"That Should Be a Fun Game to Play"
Season Survivor: Tikal
Episode Number 8/15
Episode Chronology
Previous A Lifeline Was Tossed to Me Today
Next Test Our Luck

That Should Be a Fun Game to Play is the eighth episode of Survivor: Tikal.


At the beginning of the episode, the castaways were informed they would be merging into one tribe. Along with the merge, the Temple of Toj twist came to an end, and a new idol with special powers was hidden at camp. The castaways named their new merge tribe "Doabslavskq", which according to them was the "Mayan God of Keyboard Smashing". The new Doabslavskq tribe, wearing blue buffs, is as follows.


Anna, Christine, Claire, Felix, Joanna, John, Lexi, Linus, Marie, Michael & Scott



Immunity Challenge: The castaways competed in a challenge called Catch the Mayan Skull. Over a 24 hour period, an image of a Mayan Skull would be posted to their chat at random points. The first person to post "*I catch the Mayan Skull*" would get to eliminate one of their fellow castaways from the challenge. The last castaway standing won immunity.

Winner: Anna

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8: Doabslavskq

Tribal Council 8:
John (6 votes)
(Used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Anna, Christine, Claire,
Lexi, Marie & Michael
Lexi (3 votes)
Felix, John & Scott
Joanna (1 vote)
(Used Light Pearl)

  • Note #1: Linus used his Skip a Tribal pass to skip out on this tribal, meaning he could not be voted off but could not cast a vote.
  • Note #2: John used the Doabslavskq Hidden Immunity Idol on himself, negating 6 votes cast against him.
  • Note #3: Joanna used a Light Pearl, negating her self-vote cast against her.

Voting Confessionals

Sorry buddy, gotta get rid of those challenge threats.


You're just wayyy too much of a threat right now, sorry!


We talked for the last time the whole game last night and I had fun with our little teasing game but honestly if it's not you it's me so gl!


Lexi, you're a sweet girl and I have a weird feeling you're not actually going home. If we both stay, I hope we can play together later on. Good luck


I like you, you're pretty cool, but in order for our plan to have any semblance of a chance at working, this is how it has to go down.


i kinda feel bad for doing this. but you, amongst others, are a huge challenge threat. so please don't think it's personal.


Sorry not sorry, you're the biggest threat.


Sorry it had to be this way. Wait a minute, you wrote my name down a few days ago... I take my apology back 💁


I vote Lexi! I mean... This vote is honestly so scary, and right now I'm just hoping it isn't me leaving tonight.


Final Words

i had a good time playing but for those of you that lied to my face can kiss my ass 😂 that is all.


Episode Summary


  • The episode was named after Lexi's quote


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