"Test Our Luck"
Season Survivor: Tikal
Episode Number 9/15
Episode Chronology
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Test Our Luck is the ninth episode of Survivor: Tikal.


Immunity Challenge: The castaways competed in a challenge called Touchy Subjects. Each castaway had to answer 25 questions using their fellow tribe members as the answers to the questions. Then, each of the castaways had to answer each question again, but this time answering who they thought the majority of the tribe would say. For each question they answered correctly for what they thought the majority of the tribe would say, they would score 1 point. The castaway with the most points won immunity.

Winner: Marie

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9: Doabslavskq

Tribal Council 9:
Michael (5 votes)
(Hidden Immunity Idol Used)
Felix, Joanna, John,
Linus & Scott
Scott (5 votes)
Anna, Christine, Claire,
Marie & Michael

  • Note #1: Claire used the Vatanchu Hidden Immunity Idol on Michael, negating 5 votes cast against him.

Voting Confessionals

I think it's you or me so see you at rocks.


I'm probably not prepared for the potential mess that'll be this tribal but I'm just hoping something goes right for once!


We never talked so I hope you understand if you don't oh well


You're a fucking idiot, that's all.


I really shouldn't do it, I need to vote for Claire to destroy her perls but I have only 2 minutes more of free wifi accesss.


Lucky you, Michael, you'll be immune for rocks.


So if this all goes as planned that should mean a rockdraw, which is scarier than an angry Chris if the other alliance pulls out two idols. Im really praying someone from my original tribe lied about not having the idol, because the odds are not going to be in our favour if not  :( . On the bright side though, that gives me a chance to play from behind, and like I've always said, flyings overrated I like falling more instead.


If nobody flips, then you should be safe. Be glad that I'm voting for you.


Sorry, but I think this is the only way my side can get majority after tonight.


Really hoping this goes to rock, or more preferable, you just leave entirely.


Final Words

Yeah, it sucks being voted out, especially since I know that if we made it past this tribal I definitely would have had a good shot at going all the way and maybe even winning. But I mean, Claire used an idol- that everyone knew she had- and I guess they got me, so good on 'em.


Episode Summary


  • The episode was named after Scott's quote