Chapter 1 by Andrei

New York’s Upper East Side is not just a place where the elite interacts: like everywhere else, it hides its lot of twisted minds, who hunger for power in the form of money and sex. God knows these vices reek in the City, creeping around like snakes in the Garden of Eden, twisting their bodies around the living and the dead. This is where Gerard lives an artificially peaceful life. His addiction to marijuana led him to meet charming dealer M, better known in the Big Apple as Sharky. After a few months, they had established a system, that turned into a ritual: Sharky would give Gerard half price on his usual dose of weed in exchange for peculiar sexual favours.

Sharks are reputed for their ability to smell blood and their thirst for the ruby liquid; it is safe to say that Sharky’s nickname was not attributed at random. The ritual would proceed as follows: Sharky and Gerard would meet every Thursday at the bottom of the Holmes Tower. They would walk a few miles until they got out of sight, then Sharky would roll a joint to numb numb Gerard’s mind to any sexual standards he might have had, then Sharky cut the tip of his own fingers and masturbate Gerard. Afterwards, he would lick all the blood away, and give Gerard the rest of his weed.

After two years of cult-like devotion, Gerard met Gerda, a magnificent Estonian girl, who somehow filled the void that Gerard used to fill with blood-covered marijuana bags. A few weeks into his romance, Gerard missed his first ritual meeting with Sharky. While Gerard had successfully substituted his addiction, Sharky hadn’t, and Gerard sudden leap of morals also happened to cost him financially. The Shark was out for blood.

Unknowingly, Gerard had turned himself into prey. Adam, a sort of corrupt detective soaked in whisky that Sharky had hired, would fill in his boss with every of Gerard’s moves, and when a pattern emerged in his behaviour, Sharky sharpened his teeth and prepared a plan to take his revenge.

Gerard’s Thursdays were now split between dates with Gerda and lone walks near Isaac’s Houses, where no one would suspect him to be. Thanks to Adam’s spying, Sharky had found one Thursday when Gerard would go on one of these walks. And he followed every of his steps in the dark, without saying a word, until he was sure to be in a place where no one would see or hear them. In the middle of the night, Sharky stunned Gerard with a swift hit to the back of his head, then laid him down, waited for his victim to regain consciousness, looked him in the eye with the most ferocious eyes Gerard had ever seen, then when Gerard could register that he was being attacked, Sharky revealed a grin filled with sharp razor blades stuck to his teeth, tore into Gerard’s throat with his mouth, and feasted on his blood.

Chapter 2 by Adam

Sharky’s addiction for blood had been a concealer for his infatuation with the small dose of affection he had shared with Gerard. Now he had chosen to bathe in his blood instead of exploring his love. His eyes grew wider as he dove into Gerard’s open wounds, tongue first. He kissed the mutilated carcass one final time before licking off every ounce of blood that remained. He then stepped back and began stomping onto Gerard’s head crushing his jawbone in two, ridding himself of any emotional attachment they once shared. He turned, and walked away as if nothing had happened. Within a week, Sharky had replaced Gerard. The newest indulger in his addiction was Andrei, a student from Belgium who came to America for greater opportunities. Little did he know, these opportunities would stem from sexual, blood influenced favors. Sharky’s lifestyle remained the same for the next few months. With each passing day his heartbeat grew slower and slower until his worries about getting convicted for murder decreased. But Gerda hadn’t forgotten. Gerard was the only man she’d ever come close to loving, the only one she had been able to open up to about her dark past. Her head raced each day about having nothing to live for as she treaded closer to the edge, contemplating suicide. But she still had one final, dark motive. She needed revenge for Gerard, and dreamt of strangling his killer with her bare hands, gauging out his eyeballs and swallowing them. Gerda knew someone had been following Gerard, and had noticed Adam’s beady fluttering eyes watching them on multiple occasions. After he went missing, she knew who was responsible. She recognized Adam when he once angrily scurried past her in Starbucks, and began following his every move. From Starbucks to an isolated Liquor Store, all the way downtown to his small one-bedroom apartment that reeked of scotch and a musky cologne. One night after Adam had completed his daily routine, he proceeded home as usual. Gerda was already waiting for him, her hands on a vile filled with Etorphine. As Adam was about to step in through the door, she slowly ensued behind with the syringe in hand. When he entered, she quickly pierced his neck with the syringe, his faint eyes showed he had been unaware of the sudden surge of life ripped from him. He fell to the ground, now at the will of Gerda. His eyes blinked furiously as he awoke, sitting in an old, rough armchair. She had already gauged his mouth with a masking tape, making sure the only sound he’d be making were groans of agony. To his surprise he wasn’t tied up. As he placed his feet on the floor, he quickly cascaded to the ground, smashing his chin on the hardwood. He looked down to discover that both of his Achilles tendons were drenched in blood as they both were severely battered, nearly torn from the bone.

Chapter 3 by Gerda

Adam looked up to see Gerda holding a picture frame, the last trace he had of his family. She grinned as he saw his despair, and then dug the edge of the frame deep into his temple. His groans went quieter as moments passed and the red sea beneath him grew larger.

For the first time in months, Gerda felt peaceful.

But as she was about to leave the apartment, she stumbled on Adam's phone nearby and then picked it up. A new message from Sharky had just come in.

Adam, they are about to find out that I killed Gerard. Prepare everything so we can leave the country tomorrow. Sharky.

As the terrible realization that she had killed the wrong man came over Gerda, she dropped the phone in the pool of blood. She picked it up again to send Sharky a text message, luring him to come to an abandoned church nearby.

The next evening Gerda was nervously waiting for Sharky to come. She felt even more excited than she had before killing Adam. What she had done to him would just be the start: her revenge on Sharky would be the masterpiece of her killing career. As she heard someone enter the building, she was surpised to hear that Sharky had brought someone with him.

As soon as Sharky saw her, he froze.

“It's YOU!” he whispered, his voice shaking with fear.

Before they could flee, Gerda quickly took a spear and threw it towards Andrei, hitting him with it through the head. Sharky screamed as he saw his lover dying. She then pushed a syringe in Sharky's hand, making him completely numb and dragged his body towards the cross. She tore the figure of Jesus off it and nailed Sharky to it.

She then stabbed him over forty times, making blood from the body hit her face. When she was certain he had died, she used the knife to take out his heart and ate it. Consuming the heart of her greatest enemy made her feel more accomplished than ever before. It was the taste of victory in her mouth.

But as the last bite of the heart went down her throat, she realized that she herself had nothing to live for now. She had avenged Gerard's death and it had made her happy, but her life was still empty without him. Thoughts of suicide overcame her, now more strongly than ever. She was prepared to do anything to avoid prison.

She took a large can of gasoline from her car and covered all inside the church with it. Then she took a match, lit it and threw it on the floor, making it go up in flames. As the fire came closer to her, she felt as bold as Jeanne D'Arc. Soon she and the two dead bodies were in fire. Ignoring her pain, Gerda closed her eyes and began to sing to herself until every ounce of life had left her burning body.

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