Day 24



: ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) I'm happy now yay!


Me and Michael have been trying to think of idea's on how to get people to flip because right now we're in a deadlock and no one wants to flip for good reason...It's time to show what you got or crack under pressure


HOLY FUCK! John’s idol play just flipped this game on its head. Now we’re 5 against 5 and anything could happen. No one knows about my idol and I want to keep it that way for as long as possible. Felix proposed to me that I could make a “mistake” in my vote to give his side the majority and then get carried to Final 7. Basically, I would vote the wrong person from the other side so that I’m not turning on my alliance and potentially losing their jury votes. At that point, he said that he’d go to the Final 4 with whoever is left from my side and one other person from his side. He also brought up that he thinks John is a threat to win the game because of his flashy idol play. In theory it sounds like a great idea, but it would leave so much power in his hands that it could be risky. Ideally, I want to win immunity and stick with my side because if we go to rocks, at least I’ll be guaranteed safety. However, if I am left vulnerable, I might actually consider his offer. I tried getting John to flip sides and brought up that his side thinks he’s a jury threat, but he didn’t seem willing to flip. This would be so goddamn much easier if we didn’t vote John last tribal ugh.


RIGHT! SO! Last night was definately... interesting to say the least. I thought that Michael was probably our best shot at making the split go away and getting the numbers on our side so I proposed him a deal where he just had to vote someone else than his alliance and noone would ever have any idea and we would protect his ass until Final 7 where Me and Someone else would flip to him and whoever of his alliance was left and we would take out the other 3 from our alliance. I thought it was kinda a great idea and Michael seemed to think too so he asked me to talk to Linus and actually Linus wasn't that thrilled?

So after talking with Linus, I kinda realized that it would be better if me and Claire could squash our differences so I put my big boy pants on and went to her and essentially apologized without really apologizing alol. After like 30 minutes of talking, we were (I think) on a mutual respect level and we made plans for the end-game together LOL. Literally it's all it took, we both know everyone sees us as goats and our only chance to ever win this goddamn game was to work together and make it to the end with a bigger goat like Marie or Michael. SO YEAH HEY CLAIRE + FELIX FOREVER WOOT.


Day 25

Honestly Aguateca/Claire really want me to flip but I kind of want to pull rocks? Like idk I just think it'd be fun!! + John/Anna/Christine/Linus (who are all huge threats) become available to go home, Michael is saved (who I need to face at the end if I wanna win) but then Me and Claire are also potential rock victims and that kinda sucks


Got to love working with the devil (Felix)


So me and Felix just sat together last night and kissed made up basically and we got together and we both know our best shot of winning is talking each other to the end so we're coming up with ideas on how to get rid of all the threats like John and Anna but we are going to keep acting like we hate each other Part 2: Plans for tribal are simple either A we're going to go to 5-5 and then one of us flip or the vote will be 5-4-1 hopefully with Scott leaving and no one will know me and Felix are working together


Literally the craziest tribal I’ve ever been a part of.

So, initially, Lexi and Anna were on board to vote with us, to make it a 7-4 vote against Christine, who was our initial target. Because of this, Linus used his sit-out power, because we clearly had the votes to get Christine out, so it was just safe for him to make that move. I was fine with it, I didn’t see the harm in it, really.

Anyway, everything’s nice and calm, until Scott and Felix both mention that they’ve heard that the Aguateca Six are gonna vote for me, and Anna and Lexi were likely lying to us. So I’m kinda bummed, like I don’t wanna go home obviously. I kind of had a similar feeling to them though, since when I asked Lexi about if she had heard my name after I confirmed that we haven’t brought up hers, she didn’t even answer the question and just continued the conversation in a different direction. Suuuuper sketch.

So yeah, we were kinda fucked. 6-5 vote to get me out, rip, bye bye me.


It was just past 9pm, and about time for me to make my guess for the idol. We were suspecting that it was going to be a woman on a blue pre-merge tribe. Felix, in WAISA, mentions that he has a hunch that it’s someone on Rarotonga (from Cook Islands). I’m like, okay, I’ll just guess Candice Woodcock (aka Candice Cody), she’s pretty relevant to the Survivor world. I click on my personal thread, preparing myself for Chris with his stupid Paul avatar to dish out another “incorrect”.

But I don’t get “incorrect”. Instead, a picture of an idol appears, and alongside it, a message, congratulating me on finding the Doabslavskq idol.

