Day 37

Day 38

Wow, well Tyler totally took a huge shot at me on the forums. Even though I honestly don't even care, you punch at me, Imma punch back 2 times harder.


Coming into this immunity challenge I only have one thing in mind. Me, Cali, or Hazim need to win this challenge. If Tyler wins and gets a spot into the final 3, he could easily end up winning the whole thing. More than half the jury loves him. Has he played a better game than me and Cali? Defiantly not. I think I could stand a good chance against Hazim and Cali but not so good a chance against Tyler. If Tyler does make the final 3 I really hope the jury can put their bitterness aside and vote for who actually has played the best game. I guess we will just have to wait and find out.


Day 39