him by telling Mitch he was naive, which I knew was great if he thought of himself that way to be in finals with. I also hit it off with Phil who joined the strong 5 plan (and a fake core three with me and Mitch in kaseys spot as far as he knows). Then I tried the same plan with Paul, who I am already regretting a little but it may be fine.

Things got bad this afternoon when Mitch told me the 5th of the strong 5 was Stephane who I hadn't even talked to with. I went to tell Kevin of this, but accidentally sent all the info (along with a plan to maybe boot one of the other 2 using abduction island) to the whole tribe message page. I had to try and save myself with Mitch saying that I meant it for him only as a plan to boot Phil or Stephane if we need. I then played up him playing another version of the game already and that I need him to show me the way. I even told him that I would give him an immunity idol bc he would know better how to use it to help us then I would.

Later Stephane approached me saying we should make a side 3 because we are two at the bottom of the 5 and suggested Kevin. We talked the three of us and agreed. Stephane told the two of us how Mitch and kasey were targeting us and we need them out. I started to get skeptical on Stephane so I took a chance: I told Mitch that Stephane approached me to go against him and kasey. Turns out Stephane came to him with the same plan against me, and the same to Phil. So I jumped at that opportunity, threw Stephane under the bus, and said he is trying to play us all against each other and play the middle so he has to be targeted first.

So I'm not sure if I can trust Mitch and Phil again or it they are onto me. I am hoping they bought my excuse, but for all I know in planned first boot. The only person I really trust right now is Eden.


So Basically, Jay and Kevin are talking about get rid of me.. They talked in the wrong tchat. I'm comfuse.. I need to do something

I think my best chance is to talk to Kevin and Jay about that.. Kacey and Mitchell told me not to.. They told me that they got my back, it's funny because they don't talk much strategy with me.. So, I tdecided to talk to jay and mitch about thoses messages.. I decide to make a common group tchat with Jay and Kevin.. Jay has the honnesty to reveal that he was complotting agaisnt me.. Kevin didn't had the balls to tell the truth.. I hate liars!


This will be easy since me and Aaron know each other in real life. We will slowly vote ppl out because lets be real no one will vote us out or make us go to the island that will make us go to the other team.


I'm still trying to subtly convince Mitch I completely trust him, even though I want him gone early merge at latest. I came up with a plan for the idol earlier today and was trying to decide who to tell and I just decided that it would be another good way to get favor with Mitch.

The plan is wait until merge, and if we are on different tribes one of us go to the island and the other abducts them along with the clue. I am just trying to convince him that he is the only one I trust. It doesn't matter if he really trusts me but as long as he thinks I am in his pocket he should want to keep me around for a vote.


Day 2

When I found out I was chosen in Polynesia I was shock because I wasn't really expecting it but hey Everything happens for a reason :D. It was a little sad that I was the only one to be online in our tribe in the first day but then I met Adam and we click instantly. We are just both Survivor fans we really loves survivor and I feel like I can trust him. I feel like were a solid and we have each others back.

The following day we receive our very first Reward Challenge so I was really looking forward to winning the first challenge but couple of hours later we lost. I mean I'm the only one who got the highest and to be honest I didn't even know what I did Hahahaha. I'm just a little worried that it can pose me as a threat so Im trying to lay low. I Kinda made Thadd the leader because his a trash talker and I dont trust him. So it will be just a matter of time when I kick him out of the game.


So now i'm talking with Eden.. He told me that nobody talk to him.. i'm thinking "Even Mitchell ???" .. again a liar ?!

I finaly talk with everyone except Val.. a LOT of people told me they don't talk to others.. I assume they are lying because it's obiously a social game..


So my tribe is pissing me off, im playing the nice guy anything you want, role but these people are annoying. Their playing so hard so fast, alliances left and right, people saying things their not suppose to say... I see Mitch as a threat i keep hearing how close Mitch and Kacey are so my eye is definitely on those 2. I see Jay as my closest ally. I have touched base and made an agreement with thaddeus from the other tribe i think he will play a huge role in my game. i am wanting to use him and his person he brings to knock out Kacey once i get my chance i have to get Jay on board first. the "Rapa 5" is supposedly still up and going but i dont trust half of them which makes it a bad alliance, i see Stephane as the first boot, he is getting caught lying, trying to pin people against each other and rubbing people the wrong way. overall im having a blast. Watch out though, i think me, jay, thaddeus, and his person he brings (i think he said adam) might be the dominant alliance here to come and as soon as i get a chance im targetting Kacey. but as for now alls good that they see.


This game is a lot harder than it may seem to be. My team lost the reward so we have a disadvantage at the immunity challenge. It ain't east being green -_-


so Val didnt do the comp period, didnt submit or play.. easy vote off right?? nope, Kacey is some reason begging we keep Val and vote stephane off, ok i would do that easily if Val did the challenge but she didnt, now that tells me that no matter what, Kacey is somehow tied to Val regardless of the circumstance, already they mustve known each other before.

