These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 4

Sole's out and I'm not suprised. But I was when Alfons' name didn't show up. He came to me after it and said the one voted for Blaine supposed to vote for Sole. He even told me he thought Yaniv had the idol. I don't know what he's up to but I don't trust him for sure.


Today Alfons tells me three things. 1. He has the idol 2.He trusts me the most. and 3. The alliance is me, Himself,noah,Brian and Zachary. Now i have DB on my side and now that he is on the black spot of the alliance i'm gonna try to defend Db as much as possible. Even if that means flushing the idol.


Gwaine's a genius, he's an evil genius! Using our fear of the idol as the perfect opportunity, he managed to get the tribe to split the votes between David34 and Kait and then used this chance to band the people on the outs together to vote out his biggest threat, Sole. It was an amazing plan, but there's one thing, I wasn't a part of it. I was completely flabbergasted when I saw that Sole's name (and mine for that matter) kept appearing. Now I'm short an ally, an dependable one at that, and am at the mercy of Gwaine, who I think is really in position of the idol. All I can do right now is play dumb, suck up to him and hope that he keeps me around. But if there's a tribe swap in the near future, I'm pulling a Cochran.


I Finally got DB of the Black spot and put Kait there. So the lawyer has done his job!


Wow... so, I heard that Luke is lying to my team about me switching after the merge, but that's totally untrue. And now, I'm worried they'll go for me. Well, one person assured me they, and a majority, were with me. Basically, if my team loses, we'll be saying good-bye to our little friend.


I am about ready to punch in the head... he is so annoying my God... I cannot wait to vote him off.. if we lose he is going first.... like come on he tries to lighten the mood by annoying people... I hope its Zac when we lose.


So, these last 2 challenges have provided me with a few tough decisions. Firstly, I have to pick between keeping the tribe strong and winning challenges or losing the challenge to vote out someone who I don't trust. Well it isn't really a tough choice, Luke brought me into the Havana 7, but honestly I've formed strong bonds with Taylor and Jeremy and I've also found out that Jeremy has the Idol and Taylor is a strong player. I'm also working on my ties with Duy so Luke's become expendable. Also I don't trust Luke and he looks like a strong player, as well as the fact that he told Alfons about our plan to incriminate him via a cross-tribal alliance with Taylor annoyed me. That plan went out the window when Sole got voted out, as we were planning to give him the information about Alfons' cross tribal alliance and get him out of the game since he was sowing discord in our tribe. I'm pretty happy where I'm at right now, evidently there's a chance I could get blindsided, but Luke is completely convinced I'm with him and we're voting out Zac. It was nice playing with you and I'm glad you brought me in. But you should never have tried to direct the flow so much, I planned to blindside you from the start. As soon as we lose a challenge, you're out. That's if we ever lose a challenge. And if there isn't a tribe swap.... Please don't let those things happen.


Well we won immunity again..... Why can't we just get rid of Luke! And we are all having to deal with him until our first tribal...


Day 5

We won again which is great because we have the number advantage and also the extra advantage in the next challenge. things cannot work out any better for us. except having 3 more days with Luke can be very nail-biting. he can find out about our plan of sending him home any time. and that scares me. I will be partially responsible for his boost. I dont wanna appear to be too strategic or to be the ring leader of anything but sometimes when the situation calls for it, I gotta take things in my own hands. kesh asked me to be in the end with him. i trust him. i told him abt the idol but I already made deals with duy, jastine and max. i dont wanna be caught with my lies later in the game so I told him no. luckily, he was fine with it. i just need him and taylor for the number to oust luke. once we get rid of luke, i can get rid of this fake alliance by sending taylor home next. i believe duy and i are the driving force for this tribe strategically. and i am glad that duy is doing all the dirty work. i hear ppl talk abt blindsiding him all the time for being too strategic. i try to pull him out of the mud whenever i can but if he does not change his approach, theres nothing that i can do.


My tribe sucks. I hate every single one of them. I hate Alfons because he is sneaky, cutthroat bastard that'll probably win this easily. I hate Adam because he hasn't even bothered to let me help him in the challenge, and then failed it miserably. I hate Kait because she is doing absolutely nothing, and they'll probably still keep her over active players. I hate DB because he is so lame, he couldn't even succeed in the challenge with a tutorial on how to trick it. I hate Noah because he is so busy that he can't even do a challenge, and yet he has no problem to vote for whoever Alfons tells him to vote for. I hate Zach because he is a freaking lunatic that sucks so much he can't even perform in the challenge, plus he calls me a home-wrecker in front of everybody in the wikia for absolutely nothing. I hate Cesar because he doesn't do anything to improve the situation of us outcasts of the tribe. And finally, I hate Brian because he ignores me in Skype for a week now even though I keep trying to start conversations with him, he still doesn't answer. If he'll make it to the end it'll be just because he is a lame goat that sucks at life. I hope that after he fails this season too, he'll write another blogpost and whine about what a failure he is. I really hope at least some of them will show some nice sides of them. So far it seems I'm on the out of the Alfons-Adam-Noah-Brian-Zach alliance, and that they might vote me out just like they voted Sole out. After the first tribal Alfons tried to imitate Phillip, stating that “I can either join him or he'll have the numbers anyways”. Of course all I could do is scramble for the sixth spot, because no one from the five will flip (and I don't blame them – it's the smartest move for them right now). These people got score of about 80 in the challenge, so I told them the trick of using paper to copy the shapes. They didn't get it, so I had to make a guide with images on how to do it, and although it really worked for Alfons, Brian and Cesar, the rest of them are just retards that can't even follow simple instructions, so we lost again. They said they'll vote Kait out because we can't lose anymore, but I really wouldn't be surprised if Ill be voted out this tribal. If I will be voted out, I really hope there will be no switch and that they will lose every single challenge (which would happen for sure in that case), and that Havana will Pagong them. I just want a switch will happen as soon as possible. I might flip to Havana if I'll need to. All I can hope for is that this time they'll make the right choice and vote Kait out. Otherwise, this tribe has no hope.


Well, we lost, again. And it just so happens that the three people who were supposedly on the “outs” of the tribe because of their poor challenge skills didn't do the challenge. I really wish I could vote them all out at once, but unfortunately I can't. Right now, it seems like the target is Kait, but she was the target last time, and we all know how that worked out. Since it looks like the whole tribe is going to be voting for Kait, I'll just throw my vote towards David34 in case something happens.


We won again! The – and i'm just gonna call them favorites – are sooo out of their league. In my opinion. I think. I mean, they probably though they we're gonna dominate us and, look what happened! We won two times in a row! They've been beat and it feels awesome!