The A-Team
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Season Korea
Founder Alejandro
Members Reneged:

Amir (Day 27-35,36-39)
Aaron (Day 27-35)
Alejandro (Day 27-37)
Miggy (Day 27-35)
Ryan (Day 33-35)

Day Formed Day 27


Lowest Placing Member Alejandro (5/21)
Highest Placing Member Amir (Winner)

The A-Team is an alliance on Survivor: Korea. The A-Team consisted of all the contestant's who had names that began with the letter "A". It is a combination of 2 alliances which are the Baekje 4 and the Secret Society



"I don't really know who to trust right now except Amir, Aaron and Aston (we're the A-Team). As long as those 3 are not jepordized. I'll gladly vote anyone else out."

–- Alejandro's confessional on Day 27.

When Miggy attempted to betray the Secret Society by pulling in Ben, Aaron and Aston to try and blindside Alejandro. Aston and Aaron individually approached Alejandro in an attempt to warn him. Alejandro decided that Miggy could not be trusted and formed the A-Team which had Aston, Amir and Alejandro from the Baekje 4 and Amir, Alejandro and Aaron from the Secret Society.

Control over Taegeuk

The alliance was able to systematically eliminate all players who were not affiliated with the A-Team starting with Ben , Max , Ivan and Hunter. However, despite Alejandro's pleas to blindside Miggy, none of the A-Team members agreed to do so.


Alejandro's paranoia of Miggy began to grow more and more each day he was in the game. He decided to make a drastic move. He told Aston about Aaron's hidden immunity idol and that Miggy was gonna vote against him, then told Aaron that Aston had a hidden immunity idol and that he and Miggy were gonna vote against him. They both believed that the other person was gonna play an idol that night, so they both decided to vote out (who they thought) was the other person's biggest ally; Miggy.

Alejandro then attempted to reconstruct the Secret Society and brought up that the only chance any of them (Aaron, Amir and Alejandro) winning was if the 3 of them were the final 3. So they targeted Aston, who was a recognized challenge threat and plotted to vote him out next.

But Amir saw a different opportunity at the final 5. He plotted to blindside one of the season's biggest threat and the biggest villain of the game; Alejandro. He knew about Aaron's hidden immunity idol, while nobody knew that he had 2 hidden immunity idols of his own. When Ryan won immunity, Amir made one of the most controversial and legendary moves that the game has ever seen. Which was to give one of his immunity idols to Aston and play one for himself, knowing that Aaron would play his idol (since they would be invalidated after the final 5) and that Ryan couldn't be voted out because he had immunity. Which would mean that Alejandro was the only player in the final 5 to not be immune. 

At the final 4, tensions began to rise. Aaron distrusted Amir that blindside and plotted to vote out Amir with Ryan and Aston. When Aaron won immunity, the two remaining members of the Baekje 4 decided to stick together and vote for Ryan in order to tie the votes.

At the fire making challenge. Amir won by a landslide which granted him a seat at the final tribal council. Which made the remaining A-Team members the final 3.

The Finale

After so much heat from an angry panel of jury members, Amir was praised the most due to his undetected strategic gameplay and was crowned as the Sole Survivor with 8 out of 9 votes.


  • The idea of the A-Team first came up on Day 9 when Alejandro jokingly brought it up in a confessional regarding the tribe swap:
"I hope I'm on the same tribe as AT LEAST Aaron, Amir and Aston (Lol, we can call ourselves the A-Team) :)) But seriously, those guys are my closest allies, if I'm with them. I can trust them for sure."


  • At the Final 8, The Kings of Korea actually discovered that half the people left in the game had names that began with the letter "A" and jokingly suspected the A-Team of being an alliance.