The Floaters
Season Indonesia
Founder Sarah & Rex
Members Remained Loyal:
Rex (Day 26-30)
Sarah (Day 26-30)
Jake (Day 29-30)
Day Formed Day 26
Enemies The Cookie Squad
Lowest Placing Member Rex (7/20)
Highest Placing Member Sarah (3/20)

The Floaters is an alliance from Survivor: Indonesia.

They were remembered for attempting to crack the majority alliance The Cookie Squad, however after lacking numbers to do so they were forced to turn against each other to survive.



Feeling on the outs, Rex and Sarah attempted to vote off Jake on Day 28. When this failed, and Lucky was voted out instead, they asked Jake to join the alliance. Rex dubbed the alliance "The Floaters" and the 3 had a plan in mind: to convince people to vote out Jamie - but Rex and Sarah didn't know that Jake was against Rex the entire time. Jake, as well as the rest of Yaacov, then convinced Sarah to vote out Rex at the next tribal, which ended "The Floaters."