DAY 12

I just formed an alliance with Nick which is great because down the line I'm gonna need people that are more loyal to me than anyone else, in case I need to separate myself from my main allies Tom, Diego and Hugo. Having said that, I still don't fully trust Nick, after talking to him I got the feeling that he might have the idol and if he's not sharing this information with me this alliance it's not gonna work


So my alliance decided vote out Fiona. I want Tom out but it is true that Fiona and Red are more dangerouse and i don't wanna be leader in my alliance so i must vote for Fiona. And another thing...Tom will wins immunity for sure because he is best so ... :D


Why Flappy Bird ;-; this challenge is driving me insane, and the background doesn’t help either. The Ushers’ main goal right now is to keep immunity off Ryan. We think he should be the next to go, as he has sort of given up recently. Hopefully the plan works out and Ryan gets the boot.


So, I won immunity today!!! I am really excited because that was one of my goals in this game was to win immunity for myself and myself only!! We hope to blindside Ryan tonight. He thinks Summer is going but, he has lied and lied about him and MGM being his final two. Can't wait to here his reaction. Ultimate Ushers have taken over power. Summer will go next, then myself, MGM, and Katie will stay strong until the end.

R.I.P. Stealth R Us 3.0


It has felt pretty slow around camp the past week or so. The only real exciting occurrence is that it appears Rick is acting chaotic. Throwing names around to vote. Apparently him and Nick have formed an alliance and are trying to get people to vote me out. Sometimes I hear Diego's name and Nick's name, but more so my own. It's pretty nice that I got the first individual immunity. That'll make things difficult for Rick, haha.


So someone told Tom that we have alliance againts him. Well this is big problem and put target to my back because i made this alliance so now i must be very carefull because i can be next out. I need switch because i really don't know who can i trust. I must hope that Fiona is next out and i will have more chance to survive. I will try to talk with Tom and tell him that i have another plans now.


Thanks god i think for now i'm safe. Tom are strong and inteligent player so now i must work with him if i want survive. My plans must be destroyd. Tom has more power on tribe then me.


Hot damn!

Such a simple decision is suddenly being blown up into a big debate over who would be more beneficial to vote out. Hugo was pushing hard for Rick to go (which he needs to soon) but right now if we vote out Rick, Erlend will feel on the outs so we'll go into the swap without him on our side and Fiona is a scatterbrain so she won't vote with us so voting out Rick puts us at a numbers disadvantage. But… if Fiona goes nobody gets mad and we swap with a stronger 8.


This stupid little alliance has been letting Bryce call the shots way too much. I mean, he wants to vote out Ryan tonight and I think he's locked down most of their votes. Are you kidding me? We f***ing need him in challenges whereas Summer didn't even participate this challenge and let the tribe down. So, I'm trying to consider some options with the minimal time I have tonight, and hopefully, send either Katie or Miguel home tonight. If I can't do it tonight, then it's happening next time we go to tribal council. I'm going to take control of this game, and I can't have a sheeple alliance following someone that isn't me.


Everyone now like yeay we will be in F8 as Payang....come on...did you think that i will be with you? I'm on bottom, i trust only to Nick and if there will be chance it will be better for me change my colors. 3 people from my 5 members alliance lie to me and told everythink Tom so did you think that i will be with you?


Well, last night's tribal was very interesting.....Summer self voted, which is very strange. But what was more strange was that it was 4-3 and not 5-2. Apparently, MGM was asked by Ryan before tribal asking if we were voting for him. He also told him that Solar told him....this decreases my trust for Solar. Now, we should vote Summer out. Then, the Silent Assassins will take over…


Haha ryans out that was surprisingly easy to pull off. I made a good choice siding with MGM and Byrce they do all the leg work and I just make up reasons on why we should vote out people/secretly my friends.