These were the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 9



Yep yop yup I'm still stay in this game. But it's not funny at all. It looks like the FAVS is control this game rn, but it will be over soon .___


Honestly, this fan decimation is real though, I didn't expect Kait to be the first boot on that tribe, but honestly like the yellow tribe sucks ass at socializing, at least Brandon & Shannon are not the biggest shining stars at doing so.. I wonder if original Malama will be the first tribe to have all 5 of them go back to back, should we let it happen :) jk that would probably be rude as fuck, I hope that this motivates Ally & Adrian to work with us rather than go against the faves lmao


I actually feel pretty bad about Kait's boot, regardless of her blowup at the end. She was right to be upset, no one gave her any explanation because honestly there was none. She got unlucky. Linh screwed up and was supposed to go but Rhi and I vouched for her, then Britt vouched for Toby, and everyone kinda vouched for Estefena so it came down to Kait. Not really fair to her, but I can personally attest to the fact that the game can often be unfair....and hey, maybe she can take my position as 'questionable premerge boot that returns because they have a good personality'


pfft, is it just me or Adrian is just trying to play dumb all the freaking time?


Seeing in an emotionally wrecked castaway, is the BEST castaway to manipulate. I want to be notable for something, and it's never early to lay the foundation for a blindside.


Craig reminds me a lot of Berk in NZ, and I really hope that my trust in him doesn't mark my downfall like in NZ with Berk. They both just have that way of making you feel like you can trust them 100% I don't want this to be NZ 2.0 I want this to be an entirely new game for me.


Like i dont even have any options but to stay loyal to my alliance. I thought i only couldnt fit in my alliance but actually the whole tribe. They annoy the hell out of me. I mean i did try to joke around with them but then i would only feel uncomfortable afterwards idk so im just gonna be quiet from now on i guess. I hate this tribe and i cannot stand the fact that they always talk to behind Priscilla's back it annoys me ughHh.


I need to step up my game because we have speedos guy over here taking the spotlight, like henny you're cute but I know I can outdo you anytime, anyday.


What kind of person assigns the damn photo challenge! I’m a borderline sociopath for Christ sake! Do you want me out with the general public! In other news Estefana came through for us big time!


The fifth annual Pimps and Hoes Ball, aka the new selfie challenge, is going well! Estefana has slayed us with her contributions and everyone else is helping too. Even I managed to get a few things in and I live in a shack outside of a nuclear fallout zone.


This is the first time in my ENTIRE life that i have lost a tribal immunity challenge, jhshghjsjsgj god this is scary.


Day 10

Party, party, party! Finally on a tribe where people talk! It's so weird to have people replying to me on a regular basis, rather than having to wait for an egg to boil to hear back from them. Needless to say it's been a good time post-swap for me.

With 8 other people on the new squad, I've been able to have solid chats and friendly bants with them all.
Absolutely adore Ally and Shannon already, they are beautiful souls <3. Maybe my new Melca/Amber team-up? Would love nothing more!
Alex, absolute lad. Great chat and top notch humour
Adrewian, continuously confused by this naming conundrum, but a good lad as well. Says I'm his fav fav so not sure if serious or brown nosing, but seems like a goer so I'm interested to see where it goes from here
Brandon - poor fella says no one chats to him :( I'll be your pal Brando. Hopefully he chats to me more
Mai is the most supportive person out! Always happy to give credit where credit is due, and that's a real uplift I've been enjoying getting. Just wish she'd chat more because she has been so lovely so far
Ci'ere good guy, but little chats so far. Don't really know what's going on with him atm
And finally Pris, still just non-existent lol. She was the one I chatted to most on Team Pink Dolphin (which isn't saying much) but just wish she would kick about more. I feel obliged to stick with her but she's making it rough by being the least matey to me :/ Anyway game-wise, I'm just shooting myself in the foot every time I do something. I'm playing such a rank game! Two challenges on this new tribe - 2048 + Scav Hunt.... 2048 is my jam and I thought folks were half decent at this game.... Apparently not. I was 1000 points short of creaming the other tribe by myself (soz Kait). So sick intro to the new folks as a mega challenge beast mode. Next is a photo challenge so of course I'm going to use this opportunity to have some lols. Insert speedo pic. It's nice knowing that every time I sleep there's a whole community of internet people ogling that photo, quite ego building. Anyway was able to hit a boating + camping + fishing store called BCF (stands for boating + camping + fishing) and got a whole bunch of big pointers in the challenge. And with that I continued to inadvertently be boss at challenges like a chump. From just two rank moves by me already, I've managed to limit my chances of having any success to Buckley's. My only hope is would be an early merge with a solid crew and convince them all that they're the next top dog after me. Well that or just every challenge from here on out to be 2048 related (get to it hosts plz). Anyway, first tribal equals first mess. Am in class when results are revealed so missed the first hour and a bit. Yeah tops! I was legit stoked to have a message from everyone when I got home, but all of them went to bed by the time I got back. Yeah thanks world for that one #TimezoneProblems. Anyway as you can tell there's not really anyone I want to vote off so....shit....goodluck me Jimmy out


I'm stuck. To use or not to use my idol?


So we go to tribal and IMMEDIATELY it seems like a huge gigantic mess... I threw out Priscilla's name because I want to get rid of the Fan vs. Favorite line and everyone in the Lovatics messaged me privately about "What if Mai doesn't do it" and I'm just like.... dafuq, we literally have 24 hours, stop shitting your pants, we can't let these kinda doubts already cause cracks in the alliance, I really want this to work out and I would hate for it to come straight back and bite me in the ass.. urgh


I'm considering giving Prisiclla my idol idk. It's a risky move and it would only make this whole cast turn against us but why would I vote out a person who I can fully trust and let a snake stay?


So we lost a challenge. I'm not used to being not immune before the merge so this is weird. Ci'ere has been throwing my name out according to Adrian (who I thought was named Drew?) and Alex has been throwing my name out according to Mai. Sooooo that's fun. Mai said she would give me her idol to play, but then Jimmy told her he would be able to get the votes to get Ci'ere out. Theeeen something happened I don't even fucking know and Mai was like okay just play it. So, she gave me her idol and I am prooobably going to play it. Mai said she's going to have to write my name down so she could prove her loyalty to the alliance, and I'm cool with that. The back of my head is telling me they're going to blindside Mai though. I just need to trust her judgment for now.


maybe my reads are just rly horrible and i might be getting blindsided tonight but lol, apparently im the swing vote?


So Ci'ere wants to shittalk me to Mai about how he thinks that the only reason I want to vote Priscilla over Jimmy is the possibility of me being attracted to him?! LIKE BITCH, do you think I take this game as a joke? Do you think I'm playing this game to get some dick or what? Get your shit together, I'm here to play and win and not to flirt and find love because it's a fucking online game after all, who the fuck even are you to bring up such kinda shit lmao, dumbass


I figured out I would piss off people whichever way I decide to go tonight so I'm going to give Priscilla my Troodos idol and vote with the Lovatics alliance. That way, my best friend in this game is safe and one of my biggest threat in this game is out without my alliance suspecting me. I mean of course I would like to save that idol for a few more rounds but here's for lowkey making a big move. The greatest thing about this whole situation is that no one would ever suspect that I was the one who orchestrated this blindside. I still feel really bad because I dont want it to be Ci'ere, as much as I feel threatened by him, I dont want to see him being voted out like that. I would prefer Adrian but it sucks because we dont have enough votes.


Ok so i feel rly stupid for telling jimmy about the idol thing bc i know that he and adrian are close but all i can do right now is hoping that he will not leak stuffs and its not me going tonight.