So im not liking this but it seems i have to vote Stephane off and keep Val BUT i have that agreement on the other tribe, maybe i can convince them to keep Val if we send her to abduction and to vote her off. Its an easy vote off for them and it tests my alliance/agreement with Thaddeus. either way Kacey is def on my radar now, she doesnt have my back if she had Val's back who is the sole reason we lost, "If your not with me your against me"


Day 3

If I'd handed in my better score, we would've won the challenge. It doesn't really matter, because this works out just as well - the other tribe is lulled into a false sense of security, and we can vote out that snake Stephane. I have absolutely no qualms.


So right now my strategy is for me and Daniel to get into different alliances so we can start to warn each other if either of us is being targeted. I feel that we could easily at least make the merge if we can continue this strategy. We are both part of the majority alliance, and i am in some all boys alliance on another tribe. I really want to try to get out Adam first because he annoys the hell out of me and seems like he could be a threat. Also Daniel needs to do the god damn challenges at a time other than 2 minutes before they are due. And if Maya invites me to one more alliance I'm going to throw my computer out of the window. Thank god we are voting her out first.


Kacey has officially lost her marbles. She's rambling on about her troubled past or whatever and roleplaying about yaoi or something and blah blah blah. Seriously I couldn't care less. It is literally impossible. I just don't want her turning into Dawn Meehan 2.0.


The game is getting very confusing.. Kevin talked to me about get rid of Mitchell.. Jay told me that Kacey told him i'm gunning for him.. Kevin told me that there is a pre-game 4 alliance in the game with Val, Kacey and two others from the other tribe.. He told me that they are friend from wikia.. There is a lot to shit to handle.. fuck it.. i'm losing it.. And people seems to don't like when i'm talking to them :o I don't know what's happening.. And it's a bad thing

So now we have tribal.. I'm so disgust because i tought we would won.. Val didn't send a score.. She talked to me like for 1 sec.. Kacey told in the main tchat to vote Val.. But she told earlier that Val is her friend.. Wait?! what's happening.. She want her friend gone?? Anyway.. If val don't go tonight, she would go to abduction.. I know the other tribe won't take her because she is worthless right now.. But, if everyone is voting Val.. Who would she vote for? Anyway.. My vote will be based on who deserve to stay or not.


So many different alliances this game, yeesh.

I'm in about four different ones with five different deals. I'm basically aligned with everyone o_o damn. There's: Four of a Kind- Chris, Adam, Bob, Alex (May switch Chris w/ Thaddeus) Maya's Alliance- Everyone except Aaron/Daniel. Tuamotu 5- Molly, Daniel, Adam, Aaron, Alex Five Guys- Chris, Adam, Bob, Thaddeus, Alex

Then within that, there's deals. F2 with Adam, F2 with Bob, F3 with Adam/Thaddeus, F3 with Adam/Bob, F4 with Adam/Thaddeus/Chris, and a F4 with Adam/Thaddeus/Bob

I'm mainly working with Adam/Bob/Thaddeus though if anything. We'll just see what happens when we hit the Final 4. What is wrong with me. I'm playing too hard, too fast. But hey, by what I'm noticing here, pretty much everyone in this tribe has some contacts with someone else in two alliances. Except for Daniel. Great game Daniel.

Anyways, about the challenge. I'm glad we won, but disappointed both ways. 1- Had this tribal gone the way it would have, Val would have gone home. She's a mother, they can't expect her to be on all the time. So I do feel bad for her in that sense. 2- The way it's going, Kacey's being removed. It saddens me, because I do like Kacey. I hope she's not Samuel because she seems REALLY nice. I get along with her well, which is just another alliance I can work with. That's what I look for in an alliance, someone I can work with well and actually trust. I've found those people, and I plan to ride that alliance to the end.


Before I cast my first vote, I want to tell my 3 days journey in this game.

I am a newbie, I don’t know what to expect and the least that I can do is to say hi and hello to each and every people in my tribe, be vigilant and use whatever information that I may get.

On day 1, JAY is the one who approached me first, and right of the bat he educated me on who’s in charge. WTF, the game just started and everything was set. Apparently, Mitchel and Stacey are tight and Jay is their third guy, and he told me that he could fill me a spot in their alliance, the problem is, the duo is unsure about me, they want Phil more as the forth and I will be the 5th, Sweet!

On day 2, I talked to Phil to actually confirm if he knows about this 5-some alliance, and for the love of god, he doesn’t. He seems really clueless, and now I am suspicious with Jay, he told me to trust him 100%, but how can I.

I tried to talk to the other people, to see if I can orchestrate something on my own. I talked to Stephane, and he knows everything about the Jay, Phil, Kacey/Mitchel, alliance and what a revelation, he was ask to fill in the 5th guy as well. But to make everything more complicated, Jay and Kevin made a mistake in talking strategy in the group chat, they were talking about Phil or Stephane as as their 5th guy! WTF is going on. This exposed that it is actually, Jay/Kevin and Kacey/Mitchel, the reason why Phil doesn’t know anything about this alliance.

Gawd, I am having a headache just by thinking about all these mess.