The Careers
Lagunes JoanSavanes CassLagunes Justin
Lagunes Nightlock KryptoniteSavanes EmmaSurvivorpanda
Season Côte d’Ivoire
Founder Joan & Sam
Members Remained Loyal:
Joan (Day 1-34)
Sam (Day 1-32)
Emma (Day 1-30)
Panda (Day 1-24)
Cassandra (Day 1-15)
Justin (Day 1-34)
Sharky (Day 9-21)
Zachary (Day 1-21)
Mike (Day 9-15)
Day Formed Pre-Game
Enemies The Wild Bunch
Lowest Placing Member Cassandra (14/18)
Highest Placing Member Justin (3/18)

The Careers (sometimes known as the Oink Alliance) is an alliance from Survivor: Côte d’Ivoire.



The Careers Alliance infamously formed during the pre-game since all the Hunger Games Wiki users (Joan, Emma, Sam, Cass and Justin) agreed to remain loyal to each other but didn't search for more allies until Day 1. When all the original male counterparts were placed on Lagunes where Joan approached Panda and Zach offering them to be part of the alliance. Panda had previously been on chat with Emma and Joan once so he knew Panda. When the alliance noticed that Sebastian was "inactive" they were more than happy since that meant they had majority.

After a while Joan started trying to find targets for his alliance and decided he wanted to vote Connor and John out for the ridiculous reason that he found them annoying and nerdy (also a threat). Joan's plans were frustrated by Nukti quitting. What he didn't know was The Wild Bunch wanted to blindside him in that same tribal.

The Death Of Glimmer

After the tribe switch Joan and Cass were placed on Savanes where they quickly allied Mike. Due to Joan's arrogance Mike decided to stick with Connor and Tyson over the two Careers. He also decided to flip due to him having more options in the Nerd Herd over the Careers. When Savanes once again lost Cass got voted over Tyson in a 3-2 vote.

The Equality Twist Attempt

After Cassandra's elimination Joan was left in an emotive state knowing he would go home next. This made him force his allies at Lagunes: Justin, Sam, Emma and Panda, throw the Reward and Immunity challenge. This led to Sebastian getting "Evacuated" to save John from a potential risk of getting voted out.

After this Joan attempted to force his allies to throw the reward challenge so that Lagunes could abduct him. During the reward challenge Emma and Sam decided to make an attempt to win curious of knowing what the reward challenge would be. Joan found out about this and convinced Mike to help him try to win the challenge offering him Cass' idol cave clue in exchange. However this wasn't enough and Lagunes won reward.

Joan pissed by his allies tried to force them to throw the Immunity Challenge, but instead done it of their own accord, by writing a story about a pickle called "Guadalupe". Shockingly, this lost the immunity challenge, pleasing Joan anyway.

Peeta Hits The Force field

After losing immunity, Lagunes would have its 1st Tribal Council in the season. As the Careers taught Zach was with them, they decided to vote out John. Nor did the Careers know that John was planning to vote Justin out with the help of Mike sit out idol to use on Sam to make the Nerd Herd have the majority. When it came down to it Riley never sent in his vote and got eliminated in a 4-3 vote.

Cato's Near Death Experience

After Panda got the boot, the Careers fell into the minority and knew one of them was next, but they didn't know who. But Emma did, she discovered from Connor that they were voting for Sam, so she swept in, saving her District partner by playing an idol on Sam, making all votes against Sam discounted and for Connor to be blindsided. This achieved 9th place on the Survivor ORG's top most memorable moments

The Death Of Clove


After Emma played the idol on Sam, she became the most wanted, and the Nerd Herd decided to postpone voting for Sam to attack Emma, which succeeded with Mike's double vote idol play giving them the majority, leaving Emma with her head caved in, and the inevitable fate of the Careers. Clove was gone, but never forgotten.

The Death of Cato


With Emma out of the way. Sam realized that the nerds thought of him as a weak contestant who hid behind Emma, so the obvious next choice would be Joan. So Sam basically snuffed his own torch by asking the Nerds and the rest of the Careers to vote him in hopes that Joan could get as far as possible, and everyone complied and granted his wish, making Sam leave with Cóte's first unanimous vote.

The Unlikely Duo

After the boot of Sam, it seemed like everyone had a "Final 2" partner, Zachary was with Tyson, Mike and Sharky were a duo leaving the last Career members Joan and Justin as a duo. When everyone thought Justin was with Joan, he had been talking to Sharky/Mike about allying and formed a Final 3 alliance. Later that day Zach came to Justin and Joan on HG chat said if he and Tyson would flip to get out Mike but they needed our vote, which Justin simply declined due to his allegiance he made that day. After the decline Zach stated Justin would be next if he didn't vote with him. When it come down to voting Sharky, Mike and Justin wanted to blindside Tyson for being annoying and lying to the whole tribe, with the help of Joan they blindside Tyson in a 4-1-1 vote.

The Death of Marvel

Simply after Tyson's boot, Joan knew he was next so he needed immunity. Once immunity was posted, Zach seem to be the only one online and manage to complete the Treasure Hunt before anyone else could have a chance. With Zach winning immunity, it left Joan as the only one left in The Career alliance as Justin was drifting away to his allegiance with Sharky and Mike. It was also the last Tribal Concil to use idols which Mike played a discard idol on Justin, and another double vote idol he found, on Joan which the Mods kept the idols played unanimous. Sending Joan home in a 5-1 vote which Joan toke hurtfully because he knew Justin voted him out which he did but his vote was discarded and didn't count leaving Joan bitter.

Peeta Fights Back

With Zach thinking he was safe for another 2 days, Sharky won immunity and Justin was clearly the target for Zach, but Mike in the other hand thought it was would be better to take Zach out now and spare Justin. Sharky and Mike talked it over but couldn't agree on whom to vote for together. So Sharky said "Let the best survive." causing a Tie-Breaker Challenge to occur between Justin and Zach. Justin than won the dual eliminated Zach.

Peeta Last Stance

Entering the Final 3, Justin knew he needed to win Final Immunity to make it to the Finals. Sharky was guaranteed to take Mike his Day 1 ally, while Mike was unsure who'd he take. After Sharky won Final Immunity, Justin give his final plea to stay. Ultimately Sharky give his sole vote to Justin, making him the Final Juror.


The alliance is known to give their members (and some non-allies) codenames. They are:

  • Joan = Marvel
  • Cass = Glimmer
  • Sam = Cato
  • Emma = Clove
  • Sebastian= D3M
  • Sharky = Foxface
  • Connor = Rue
  • Mike = Thresh
  • Tyson = Katniss
  • Justin = Peeta
  • Panda = Mutt
  • Zach = D8F


The Careers Cass and Joan Careers 2 (Cote) The 74th HG tributes (Cote) Mutt (Cote)


  • Panda is the only Career member not originally from the Hunger Games Wiki.
  • The reason why the Careers is sometimes referred to as the "Oink Alliance" is because they didn't want Panda to know they were all from the Hunger Games Wiki and feel threatened, even though Joan told him the first day and Panda went on the Hunger Games Wiki Chatroom almost every day with them.