Day 9

Oh s***, a Tribe Switch? I'm damn scared... The people I DONT wanna be on the same tribe with are Eddie and Max because they're gonna gun for me for sure.

I hope I'm on the same tribe as AT LEAST Aaron, Amir and Aston (Lol, we can call ourselves the A-Team) :)) But seriously, those guys are my closest allies, if I'm with them. I can trust them for sure. PLEASE Anyone except Eddie and Max >.<

Since there are 7 Baekjes. We'll statistically be meshed together more (probably be divided 2-2-3)

Here is the order of Baekje people I wanna be tribemates with: 1.) Amir 2.) Aston 3.) Crtha/Cassels 4.) Crtha/ Cassels

(I trust Crtha more but she's my target, I trust Cassels less but he's my ally...)

5.) Ivan 6.) Matt

(Fingers Crossed!!!) ^_^


Well I'm safe again. Nick is gone. Which is fine, because Nick is less active than a rock. Well I guess since the tribes are switching this means I can get to talk with some other people, so that's good. Let's just hope Eddie goes next. What makes him think he can just go around telling everyone to vote me out? He didn't come close last time he's not going to come close any time soon.


Thanks Aston, I could not have described it better. Damn it.

The last thing I needed now was this kind of switch. While I would've loved a tribe absorption (3 tribes become 2), being put in a new tribe with only 5 people after I worked my ass out to win every challenge, is rather frustrating. I still have a fairly big chance to be immune each time, which I hope would cover for that, but I doubt any tribe could be as perfect as the original Baekje was. On the other hand, being separated from Alejandro may actually do good to my social status as he can provide me with information on other tribes while helping me connect with new people he's aligned with. I tell him everything (or that's at least what he thinks) and I do whatever he asks me to, so he has a great interest in keeping me alive.

With that being said, I finally know now that Eddie has the Goguryeo idol. Crtha told that to Alejandro who told that to Jake who told that to me. I don't like how Alejandro has some information that he keeps away from me (Eddie's idol, the Ring, the clue from the first reward). There's seem to be a lot that he's hiding while he manipulates everyone. That's why HE is the biggest threat by far, rather than Eddie, Crtha or Jake, and I will do everything in my ability to get him out.


Tribe switch. Okay. I can deal with that. Goguryeo sucks as a tribe right now. We're losing all the challenges, and that puts me at a risk with Eddie's idol.

You know, I'm actually going to miss being good friends with Aaron and Hunter. They're my closest allies in this game, and I planned to go very far with them. But oh well. That's how the cookie crumbles. In my 9 person alliance, I've been making sub alliances, and I plan to pit them together at merge. Do these people know how to play Survivor? This is easier than playing against a tranquilized mattress or a car tire or even a brick wall.


The swap is pretty bittersweet. I didn't like how tight some of the others were on my old tribe, but we were one tribal away to making a huge play. Oh well...


I am waiting for this tribe switch. And I have been thinking. I may or may not switch tribes with this stupid idol. And I am sure people know I have it. So paranoia increased way more. And I may be targeted. But I am not out of this game yet and I have tricks up my sleeve. But I hope this tribe switch doesn't ruin me.


Damn, tribe switch, me, Amir, Alejandro and Cassels were guaranteed merge. Oh well, hopefully my new tribe has a majority with the alliance members.


This tribe swap is awesome, I trust this tribe way more. I trust Aston well enough so he's with me and Miggy has Ben so the 4 of us are safe.

I know for a fact that Max and Eddie don't have the idol. We can easily take those two out. They're both on my hitlist anyway haha.


Yay, the tribe swap results! I'm now on red Baekje. I was hoping to switch tribes, because I want to be on all for some weird reason, I don't know why. xD But anyway, both Hunter and Aaron stayed on Goguryeo while I moved. I'm also the only Goguryeo on this new Baekje, so that means it's time to start manipulating some others. I've got Ivan and Ryan with me, but that's only half.

I'm assuming Crtha has an idol, which she could use at any moment. I could be wrong, I really could, but I heard she does. So, we'll just have to get her to waster it or end up blindsiding her.


Day 10

SCREW THAT GAME. I thought for a long time I was going to kill someone. Well, win or lose, I think I should be safe. Now that the tribes are switched up, my feeling of getting blindsided has left. But that's what people always say right before they are blindsided. My tribe is pretty good. We have room for at least 2 immunity challenge losses and we are good. I have a lot of allies on my tribe so it seems pretty good.


f*** this challenge.


Wow! I'm impressed :)) I half assed this challenge, thinking that my score would be low and it turns out to be the 2nd highest in my tribe :)) Looks like my tribe has some fighters.

