Day 22

Well we finally merged and my group has a LOT of work to do.

We got to pick a feast item when we got to the new tribe. I assumed one (or more) would have some kind of clue in then somewhere so I chose the coffee and sugar. It was one of the only items that would come in a jar/container that something could be buried in and there are two items so double the odds.

Everyone is being all nice and chummy to each other but I know it is just the calm before the storm. Once we get back into challenges the shit is going to hit the fan again. Hopefully I can use the idol to get one person to flip.

I also have people on the other tribe thinking Aaron may have flipped to my side, hopefully I can play that up and get them to vote him off.


WE ARE MERGED!!!!! I AM HAPPY and sad at the same time. Although I can reunite with Phil again, it's Kevin, Jay, Phil and I take on the rest of society. I am really sad that Mitch went home though, but I'm glad it wasn't me. I've talked to Maya and she seems flippable. I'm gonna see if she would flip to Rapa Nui.


I thought some of my old rapa nui tribemates were annoying, but these tuamotos (cough cough Ted) Never shut up! Oh how I would love to blindside them


Ted is singlehandedly the most annoying creature I have ever had the displeasure to share my existence with. And Yes that Includes Carby.


This is definitely going to be a rough start to the merge, considering the alliances are pretty much racked up 5 to 5, with my side containing Me, Maya, Adam, Bob and Val. And the other side consisting of Kevin, Jay, Phil, Eden, and Aaron. Our goal is to get the little swine Aaron out. He is too flippity-floppity and personally i dont know which side hes going to end up on, although everyone is thinking hes on the opposite side as me right now, i want him out because flippity-floppity people are dangerous.


Day 23

Day 24



So, I hated today. The challenge got posted at 2am here, with an 18 hour limit. So, I had to do it by 10pm. I moved all my furniture back home on Saturday, so I went to bed at midnight. I woke up, went to my Mom's for an after Thanksgiving Lunch, because it was the only day we could, then went straight to work till midnight here. I never even got to play the challenge.

That being said, I know that is part of the game, and I hate that I missed a challenge. It sickens me. And I really hope I don't get the boot because of it. I have to put all my trust in Adam right now, because he swore on his parents that I am not the target. Maya said she is voting Aaron, and Jay and Eden have idols, and one will be used on Philip... I honestly think that Adam and Maya are working together, and they want the idol to be played today, and are just voting Aaron anyways. But, right now, the person I am closest to is probably Adam. We seem to actually have alot in common, and the same mindset for this game. But, I can't trust him completely at this time, because he is on a rival alliance. And I know that as soon as I flip, once all the Original Rapa members are out, I'd be of no use to them anymore. So, we are trying to find a way to get the trust of everyone else, and try to get numbers back. I am trying to stay upbeat with this, but it is getting difficult to see myself in the finals of this game. I just don't feel that I have been able to play this game to my full potential strategically, but that is okay, because I'm not being targeted as a threat at this moment. If I can keep this up a little longer, I will be able to get in a strong group, and then use my gameplay to take me to the top. I do need a few things to fall in place for me, but if they do, I will be able to show the ORG exactly what kind of player I am, and be viewed as a favorite. As much as I want to be the Sole Survivor, I think the title I want more is Fan Favorite. I'm playing this game respectably so far, and I feel that I have made friends. But, there comes a time when every good guy, who is low on numbers, has to make a move to stay in the game. I fear that I need to make a move soon. So, for this tribal, the only move I can make, is to trust Adam that I am safe, and to trust Maya that she is voting Aaron. For this to all work I must also vote Aaron. And that is my final answer...


Ive been gone such a long time i think 5 days, ive missed Votes, challenges, and most important convos. Im completely lost i just voted off whay my alliance thinks is the best move right now. As for now i am completely with Jay Kevin and Eden, but things could change, i have no shot at winning and will be the next of the few getting voted out but if i make it to final 2 now being signed on in forever and being a smartass to ppl i dont like that would be a huge feat for me. But since Jay Kevin and Eden have thrown challenges, willing to give me idols, and all to save me (although there is some alternative motive there) i will not backstab them at all, ill willingly get voted off before them and honestly hope i do, i dont have much time to play this, if the challenges were farther apart and all maybe, but my life schedule is getting really busy especially now with the holidays and all idk how much time i can put in this survivor polynesia but i am trying, idk what my next move is or what my move now is i have to talk to people and see where heads are at but ill let yall know