At this point I’m squealing like a three year old and jumping out of my chair! Like, the one thing that I needed to save my ass this week, and I get it! Deus ex machina as fuck, but whatever! I let WAISA know, and our plan now changes. I’m, of course, playing my Jesus idol, and we decide to now vote Lexi, for two reasons. First, it’s a #blindside, so they won’t use their idol on her. Second, she’s a threat and she lied to us, so it makes sense for her to go. Joanna was afk for all of this (vacationing around Europe, so no wifi), so we kind of expected her to self-vote, but her Light Pearl would cancel it anyway, so no matter. We nervously await the results, and…

IT WORKED! It actually fucking worked. All six of them voted for me, all of them were cancelled, Joanna’s self-vote was cancelled, and Lexi was voted out, 3-0-0. Literally, so iconic. I’m so happy this worked out, of course because it means I’m still in the game, but also because it was just such an awesome feeling! I’m so glad I did something worth remembering in this game, and I can’t wait to play some more and hopefully make some more big moves later on down the line!


Our next immunity challenge is a fan favorite, Touchy Subjects! I love this challenge so much. I suck at it, but it’s fun to see what everyone thinks about me! We couldn’t discuss our answers with anyone, which is understandable but upsetting, so my strategy was kind of random. I tried my best to pick the choices that the Aguateca Five would pick, and match my personal choices with my majority ones, but it was really tough! Some of them I really had no clue, and others I just put a random name hoping Claire was relevant or something. I’m really not too great with these social challenges, so I was not confident at all about the results to this. I was just hoping that someone from WAISA could pull of the win to get the special idol clue.

In the end, Marie won with 20, one point more than Felix. I got 13, lmao. Felix got a lot of the crappy ones, like “most annoying” and “no chance of winning”, which was kinda hilarious. Personally, I got all the good ones! I got “best strategic game”, “actually in control”, “most want to see win”, “trust with your life”, and “win this game if they aren’t stopped”. (Also “next voted out” but shhhh no one needs to see that.) I’m glad everyone thinks I’m this big strategic genius or whatever, but it obviously means that I’m a big threat. I’d be surprised if I made it to F3/F2, tbh, at this rate.

Anyway, tribal is gonna be interesting. It’s the Aguateca Five vs. the Vatanchu Five, so it’s most likely going to be a 5-5 tie. At the revote, I’d be interested to see if anyone flips. Felix has suspicions that Claire might flip, since she said she would be open to voting out Anna because she’s a big threat, but I don’t know. It sounds like Claire wants us to vote Anna so that she can play an idol and all would be fine and dandy. Felix wants us to vote Anna though, so if that’s what we end up doing then that’s what we’ll end up doing, but I’m hesitant. I think I’m going to be hesitant about anything, to be honest. But I just hope it all works out!


These bitches think I'm the biggest sheep while I literally lead my alliance, like I hate them even more especially Claire (because she voted me at biggest sheep or something) who is supposed to be my ally. But you know what? It's good they're thinking that, because they won't see me coming when I'll blindside them :)


Ugh idk what to do do I want to use the idol do I want to go to rocks DO I WANT TO JUST BACKSTAB AND LET THEM LEAVE


I hope this goes to rocks. I hope this goes to rocks and I receive my first 9 votes as a result. I hope this goes to rocks just so we can test our luck further and take out another majority alliance beast of a player. Most of all- I hope Joanna votes, and votes with us, just so I don't get the most anti climactic elimination ever.


So, it looks like rocks? Maybe? If no one flips. Claire and I have really rebuilt our relationship in the past few rounds from when I lied to her about the Tucker vote. Today I just asked her honestly ""I want to work with you, but if I do that will I just be playing for 6th? I trust you but not the other people in your alliance so if you say I have a chance of getting by Ill go with you."" True or false as that statement may have been, she told me honestly that if I did flip I would honestly be playing for 6th probably, and that as a friend she would advise the rock option as being whats best for my game even though it hurts her in the game. I was also told the vote wasn't going to be on me, and I kinda believe that so who knows whats going to happen rock wise.

The touchy subjects challenge was cool because it pissed Felix off, but also because I got voted as having the best social game and tying for the person you would most trust with your life, so like, thats pretty cool. I'm a little Jealous of John though 😛 .


Alright so first things first Touchy Subjects is absolutely hilarious. Especially the fact that Joanna put me as more annoying than Felix like asdfghjkkl. I'm dying. She put me for a lot of the bad answers and I'm just like, not sure if they were really what she thinks or what and if that's the case I have no idea what I did to make her feel that way so yikes. But yeah, that was interesting and apparently tribal should be really fun too. Apparently it'll be between Scott and Michael/Me and I have a REALLY BAD feeling its gonna be me. Like, my luck hasn't been the best this week so I'm preparing for the worst. Also, Claire's been thinking about using the idol and I'm literally so stressed cause I don't really think it's a good time to use it but I don't want to tell her the wrong thing so I'm just so stressed. We'll see how this tribal goes but whew, I'm not prepared in any sense.


Boy do I love a good firework show~