Day 8

Well this challenge was fun at the beginning, and stressful at the end, plus Ronel did not helped at all, it is funny that he wants me gone, but i still like him. Issy, Dean and Rob just rocked this challenge, they are great.


I wanted to go the temple so much. Miguel pulled a "I will random draw to who will go" and I was baffled. I did not want u pulling nothin. I love the guy but damn of course we need to be civilized. He might be working with Isabel because he chose her and this duo better watch out because I'm going to slay first.


Day 9

The fact that Ronel wants to use me is killing me! I won't let that happen. I'm sure he thinks that I do not know what he thinks. He is about to see how this ends


So my tribe is an absolute fuckin mess. jo is a paranoid person who complains to me about chris and chris complains to me about how paranoid jo is lmfao. blake complains to me about jo WHAT A FUKIN MESS LMFAO.

but its ok. I need to keep JO as a close ally. i can use this. he can chaos mess and chaos while i remain that strong calm and sane pillar for my allys.

I want chris out here firstly cause he havent made any great social conenctions everything was always super on the surface for us. Jo sticks to me and he sees me as his no 1 ally and i can use that. Blake is someone to bounce ideas off jks ill do character analyses after this.

anyways so dani is up to vote chris blake and jo are too. jo told chris he was voting blake. and he said i agreed to it ^^" blake complains to me about that and dani is in her own corner we agreed and that was that.

It keeps going back and foward. complaints about how messy and paranoid jo is and how he annoys them. perfect for me but not good for a swap! we need to stick together! we need the numbers!!!

I feel safe . if chris pulls out an idol its jo who leaves so im safe and id have blake to back me up and wed just vote chris next or well find a new ally during swap.

i had a little thought of "what if there isnt any swap till merge" lmfao crazy ;) dont hold me to it even though id be safe but my tribe is literally falling apart at the seams! I really reallyreally pray i dont get swap fucked. but i dont think i will. they porabbly will. well blake is a sassy sweetheart hell live. jo wouldnt. maybe dani but idk for sure. but who knows can't be to cocky!


chris: pottentially a good social player. will be salty after i voted him out. Has a bit of an attitude a bit cocky not someone i see myself working with long term.

Dani: reclusive. Only game talk. a tad awkward now. But we still are fine we can last a bit longer. She has no choice but to cling to us for now cause she is in the minority and at risk. But she will flip as soon as she can. next swap or in merge. so gotta be careful.

Jo: messy. digs his own grave. messy very messy. but i can use this! I'd like to assume I am his no 1 and that means that the mess wont affect me! :D and he can spread rumourrs for me and create chaos for me and none of it will affect me!! the only down side is that itll be harder to defend him and harder to stop ppl from voting him out.

Blake: He is smart. half level headed half paranoid. I want to be his pillar. I will try get as further as i can with him but i don't think i can be with him in the very end. so far he has winner material. he has a good head on him. but compared to others.... basically there are bigger fish to fry and im hoping i remain his no 1 as well. i feel like i am like that right now but this could change as we go along and as we meet more ppl and as he bonds. but i will try keep a strong bond with him cause he seems like hell be loyal to those he is loyal to and i feel like pottentially he could be my most loyal ally for tribals to come.


I haven't done a confessional in a few days because it's so bloody cold my fingers are perpetually frozen which makes it a real struggle to type anything, but here is what's been happening:

The other day I was doing a little research on everyone in the cast because I like to know what I'm up against, you know? I found Challenge Beast Rob Green's epicmafia profile but because I'm a fucking idiot I was still signed into my own account so a couple hours later he confronted me all "heyy are you on EM?" and I thought I was totally fucked but I think, somehow, we're maybe still okay even though he now thinks I'm a psycho stalker (true). He still told me that he won an extra vote in the reward thingo which was some type of crazy maze of boxes where he had to keep choosing until he finally ended up with an extra vote, which is great! Because 1) he told me about it! and 2) that means he's (hopefully) one person I can trust to not use it on me!

Then yesterday after the last hellish challenge where Rob totally carried us, it was my turn!! That challenge was literally the one thing I'm actually decent at. I used to spend hours every day answering questions on yahoo answers where people were looking for a specific song they couldn't remember. I was trained. I was ready. And we did them all! I spent hours listening to italian rap in search of #15, but it was worth it! We won!

And then I got to go on reward, which was great, only I didn't get anything. What I did get, though, was confirmation that Rob & Miguel were telling me the truth, so it was still kinda useful.

And earlier today Dean brought up us making some kind of f2 deal which is great and I said yes but Rob is 100% my number 1 at the point (#isob, it's accurate) so I'm happy to work with Dean, yeah, but I trust Rob a whole lot more. Swap could be coming which sucks, because we have a solid 4 majority alliance and I'd hate for us all to be broken up or lose a member or something.


it's day 9 bitches and the water is calm. Vishnu has lost only once so far and we were able to cut Chandler thankfully and we're highkey much better off now. We got 2nd in this recent immunity by 1/2 a point which is wild but bless. We've now got 14 people left in the game; 5 vs. 5 vs. 4 on Shiva...... SPEAK OF THE DEVIL Wes just sent a link to our tribe chat and we gotta drop our buffs ayyyyy. OK so game on huh!

I was just talking to Catherine about sticking together if we swap together so amen to that. Vishnu has grown pretty tight the past week or so and I would feel confident working with any of them on a new tribe. I guess all there is to do now is sit tight and hope the numbers fall in my favor :o


The tribal council of Shiva was so... boring. I'm sorry and I hope it doesn't happen to me as well.