The Cookie Squad
Season Indonesia
Founder Jamie & Topaz
Members Remained Loyal:
Laure (Day 21-39)
Topaz (Day 21-32)
Jamie (Day 21-32)
Julian (Day 21-32)
Casey (Day 21-30)
Day Formed Pre-Game
Enemies The Floaters
Lowest Placing Member Topaz (7/20)
Highest Placing Member Casey (Winner)

The Cookie Squad is an alliance from Survivor: Indonesia.

The Cookie Squad was the majority alliance of post-merge Indonesia. Despite starting off strong and eliminating their enemies in Lucky and Rex, the alliance quickly fell apart with the blindside of the alliance leaders Topaz and Jamie and the quit of Julian. In spite of this, the alliance produced the winner in Casey.



The Cookie Squad is an alliance from Indonesia formed at day 27 of the game by Jamie and Topaz. After merging there was an alliance named "The Sacred Six" consisting of Jake, Lucky, Casey, Sarah, Jamie and Topaz. After Claudia got disqualified, Jamie and Topaz feared that the duo Jake and Lucky would flip on them to go far with lesser threats like Julian or Rex. They formed The Cookie Squad to seperate the two of them, while still keeping a finals deal with Casey from their "Fierce Three" alliance. Laure would come with Casey and Julian got offered a final 3 with Jamie and Topaz. So the Cookie squad became: Casey, Laure, Julian, Jamie and Topaz. On day 28 the succesfully blindsided Lucky.

If Jake and Lucky tried to get an alliance with you, raise your hand


-Raises hand- I'll say we vote Lucky


Jake, Sarah and Rex tried to get something going with "The Floaters" alliance, but it didn't help. On day 30 Rex got voted out, leaving Jake and Sarah on the outs.

The Cookie Crumbles

After Rex got voted out it seemed like there would be a blindside. Jamie and Topaz were a duo and Laure and Casey were a duo. Jamie and Topaz planned on blindsiding Casey for days and this would be the moment. While the auction was played, major chaos spread in camp Yaacov. Jake knew about The Cookie Squad and it was rumored to be Casey trying to make a move. In anger Topaz took Casey's money and gave her a disadvantage for the immunity challenge. But he also took a black pearl. Jamie exiled Jake and Julian got to vote double next tribal.

Jamie confronted Casey about her telling Jake. It was then found that Laure had told Jake, and because of this Jamie suggested to Topaz that Sarah would be the best to go. Topaz changed the vote onto Casey once again and then revealed Sarah had an idol, which made Jamie think that Topaz had more loyalties to Sarah than herself. Because of this, Jamie got Julian and Casey, told them of the plan to blindside Casey and switched the vote onto Topaz, and that was how the cookie crumbled.

That's how the cookie crumbles