Tribe Profile
Season All-Stars
Namesake The surname of Oliver Tambo
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Mpilo
Tribe Status Dissolved Day 13
Challenge Wins 4
Lowest Placing Member Sole Survivor Francesca Hogi (23/24)
Highest Placing Member Benenen (Sole Survivor)



Tambo Buff

Tambo is one of the four starting tribes of Survivor: All-Stars. Their tribe color is yellow. The tribe was dissolved at the Day 13 Tribe Swap.


Ali ASAndrei ASAsh AS
Ben ASKevin ASTaylor -all stars-3
  • »Sole Survivor Francesca Hogi - Also known as "Ali", from Survivor: Egypt, and finished in 4th place. He is best remembered for creating the Pancake Crew, which became the swing votes post-merge between the Isis 4 and Anubis Six.
  • »VanityEgo - Also known as "Andrei", from Survivor: Papua New Guinea, and finished in 5th place. He is best remembered for his immunity streak during PNG and his social gameplay which got him further without the need for a necklace.
  • »Ashbrie13 - Also known as "Ash", from Survivor: Nepal, and finished in 6th place. She is best remembered for her strategic gameplay that was hampered by a surprise trip to Russia and for being accused by tribemate Brendan that her friend Hoenn was her sockpuppet, which was promptly resolved with Brendan's blindside.
  • »Benenen - Also known as "Ben", from Survivor: Korea, and finished in 10th place. He is remembered for his hilarious confessionals, being the first victim of Alejandro after the tribes merged, and the only juror not to vote Amir, due to their rivalry.
  • »KevDog660 - Also known as "Kevin", from Survivor: Polynesia, and finished in 6th place. He is best remembered for being the hero of Polynesia as well as being the behind-the-scenes strategist for the Full Blooded Rapas.
  • »Aronaut95 - Also known as "Taylor", from Survivor: Cuba, and finished in 7th place. He is remembered for his social gameplay and dynamic moves including the creation of the JCTY alliance to go against master manipulator Alfons but still being defeated, as well as the elimination of Luke to get the target off his back.

Tribe History

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  • The tribe's insignia is a giraffe.
  • Tambo is the only tribe in Survivor: All-Stars that doesn't have any three-time players.
  • Tambo was the first tribe in Survivor: All-Stars to be dissolved.

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