Now to the strategy side of things. It's the white tribe going to TC tonight and that concerns me because Monkey, Amir and Aaron are there. Hunter targeted Monkey but Amir and Aaron convinced them to target Jordan instead. Good move guys, Now Monkey wants to blindside Hunter, I want to blindside Cassels and, Amir wants to stick to the plan and take out Jordan (We were the only 3 people online in SS) Why Monkey want's Hunter out: Hunter is a HUGE threat, almost as big a threat as Jake. He cannot be allowed to make it to the merge. Why I Want Cassels out: Amir and Aaron can convince Jake that Cassels is pulling them down. Their tribe will be at risk because of Cassel's inactivity in challenges, he sat out in the last 3 challenges already. Once they safely take out Cassels, they can blindside Hunter Why Amir wants Jordan Out: It's not safe to blindside HUNTER just yet, voting out HUNTER would reveal everything. Honestly though, Monkey is my ally and all but he's really...sorry for the word, Stubborn. He wont listen to any strategy other than his. I might consider blindsiding him soon if he isn't a team player.


Day 11

I hate this tribe switch! Ahh, soo annoying, I hate my new tribe, I want Crtha gone, but meh, right now I have a flight tomorrow so I want to play this won safe... btw I never liked you Jordan so goodbye.


Look at that! We lost again! What a surprise! This is seriously the second time my tribe has gotten screwed because someone f'd up turning in their score. I'm looking at you Monkey. Lucky for you, you are safe tonight. I'm just glad I have some of the outer alliance members on my side. That way they'll do whatever I tell them. We're going with voting out Jordan, because apparently he needs his iPad to send in a game score. If this wasn't a game I would feel sorry for the kid. He will have no idea at all. With me talking to him, and the obvious choice of sending Monkey home, he won't see it coming.


So Goguryeo lost again. I hate it. I don't want to go to tribal again. What's frustrating the most is we lost by 1K points only. At first, I feel bad for myself because I know I can still continue doing the game. I thought everyone on our tribe is doing their part. When I heard Jordan's excuse: " Someone used my iPad so I wasn't able to send my score.", I got more frustrated. So sending your score is harder than playing the game?

I want Jordan out because: 1. I can't see any motivation or effort from him to help the tribe 2. He's not accepting my friend request. If he doesn't want to talk to his fellow tribemates, fine, just leave the tribe!

Monkey, wants to target the threats now, which is Hunter or Cassells. Others also think that threats should be out now. But for me, I want to take out the people who are not serious about the game. I respect the hosts of the game. I respect the game. I respect the whole survivor fan community. If you do not want to do game, which needs to be played, then just leave.

Even if we vote out Jordan now, we still have the majority. A lot of people thinks that it is Hunter, Cassels, Amir and I, but I have a secret alliance with Amir and Monkey. Either way, I'm in the majority.


This is perfect! I am literally dying here. I couldn't be in a better place. I've got Ryan and Ivan in my alliance. Then, I end up pulling Chal in all this. To get Chal's trust, I told him I had the Mask of Restrict from when I was on Goguryeo. So now, Chal trusts me. Trust is dangerous though. Once we get Crtha out, he'll think we're voting Matt. Big mistake. Big big mistake, because he'll get blindsided. Good game guys! Might as well say I'm the Sole Survivor now.


Tribe swap! I knew we wouldn't be able to stay as our original tribes until the merge and luckily the tribe swap worked out quite well for me. The numbers are even in terms of the three old tribes. I hadn't wanted to end up with Eddie because I know he wanted to target people in my alliance but I'm glad he doesn't have Crtha on the tribe. That could have been a problem. At the moment I'm happy to stick with my Silla alliance. I hope they all make it to the merge. Miggy and I are going to stay aligned and we have talked to Aston and Alejandro about aligning. They seem on board with that and that will keep me safe in my new tribe.

I wish we could have had any other Goguryeo member but Eddie. I'd have liked to team up with the two former Goguryeo members and vote off the former Baekje members. Baekje still have all their members and if they come together at the merge, they could outnumber the rest of us. Unfortunately, Miggy doesn't trust Eddie. Apparently Miggy is another of Eddie's targets and so Miggy wants Eddie gone. So I don't have much choice but to go with the two Baekjes. I'm anxious to see how Goguryeo's tribal council turns out. I feel like Monkey will most likely play the idol out of fear but I hope they have managed to form a majority alliance. Ideally I'd like them to team up with the former Goguryeos but I feel like they would have gone with the Baekje's. As long as my Sillas aren't going home I can work with whatever happens. There's a lot more strategy involved now as there are unknown people out there potentially with idols and artifacts. I have to be careful and factor in those possibilities now.